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Publication numberUS1730898 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 8, 1929
Filing dateDec 3, 1926
Priority dateDec 3, 1926
Publication numberUS 1730898 A, US 1730898A, US-A-1730898, US1730898 A, US1730898A
InventorsPercival Julia B
Original AssigneePercival Julia B
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Receptacle or hat bag
US 1730898 A
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1929. J. B. PERCIVALZ I RECEPTACLE QR- HAT BAG Filed Dec. 3, 1926 Fatented Oct. 8 1929 UNITED STATES JULIA B. PERCIVAL, OF FAIR-FIELD, CONNECTICUT RECEPTAGLE ORIIAT BAG Application filed December 3, 1928. Serial No. 152,410.

This invent-ion relates to improvements in receptacles and more particularly to such as are constructed of fabric, leather or other suitable flexible material and adapted to be collapsed.

The object of my present invention is to provide a compartment bag adapted to re ceive and enclose articles, particularly hats.

A further object is to so construct a compartment hat bag of cretonne or similar fab ric, each compartment of which is readily accessible independently or collectively of the others and which compartments shall be provided with closures preferably of the same material as the body of the bag.

With these and other objects in View, the invention consists in certain novel features of construction as hereinafter set forth and pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings,

Figure 1 is a view of a hat bag embodying my improvements.

Figure 2 is a vertical transverse section.

Figures 3 and 4: are detail views.

In the embodiment of the invention shown in the drawings, the bag is illustrated as having three compartments but it will be understood that it may be provided with a greater or less number of compartments.

The upper compartment 1 is formed by wall 2 of fabric, the upper edge of which is united by means of tape 3 with a top fabric member 4. A portion of the wall 2 is not permanently secured to the top member but forms a flap or door 5 which constitutes a closure for an opening which permits the insertion or removal of a hat. The floor or bottom of compartment 1 is formed by a horizontal fabric diaphragm 6 and the maj or portion of the edge of this bottom is united with the vertical portion of the wall of the compartment 1 and also of the wall of a compartment 7. This last mentioned compartment has a fabric bottom 8 united with the lower portion of the wall of this compartment and with the upper portion of the wall of a compartment 9, by means of tape 10 and the bottom of the compartment 9 is closed by a fabric diaphragm 11 secured to the lower edge of the wall of compartment 9 by means of tape 12. The compartments? and 9 are formed with openings and the walls of these compartments are extended to provide closures 13 and 14: for said compartments 7 and 9. The several diaphragms of the structure are provided at the openings of the compartments with binding tape 15 and the upper diaphragm which constitutes the top of the bag is provided with fabric loop 16 by means of which the bag may be hung from a suitable 6 support. The several closures are provided with binding tapes 17.

The several 7 closures are held normally closed by means of separable fasteners 18, one member of each of which is secured to a closure and other members of these fasteners are secured to the top bottom and intermediate diaphragms, certain of said fastener members being secured to the fabric walls of the bag.

The top and bottom fabric members 4 and 11 of the receptacle or bag are supported in their extended positions by means of rings or hoops 19 and the latter are enclosed within suitably formed pockets permanently attached to the fabric of the bag.

With the use of my improvements, a plurality of hats may be readily enclosed and protected from dust and any one of said hats may be removed as desired. While the de- 0 vice is adapted to receive several hats it is not necessary that all of the compartments shall be filled at the same time as the bag will retain its shape through. the medium of the rings or hoops 19 even though a single compartment be occupied. It is evident that the bag may be collapsed so as to occupy very small space and hence it is very convenient for use in traveling.

Having fully described my invention what 99 I claim as new and desire to secure by LettersPatent is:

l. A receptacle of flexible material comprising a top, a bottom, and a wall secured inally to the top and bottom members, a the greater portion of the margins of the wall being permanently secured to the top and bottom members the remaining portion of the wall being free to provide a closure. and means for detachably securing the free por- 100 tion of the Wall to the top, bottom and per manently secured Wall portion.

2. A receptacle of flexible material comprising a top, a bottom, intermediate diaphragms and Wall members connecting the top, bottom and diaphragms, one end portion of each well member being free from the opposite end portion to define an opening through which an article may be inserted, the margins of the Wall members being turned outwardly and secured fiatetgainst the top and bottom faces of the respective top, bottom and diaphragms and means for detachably securing the free end portions of the Wall members to the opposite end portions thereof and to the top, bottom and intermediate diaphragm. V

In testimony whereof, I have signed this specification.


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U.S. Classification383/38, 383/41, 206/8, 383/24, 383/66, 206/278
International ClassificationA45C11/00, A45C11/02
Cooperative ClassificationA45C11/02
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