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Publication numberUS1731058 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 8, 1929
Filing dateJun 27, 1925
Priority dateJun 27, 1925
Publication numberUS 1731058 A, US 1731058A, US-A-1731058, US1731058 A, US1731058A
InventorsPierson Charles A
Original AssigneeStandard Electric Stove Co
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Water heater
US 1731058 A
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Oct. 8, 1929.

Filed June 27, 1925 C. A. PIERSON WATER HEATER 2 Sheets-Sheet l C Li 4. 7 :wm/


Oct. .8, 1929. c. A. PERSON. 1,731,053

I IATBR HEATER Filed June 27, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 I 6 INVE'ILTTEI g A trTmz mt-remu Oct. 8, 1929 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE warms. marina.

Application-fled June 27, 1985. Serial Io. 89,998.

This invention relates to liquid heaters.

.This invention hasutility when incorporated in electric heating units, especially of the sectional'type. 5 Referring to the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a view of an embodiment of fe'atures thereof in connection with a tank heater installation;

Fig. 2 is a detail view on an enlarged scale of the heater, with parts broken away;

Fig. 3 is an end view of the heater Fig. 2, parts being broken away;

Fig. 4 is a detail view of the heating element, or shell for the electrical unit; and

Fig. 5 is a detail view of the porcelain for carr ing the heat imparting electrical wire.

ater service supply line 1 is a shown as entering domestic water tank 2. For heating, circulation line 3 from the lower portion of the tank 2 extends to have threaded connection through boss 4 for supplying water into chamber 5, as a circulation chamber. This chamber 5 has internally threaded lateral 25 openings 6'in a riser side remote from the opening at the boss 4. In the opposite side of the chamber 5 from the boss 4 is opening at internally threaded boss 7.

Therhamber 5 may in practice he of different sizes fora desired number of openings 6. In such chamber 5, bafiles or circulati'on directing means 8, 9, may be alternately disposed for providing a sinuous path through the housing or main chamber 5 for rendering the heating operation more efjficient.

Discharge line from the chamber 5 at the boss 7 may extend to the upper portion of the tank 2. Hot water may be drawn off by way of line 11, to spigot 12. Sediment may be drawn on at spigot 13 in the line 3.

Where it is desired to connect up the heater for operation, switch 14 is closed thereby connecting electric current from supply lines 15, 16, to terminals 17, 18, adjacent the openings 6 in the chamber 5.

In each opening 6 is inserted a metallic heat conductor shell 19 having externally threaded enlargement 20 for threaded coaction with the openings 6 as in a row along one side of the chamber 5. Each shell 19 terminates in a Pm], O1 TOLEDO, OHIO, ASSIGNOB TO THE STANDARD ELECTRIC 00., OF TOLEDO, OHIO, A CORPORATION OF OHIO polygonal flange 21 having recess 22 about an opemng 23 in such end ofthe shell 19. Remote from this flange 21, this shell 19 has closed end 24. Rising from thisclosed'end 24 is central stem 25, providing annular opening 26 between the cylindrical portion of this shell 19 and the stem 25.

the shell 19 may protrude in such recess and act as a heat conductor for keeping down the temperature in this porcelain 27, while the helical portion 32 of the heat conductor is slightly spaced from the shell 19 to radiate 1 heat directly against such shell 19 so that n such shell as immersed in the chamber 5 is an effective heat imparting device as the water or other liquid is circulated through such chamher 5. The porcelain 27 has overhang 35 for holding the loop end of the heating wire helix 32. For holding the porcelain to keep it r spaced from the wall of the shell 19, there is enlargement 36 at its terminus remote from the flange 28.

. These heating shel s 19 may be readily assembled into a li uid tight unit which is not 8 exposed to loosening up in transit or installation. Furthermore, the assembly or replacement of the heating elements may be had independently ,of any disturbance of the water circulation portion or any of its joints. These are features material in contributing to minimize water leakage and electrical troubles therefrom as well as simplifying care and upkeep.-

In the automatic control herein disclosed, solenoid switch 37 may be cut out by the action of thermostat 38 shown as disposed in the lower portion of the housing.

What is claimed and it is by Letters Patent is:

desired to cure 2 v mamas 1. An electric heatin element carrier embodying a terminally anged integral unit having a helical groove between said flanges, one of said flanges being larger than the 5 other, and a heat conducting mounting shell in which the smaller flange centers the element and in which shell the larger flange is efiective to sustain the element and from which larger flange the shell extends to envelop the element, other flange and groove.

2. An electric heating element carrier embodying a terminally flanged inte ral unit having a helical groove between said flanges, one of said flanges being larger than the other, and a heat conducting mounting shell having an cpen end provided with an enlargement about said open end forming a seat with which said larger flange coacts to close the shell open end and determine the longitudinal positioning of the element and centering in the shell, said smaller flange coacting with the shell interior in centering the other end of the element in the shell.

3. An immersion liquid heater; unit complete in itself comprising a metallic shell open at one end and provided with an enlargement forming a seat about said open end, and adjacent said open end about the shell a threaded region for mounting said shell in the wall of a container, an insulation unit in said shell comprising a. member having terminal enlargements, one larger than the other, the larger coacting with said seat for closing the open end and positionin the element longitudinally of the shell, said smaller en largement coacting therewith for radially positioning the member as to the shell, there being a double pitched way between the enlargements, openings through said greater 4 enlargement communicating with the different pitches of the way, terminals disposed in said openings andcarried by said unit, and a helical electric resistance continuous throu h the way between the terminals. 7

4. in electrlc heater unit insulator provided with terminal enlargements integral therewith, one having a pair of opemn therethrough extending longitudinally of t e insulator, said insulator intermediate said 59 enlargements having externally thereof an electric conductor helical way therealong of double pitch with thediflerent pitches of which said openings directly communicate in the longitudinal extent of said openings and a pair of electric terminals disposed in said openings and carried by said insulator unit.

' In witness whereof I aflix my signature.


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European ClassificationF24H1/10B2