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Publication numberUS1731395 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1929
Filing dateSep 20, 1927
Priority dateSep 28, 1926
Publication numberUS 1731395 A, US 1731395A, US-A-1731395, US1731395 A, US1731395A
InventorsAlbert Radtke
Original AssigneeAlbert Radtke
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Instrument for writing characters on advertising boards
US 1731395 A
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A. RADTKE Oct. 15,1929.

INSTRUIENT FOR WRITING CHARACTERS ON ADVERTISING BOARDS Filed Sept. 20, 192"! 9 @n%% II HJ MHMH I //7 venzor'x Patented Oct. 15, 1929 Alli BERT RADTKE, OF ERKENSCHWICK, NEAR RECKLINGI'IAUSEN, GERMANY INSTRUMENT FOR WRITING CHARACTERS ON ADVERTISING BOARDS Application filed September 20, 1927, Serial No. 220,724, and in Germany September 28, 1926.

hen writing the inscriptions on advertising boards, for instance placards for shopwindows, the contours of the characters, and eventually the lines for the light and shade or for cut-out portions, which are parallel to the contours are first drawn with black chalk, whereupon the portions of the surface between these contour-lines are paint-ed by means of a brush. The tracing of the contours requires much time.

Qhis invention relates to an instrument by means of which all the lines for the characters can be traced at the same time. The instrument consists of a plate with a handle and on which several, for instance four holders are fixed side by side, which are designed to hold pencils and are all movable in opposition to springs in longitudinal direction so that, even if the pencils should not wear uniiormly, all the pencil-points will be adjusted so as to be in contact with the surface being written upon. The holders are further oscillatable and adapted to be secured in any adjusted position on the plate and removably fixed so that they can be interchanged.

A form of construction of the writing instrument is shown, by way of example, in the accompanying drawing.

Fig. 1 shows an elevation of the instrument.

Fig. 2 is a rear view of Fig. 1, the leads being inserted and one of the holders being shown in section.

Fig. 3 is a sicleelevation.

Figs. 4 to 6 show several characters written with the instrument and designed to illustrate the Writing.

On a plate 5 having a handle a four sleeves 0, (Z, c, f are pivotally fixed side by side by means of screws 9. To secure the sleeves in position clamping screws h, which traverse curved longitudinal slots 2' of plate 7), are provided and in each sleeve a pencil-holder 7c is telescoped. A spiral spring on in the sleeve bears against the top-end of the telescoped holder is. A tappet n projecting through a longitudinal slot 0 of the sleeve limits the shifting movement of the telescoped holder k. Each telescoped holder it ends in a slit-sleeve s on which sits a clamp- Fig. 4 s Fig. 5 t

hows a traced character. he same character fiiushed.

When only three lines are to be traced, as .tor instance for-writing the characters shown in Fig. (3,

it is necessary to remove either one of the pencils 3? from the corresponding holder 76 from the corresponding sleeve or one of the sleeves 0, (Z, c or 7 from the head.

I claim 1. An instrument for writing characters on advertising boards, .placards and the like, comprislng 1n combination an elongated plate hav tending longitudinally thereof, a handle on ing a plurality of curved slots 6X- said plate, a plurality of sleeves and means for oscillatably mounting them on saidplate,

clamping ersing said curved slots of said plate, a

SCT'GlVS one 01 each sleeve and EYZLV- pencil-holder in each of said sleeves adjustable longitudinally thereof, and a spring in each sleeve acting upon said pencil-holders.

2. In an instrument as specified in claim 1,

said sleeves being arranged'side by side in the same plane and adJustably and removably mounted on said plate and each having a longitudinal slot near its lower end, said pencil-holders having a longitudinal slit therein and one being telcscoped in each sleeve, a

tappet near the top end of each slit holder and engaging with the longitudinal slot of the corresponding sleeve, a ring on said slit holder, and a pencil in the slit portion of each telescoped part.

In testi mony whereof I a'flix my signature.


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U.S. Classification33/41.4
International ClassificationB43K17/00, B43K17/02
Cooperative ClassificationB43K17/02
European ClassificationB43K17/02