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Publication numberUS1731530 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1929
Filing dateOct 31, 1927
Publication numberUS 1731530 A, US 1731530A, US-A-1731530, US1731530 A, US1731530A
InventorsJacob Goldeen
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US 1731530 A
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This invention relates generally to mattress making, and especially to a form of handle which is applied to the sides of the mattress.

The first object of this invention is to provide an exceedingly simple and efficient form ot handle by means ot which a mattress can be readily lifted or moved regardless of its dimensions or style of construction.

The second object is to provide a handle which will at once be of good appearance and at the same time have sufficient strength ltor the purpose intended.

The third object is to facilitate the location of the handles on the mattress sides by makinnF their outer surface oi a contrasting color with relation to the ticking of the mattress,

These obiects are accomplished in the manner set forth in the following specification as .illustrated in the accompanying drawing". in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view ot' a mattress haviner the handles applied to one side thereof. Figure 2 is aside elevation of the handle with a portion oi its finished portion broken away to show the strong lining. Figure 3 is an enlarged section through the oi the mattress showing `the manner of attaching the handle to same. Figure 4e is a phantom view of the side ot mattress shown nartiallv in perspective tor the purposel of better showin!r the manner in which the handle is attached to the mattress.

Similar numbers ot' reference refer to simi* lar parts throughout the several views.

Referring in detail to the drawing. In order to illustrate this invention there is shown the usual form of mattress consist/infr oit' the top 10, the ends 11 and the sides 12 around which are formed the roll edpjes 13 and 14. in which it will bc noted that the ends 15 of the roll 13 are sewed internally7 while the ends 16 of the roll edges 14: are sewed externally. The usual roll edge stitching 17 and 18 is also indicated.

Turning now to the handle itself it will be seen to consist of an H-shaped member comprising the upright body portions 19 and the cross strap 20, which, in reality, terms a han- Serial No. 229,918.

dle. It is preferable to round the corners 21 at the junction ot the members 19 and 20.

The front 22 of the handle is made of highly finished material which need not have much tensile strength. Directly behind the front 22 is a similarly shaped piece ot fabric 23 which forms a lining` and provides the necessary strength for the handle.

ln the manufacture of the handle it is secured to the front 22 by the stitching 24 and 25. lVhen assembled with the mattress the ends 26 of the handle are sewed between the ends 15 of the roll edges 13 and the ends 27 are sewed. between the ends 16 of the roll edges 14.

In completing the ticking` the ends 27 oi the handle are. oi course. sewed in last. and when the handle is attached to the mattress the roll edges do not yet exist; in fact are not formed until after the illing is put into the mattress. The roll edee stitchingr 17 and 18 also catches the ends 26 and 27 and transfers the strains from the handle directly through the roll edges. makinar same extremely strong and oit' goed appearance.

Prior to the filling: ot the mattress: in fact during the earliest stages ofthe assembly ot the mattress itsehe the body7 members 19 are themselves .secured by means oi" rows ot vertical stitchings 28 to the sides 12 of the mattress, and while these attach the bodv portions 19 to the side ti cking 12. they. in reality. do not withstand much of the strains cominef from the h andles. since there will be suiiicient yielding of the sides 12 to allow a transfer ot the strains to the roll edge stitching: 17 and 18, although, oit' course?, their portion of the 'fastenings between the members bears its portion of the strain.

As above suggested. the material in the front 22 is highly ,finished and a contrasting color, which makes the handles easily discernible on the sides of the mattress instead of ditlicult to locate, as is ordinarily the case.

Again, the highly lini shed material is used to cover the less attractive lining' 23, which must possess the strength to do the work for which the handles are intended.

We are aware that many forms of handles have been constructed for mattresses; we

therefore do not claim such devices broadly, but We d0 intend to cover all such forms and modications as fall fairly Within the appended claim.

We claim:

A mattress handle consisting of an H- shaped member of nely finished fabric of negligible strength and a similarly shaped lining of strong material having;` its edges stitched to said front along,r its entire exposed area and having the upper and lower ends of the H-shaped members caught between the seams of the roll edges; and having the Outermost portion 01": the handle contrasting1 in Color With said mattress ticking.


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International ClassificationA47C31/08
Cooperative ClassificationA47C31/08, Y10S16/28
European ClassificationA47C31/08