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Publication numberUS1731721 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1929
Filing dateAug 4, 1926
Priority dateAug 4, 1926
Publication numberUS 1731721 A, US 1731721A, US-A-1731721, US1731721 A, US1731721A
InventorsEdward M Mcgowan
Original AssigneeEdward M Mcgowan
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Dispensing container
US 1731721 A
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Get. 15 1929. E. M. M GOWAN DISPENSING CONTAINER Filed Aug. 4, 1926 Patented Oct. 15, 1 929 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE EDWARD M. MCGOWAN, OF TOLEDO, OHIO DISPENSING CONTAINER This invention relates to progressive projection of an article from a container.

This invention has utility when incorporated for the delivery of food products from a container as a handle, especially when the contact of the hand or-the heat thereof may be detrimental to the desired condition of the food for consumption, as in the instances of ice-cream, ices, and frozen delicacies.

Referring to the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment of the invention with the container closed;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the invention of Fig. 1 with the container open and the contents thereof partially telescoped in the dispensing position;

Fig. 3 is a section on the line III-III, Fig. 1, with the container open and the product therein partially telescoped therefrom; and

Fig. 4 is a section on the line IVIV, Fig. 3, looking in the direction of the arrow.

There is shown herein a polygonal con tainer, as a rectangular box, having bottom 1, major sides 2, 3, and minor sides 4, 5. These sides 2, 3, 4, 5, extend from the bottom 1 in parallel pairs to open end 6. At this open end 6 the side 3 has hinge 7 upon which is mounted lid 8 having tuck-in extension 9 to extend into the box adjacent the side 2 from the open end 6.

The side 4, centrally of the portion thereof adjacent the opening 6, is provided with V- notch 10 from which extends cut 11 as a grippingseat. Cord 12 may be drawn to have portion 13 thereof clamped in this gripping seat 11 with the slack portion 14 of the cord from this gripping seat 11 extending across the opening 6 over guide edge 15 at the opening 6 as the terminus of the side 5 away from the bottom 1. This cord from its slack portion 14 and extending over the guide 15, has free end 16.

In such instances wherein the product to be handled may lack substantial firmness for holding it to form, there may besupplemental bottom or stirrup 17 placed adjacent the bottom 1 and terminally provided with guides 18 with which slack portions lfl of the cord may coact, in the sliding of this slack portion 14 to and fro according to whether article 19 is to be projected into a dispensing condition or is to be receded'into a housed condition as to the container. In the instance that the food product is ice-cream, or a similar perishable delicacy, it may be desirable to provide an envelope covering in addition to the container, which envelope 20 may be readily flexible, say as oiled paper, to be folded back clear of the product 19 so that in the dispensing operation as telescoping the product from the box, such may be moved back to readily clear the edible portion of the product for consumption.

In operation, the product may be delivered to the consumer in the closed package. When the consumer desires such for consumption the lid 8 may be opened and folded back to leave the open end 6 clear. The operator may then engage the free end 16 of the cord and by pulling-such over the guide edge 15 effect a direct telescoping action fromthe container of the contents 19. The envelope 20 may be cleared away to expose the edible portion of the material. In this operation, hand 21 of the consumer or user of the product, engages. the portion of the box or container adjacent bottom 1, which thus contains dead air space chamber 22 as an insulation region, progressively enlarging as the telescopic dispensing projection occurs to a greater extent. Accordingly, if the product be one which will melt, there is insulation from the heat of the hand of the holder of the package, which insulation is increased as the product is consumed.

In the event the user does not care to consume the contents at a single progressive telescopio projection, the cord 16 may be slaoked after the envelope 20 is brought into enclosing position for the material. With the material thus again fully within the box or container, the tuck-in lid 8, 9, may be closed and the food product again housed for placing in a a location to retain the temperature condition desired. This may be a refrigerator in the instance the material is to be kept at a low temperature, while if the food product be one which it is desired to consume Warm or hot, the article may be placed in a warming oven.

In this operation, the intermediate slack portion 14 of the cord slides freely over the stirrup 17 and thus has not a tendency to saw or cut into the food product 19.

In practice, the boxes may have the lid torn therefrom at starting use, or even containcrs used without the lids which makes the contents more accessible to the holding temperature prior to use when placed in the refrigerator or oven. In use, the insulation handle provided by the container" is additionally a receptacle against particles or seepage from the material falling around to create a muss or getting upon the apparal of the user. The seepage is held in the envelope for the food, or if there be no envelope, it may be held in the insulation chamber of the container. It may even seep from the envelope into the insulation chamber, but in either event it is held against creating a muss.

In the instances wherein a stirrup is used, as well as an envelope, the folding of the envelope may position the stirrup with the envelope and its contents as such are shoved by the slack cord into the container. It is contemplated that the food product, or the food product and its envelope shall be freely movable in the container. Accordingly, the degree of projection of the food product from the container is not normally maintained except by having the hand as grasping the insulation portion of the container also engage the free end 16 of the cord.

WVhat is claimed and it is desired to secure by United States Letters Patent is 1. A container for dispensing a product responsive to temperature interaction when the container of the product is held in the hand of the user thereof, said container comprising an outer shell, an inner shell as a primary container for the product and havprotruding means extending exterior of the primary shell and operable for controllably telescoping the inner shell with the product out of the outer shell region as held by the user, said protruding means extending to be grasped by the holder of the outer shell in the region of the outer shell from which the article is thus caused to recede with the grasped portion of the container as evacuated by the inner shell with the product. for the resistance of heat transmission between the grasped portion and the article.

2. A rectangular box having an open end from which an article to be consumed may be positively expelled, there being expulsion means for the article including an envelope for the article to isolate the article from the box, said means embodying an extension therefrom providing an overhang from said open end continuous past the under-side of the article in the box, said extension as overhanging being withdrawable in coacting with the envelope for controllably expelling the ar- EDWARD M. MoGOWAN.

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