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Publication numberUS1731767 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1929
Filing dateAug 24, 1928
Priority dateAug 24, 1928
Publication numberUS 1731767 A, US 1731767A, US-A-1731767, US1731767 A, US1731767A
InventorsCramer George F
Original AssigneeCramer George F
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Dispensing device
US 1731767 A
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O -v 1929- G. F. CRAMER DISPENSING DEVICE Filed Aug. 24. 1928- INVENTOR af/ ATTOR X Patented Oct. 15, V 1929 UNITED STATES GEORGE E. GRAMER, 0F NEWARK, NEW JERSEY DISPENSING DEVICE Application filed August 24,

This invention relates to a dispensing device and provides a cheaply made and economically operated article whichcan be used for many purposes but is primarlly deslgned for such use as spraying foliage. The device consists of a collapsible bag inside of a rigid case and when a fluid such as water under pressure is forced into the casing the bag is collapsed and its contents are rejected. When emptied the bag is refilled and the operation is repeated. The bag is to be placed in some structures by a highly flexible and waterproof diaphragm which is somewhat bagshaped when it is filled.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which Figure 1 is a view showing howthe device can be used. Flgure 2 is a vertical section through the dispensing device. Figure 3 is a top view thereof.

The device is the usual commercial form and comprises a rigid casing 10, usually in the form of a metal tank, and inside of it is a receptacle orbag 11 which is of water-proof material such as rubber or treated-canvas or the like and it is spaced from the bottom 12 of the tank or casing so that when water under pressure is forced into the bottom of the tank at the connection 13 it tends to force the bag to collapse or to be emptied since the tank has an outlet 14 at the other end. A hose 15 or other suitable connection conducts water to the inlet 13 of the casing and is usually connected to any suitable valved outlet shown in general at 16. The preferred form is to place the outlet 14 on the lid 17 which is clamped to the top of the casing 10 by the screws 18 or equivalent means. In the preferred form it also acts to clamp thetop edge or rim 19 of the bag or diaphragm 11 which edge is folded over the top edge or rim of the casing and thereby forms a li uid-tight joint.

A hose 20 leads from the outlet 14 and can be provided with the usual nozzle 21. A filling cap 22 is placed so, that the bag can be filled. In using the device, for instance, in spraying plants the disinfectant or proper solution is placed in the bag 11 through the filling aperture 22 and the aperture is then closed. Then water under pressure is allowed to flowthrough the hose 15 and it acts on the 1928. Serial No. 301,728.

bag 11 to collapse it, thereby forcing the contents of the bag out through the hose 20. The force of the delivery can be regulated by the flow through the hose 15; When the bag 11 is emptied the admission of water to the tank or casing is stopped and the tank is drained by suitable means such as the faucet 23 and when it is practically drained the faucet 23 is again closed, the bag is refilled and the operation is repeated.

The device is positive and it is economical and has practically no moving parts to need lubrication or attention.

' It will be noted that the bag fits snugly to the inside diameter of the tank. This insures the emptying of the bag and a utilization of p practically all of its contents because the full force of the water in the tank is directed at the end of the bag and not around the sides. This causes a regular and progressive collapse of the back, starting from the bottom and the bag collapses toward the outlet end and not from the sides. This requires no special guide or support on the inside of the bag and also gives the bag longer life by reason of its smoother folding without unnecessary wrinkling and furthermore it requires no piston or other special construction. Furthermore, the edge of the tank at its rim and the rim 19 of the bag which is folded over said edge are held down tightly by the tapered flange 24 of the lid. This not only forms a water tight joint but presents a part of the bag which can be grasped when it is to be lifted out of thetank and-which even if damaged, does no affect the body of the bag.

I claim A dispensing device comprising a casing having an open top and an inlet at the bottom, a receptacle of flexible material fitting snugly in the casing and having its top folded over the rim of the casing, and a lid on the receptacle and having a downwardly tapered flange clamping the folded over rim of the casing on the rim of the receptacle the lid having an outlet opening and a filling opening andi means for clamping the lid on the receptac e.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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