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Publication numberUS1732113 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1929
Filing dateJun 5, 1928
Priority dateJun 5, 1928
Publication numberUS 1732113 A, US 1732113A, US-A-1732113, US1732113 A, US1732113A
InventorsMeer Peter C A Van Der
Original AssigneeMeer Peter C A Van Der
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US 1732113 A
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0t 15 1929. P. c. A. VAN DER MEER 1,732,113

TURNTABLE 2 Sheets-Sheet Filed June 5. 192B f P. c. A. VAN DER MEER 1,732,113

Oct. 15, 1929.

TURNTABLE 2 sheets-sheet 2,

Filed June 5. 1928 Patented st. 15, 1929 barro STATES y PATENT oi=i=iciafA PETER c. A. VAN DER ivinnnjorfnnrnorr, MICHIGAN TURNTABLE Application filed .Tune 5, 1928:. Serial No. 283,069. i

The present invention relates to turntables. y An object of the invention is to provide a turntable having an extremely small over-7 all height, so that the object to be placed upon ,g it need not be lifted through any great disg Y 10 turntable which is flat as a whole and whichY is constructed to take horizontal thrust in. any direction and which at the saine time does not tip, but is always level regardless of the location of the weight placed upon it.

lt is a further object of the invention to provide a turntable having a rotatable ball center so constructed and arranged that nov balancing of the turntable is ever required, and to provide in a turntable a particular form of ball raceways. Further objects are to provide a turntable having relatively small weight, with protecting` means for antifriction bearings, with a draining channel and with strength-A ening ribs, webs and bosses so arranged as to. provide a turntable of relatively grea strength and small Weight. Still further objects and advantages of the.

invention will appear from the following'.

description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, which illustrate, by'. way of example, a preferred embodiment of the invention, but which are not to .be taken as a definition of the limits thereof, reference being had to the appended claims for that purpose.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a turntable constructed in accordance with and enibody-y ing the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a top plan view thereof;

Fig. 3 is a vertical crossesectional view taken diametrically through Fig. 2; and

Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing the upper and lower parts of the turntable sep-V arated to illustrate the interior thereof and with the circumferential series of antifriction bearings removed to illustrate the bearing, raceway.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary sec-L tional view through a portion of the turntable near its edge.

Referring in.detail to the accompanying drawings, a circular shallow base 11 is provided at `its outerperipheral edge with an V,fa/nnular strengthening portion 12 of in# creasedthiclrness and its center with a central boss 13, the upper face of vrwhich is cupped for the reception of a single center bearing ball 14 freely rotatable.` The Vbase 11 is alsorprovided `with a plurality of yradially extending strengthening webs 15 veach provided Ywith an outer end portion 16 of increased thickness vand strength, which f can be tapped for thereception of an anchor bolt. The base 11 is also provided with a cir` cumferentially extending antifriction bearf ing raceway 17, herein shown as being squareshapedin cross section, for the reception of a circular series of ball bearings 1S which are freelymovable and arranged closely adjacent and substantially in contact with each otherv so `that 'there is no appreciable space between any twol adjacent ball bearings. Radially outward with respect to the raceway'17, the base 11 is provided with an annular depression 19 circular in cross section,

constituting a waste and drainage channel having oneor more downwardly directed outlets 2O.4 The drainage channel 19 is sepiaratednfrom the raceway 17 by an upstanding annular flange 22. The ri1n724 of the base 1.1 extends upwardly a. short distance above thegenerallevel of the interior of the base and is flat at its upper surface, which is level with and forms in effect a continua- Y tion of the revolving top 25 of the turntable.

u The top 25 is provided interiorly at the center thereof with a seat 27 for the reception ofthe upper portion of theicenter bearing ball I. 14, and extending radially from the center seat 27 are a plurality of bracing and strengthening webs 29 which are cut away at their outer ends, as at 30, to permit the webs 29 to pass freely over the raised portions, 16 of the base webs 15.

The webs 29 extend outwardly to and terminate at a downwardly extending annular guard flange 34, which fits within the circular series of ball bearings 18. The outer edge 36 of the top 25 is flat and of even thickness and overlies the ball bearings 18 and drainage channel 19, and extends toward and is closelyadjacent to the flat top rim 24 of the base', from which the top is spaced bythe very?l small distance necessary for clearance and to prevent friction between the top and. the base.

and a relatively flat top resting on all of said balls, the under side of said top being substantially flat and extending over said drainage groove and ball bearings.

In testimony whereof I aliix my signature.


lt will be noted that the circular series of Y ball bearings 18 bears against the under side of the top 25 and that no bearing flanges are provided on said top. This construction enablcs the top to take thrust imposed upon it in any direction; the top 25 is level at all times and rests upon the center ball 14 and also on the circular series of balls 18, So that tipping of the top never occurs and no balancing is ever required; furthermore, the turntable as a whole is relatively flat or shallow and consequently requires only an extremely shallow pit where the top is to be used at floor level. The balls 18 bear at two points against the base, namely, at the bottom of the raceway 17 and against the inner wall thereof.

Various changes in minor details may be made within the scope of the invention, as defined by the following claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A turntable including a base having radially extending bracing webs raised near their outer ends, and having an annular y grooved raceway near its periphery, a circular series of closely adjacent freely movable ball bearings in said raoeway, said base having an annular drainage groove of greater diameter than said raceway, a single center bearing ball in said base, a rotatable disc top resting on said series of ball bearings and f1tting Within said base and having a depending annular guard flange clear of the inner periphery of said ball bearings, a center bearing resting on said center ball, and a plurality of radial bracing Webs cut away near their outer ends and extending to said depending guard flange, said dise top being flat on its under side radially outward of said guard flange and extending over said annular drainage groove in close proximity to and level with the peripheral edge of said base.

2. A turntable including a base having a circular raceway, a circular series of closely adjacent freely movable ball bearings in said raceway, a peripheral drainage groove of greater diameter than said raceway, a freely movable center ball in said base, and a relatively flat top resting on all of said balls and having an annular guard flange within said circular series of ball bearings, the peripheral edge of said top being flat and extending over said raceway and said drainage groove.

3. A turntable including a relatively Shallow base having a peripheral drainage groove and a circular series of closely adjacent freely movable ball bearings, a central bearing ball,

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U.S. Classification248/349.1, 108/139
International ClassificationB60S13/02, B60S13/00
Cooperative ClassificationB60S13/02
European ClassificationB60S13/02