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Publication numberUS1733114 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1929
Filing dateJul 5, 1928
Priority dateJul 5, 1928
Publication numberUS 1733114 A, US 1733114A, US-A-1733114, US1733114 A, US1733114A
InventorsBrennan Edward J
Original AssigneeBrennan Edward J
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Commodity container
US 1733114 A
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Oct. 29, 1929. E. J. BRENNAN COMMODITY CONTAINER Filed July 5, 1928 @51 Gum/"M; M

Patented Oct. 29, 1929 UNITE STATES EDWARD J'. BRENNAN, OF HARRISBURGJPENNSYLVANIA COMMODITY CONTAINER Application filed July 5, 1928. Serial No. 290,465.

This invention relates to a commodity container.

An object of the invention is to provide a container of novel form providing two separate compartments adapted for carrying different commodities or materials respectively.

A further object is to so design the container that it will be of attractive appearance, simple in construction, and so that it maybe easily and cheaply manufactured.

A further object is to provide certain features auxiliary to the container and made up as part or parts thereof adapted to be utilized in connection with the dispensing of the material from within the container.

Other objects and aims of the invention, more or less specific than those referred to above, will be in part obvious and in part pointed out in the course of the following 28 description of the elements, combinations, ar-

rangements of parts and applications of principles constituting the invention; and the scope of protection contemplated will be indicated in the appended claim.

In the accompanying drawings which are to be taken as a part of this specification, and in which I have shown merely a preferred form of embodiment of the invention Fig. 1 is a vertical central sectional view so through a container constructed in accord ance with this invention, and

Fig. 2 is a similar sectional view illustrating a modified form of the container.

Referring to the drawing for describing in detail the exemplary structures illustrated therein, and referring first to the structure illustrated in Fig. 1, it is desired first to explain that while this invention is particularly adaptable for use in connection with the manufacture of collapsible tubes, such as are now in common use as containers in the marketing of tooth pastes, shaving creams, petroleum jellies and other like materials, it nevertheless is not intended to be limited to this type of container as obviously its provisions are equally adaptable for use in connection with containers of many other types as may fall within the scope of the claim which forms part hereof.

In the instance illustrated. the invention is shown as applied to a collapsible tube or container of the kind usually employed in the sale of tooth paste. This container or casing consists of a lower cylindrical portion L of thin flexible metal providing a compartment 1 for containing the toothpaste and a relatively stiff upper portion G providing a compartment 2'for containing a different commodity, such for instance as a sup 1y of dental floss, a powder, or a supply of pills such as might be used for making up a mouth wash, it being noted particularly that the portion G is sufficiently stifi' and strong to resist any appreciable amount of distortion which might otherwise be occasioned incident to the bending or collapsing of the portion L in use. The portion G is' defined by a wall as 3 which stands as a horizontal partition within the container separating the compartments 1 and 2, and a confiningannular side wall 4 which is in fact merely a strengthened con- 'tinuation of the side walls of the portion L,

and aseparately formed cover piece as 5. A tubular neck portion 6 extends upwardly from the wall 3 centrally of the compartment 2 and has its hollow interior 7 opening into the compartment 1 serving as the means or passage through which the contents of compartment 1 may be exuded in the usual manner. The upper end of the neck 6 extends beyond compartment .2 and is externally threaded as at 8 and carries a threaded cap H of the usual or desired type for closing the passage 7 when the containeris not in use.

The cover 5 hasa' central opening 9 through which the neck 6 projects.

The cover 5 may be held in position by any appropriate means but for the purpose of il-' lustration itis here shown as having an annular marginal flange portion 10 fitted snugly within an annular groove 11 provided at the upper edge of the wall 4, and as having the walls of the opening 9 fitting snugly about the neck 6, a shoulder as 12 being preferably provided upon the neck to assist in locating and retaining the cover.

In case the compartment 2 is to be used for containing a supply of pills or other loose material access into the compartmentv ma be afiorded by. any appropriate Ineanssuc as 13 and, if desired, a simple thread cutter as 141 may befashioned by striking up a part of the materialfofthe cover, as indicated, adapted to be engaged by the thread and to sever the thread when strain is applied to the thread, such cutter serving to retain the unsevered end of the thread in a convenient position for subsequent handling. I Ifdesired a separately formed bobbin memberas 15inay be provided within the compartment 2 for containing the floss or other thread wound thereon, such bobbin having a central opening 16 by which it is freely rotatably mounted upon the neck 6.

It is noted that'in the manufacture of containers of the type as above described the portions Land G defining the two compartments of the container, and including'the neck 6, may readily be made as a single integral member and without any material deviation from the method of manufacture now commonly followed in the production of ordinary collapsible metallic tubes.

1' In the illustration Fig. 2 the container is shown as having its compartment 2 formed within the cap I-I, instead of being a separate compartment within the body ofthe tube. In this instance the cap is enlarged to provide a suitable amount of open space in teriorly thereof; Its bottom wall as 17 has a hollow central stud 18 opening downwardly and threaded to serve as the immediate closure for the upper end of the main container. This stud may also constitute a pivot bearing about which is rotatably mounted a bobbin in the same general manner as in the previous figure. V I

Aseparate cover piece 19 is provided for closing theupper side of the compartment 2, said cover being here shown as having a pendant annular flange 20 fitting snugly about anupstanding annular flange 2 1 of the wall 17.

,An opening as 22, corresponding with the opening 13, may be provided at a suitable point for giving access into the interior of the cap or for permitting withdrawal of floss or other material from the cap, and a cutter as 23, corresponding with the cutter 14, may be pro vided wherewith to sever the floss as desired.

The cover 19 may have a permanent connection with the wall 17 or it may be readily detachable therefrom as may be desired, according tothe type of material which is to be carried within the compartment 2. As many changes could be made in this construction without departing from the scope of the invention, as defined in the following claim, it is intended that all matter contained in the above description,or shown in the accompanying drawings, shall be interpreted as illustrative only and not in a limiting sense.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and'desire to secure by Letters Patent is A toilet kit, comprising an elongated cylindrical container having a transverse partition therein, dividing the interior of the container into two separate compartments, said partition having a cylindrical extension projecting therefrom along the length of one of the compartments and being formed with a bore continuing through the partition providing access to the second compartment; all I of said arts being formed as a single integral body 0 exuded metal, the portion of said metal forming the cylindrical walls 'ofthe first compartment being relatively thick and unyielding, while theportion of said metal forming the cylindrical walls of the second compartment are relatively thin and yieldable, and a separate closure for the first compartment. V

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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