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Publication numberUS173356 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1876
Filing dateJan 22, 1876
Publication numberUS 173356 A, US 173356A, US-A-173356, US173356 A, US173356A
InventorsThomas J. Sloan
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Improvement in screw-drivers
US 173356 A
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Patented $212.8, 1876.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 173,356, dated February 8, 1876; application filed January 22, 1876.

To an whom it may concern Be it known that I, THOMAS J. SLOAN, of the city, county, and State of New York, have invented an Improvement in Screw-Drivers, of which'the following is'a specification: This invention is designed for driving that variety of wood-screws in which the nick or groove in the head slopes laterally from the center of the head, and is deepest at the edges of the latter; the object of my said invention being to provide a driver whereby such screws may be driven with their heads flush with the surface of the material into which they are screwed, without that danger of tearing and disfiguring such material inevitably involved in the driving of such screws bya driver of adequate Width made after any of the plans hitherto in use.

My said invention consists in an angularlynotched'screw-driver, in which the corners of the driving edge are beveled ofi at an angle more or less coincident with the taper of the head of the screw to lie driven, whereby the driver is enabled to hold in the groove throughout the entire length thereof without projectingbeyoud the sides of the head, and thereby has the most effective hold upon the screw, without liability of laceratin g the material into which it is forced, even when the head is driven home flush with the surface of said material.

Figure 1 is a side view of a screw-driver made according to my invention, and Fig. 2

indicates the variety of wood-screws with which it is intended to be used.

The blade A of the driver is attached to the handle B, in the usual or any suitable man ner. In the end of the blade A is formed an angular notch, a, and from the outer corners d of this notch the corners of the driver itself are beveled otf, as shown at a c.

The screw shown in Fig. 2 has its nick or groove 6 deepening from a point, a", central to the head, laterally to the edges or sides 0 of the said head.

When the driver is applied to the head of the screw to drive the said screw, the angular notch a fits upon the central portion 11 of the said head, with the projecting portions b of the driver situate in the oppositely-sloping portions of the nick or groove 0, and the beveled corners ofthe driver flush, or nearly so,

with the adjacent surface f! of the head.

It will be seen from this that, while the driver is enabled to take the firmest possible hold upon the head, (being fitted into the whole of the groove or nick thereof,) no portion is permitted to project beyond the circum ference thereof, and all tearing of the material into which the screwis driven, even when the head of the latter is brought flush or even with the surface of said material.

What I claim as my invention is- The angularly-notched screw-driver, constructed with the beveled corners a. 0, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

7 THOS. J. SLOAN. Witnesses: H. WELLs, J r.,


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