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Publication numberUS1733571 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1929
Filing dateNov 12, 1928
Priority dateNov 12, 1928
Publication numberUS 1733571 A, US 1733571A, US-A-1733571, US1733571 A, US1733571A
InventorsCooney Louis M, Fred Alden
Original AssigneeCooney Louis M, Fred Alden
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Sanitary milk container
US 1733571 A
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Oct. 29, 1929. F, ALDEN Er AL 1,733,571


Filed NOV. l2. 1928 Inventar www Attorney Patented Oct. 29, 1'929 UNITED STATES PATENT OFI-"Ice anni) ALBEN AND Louis ir. coonnx, or SAGINAW, moment SANITARY MILK CONTAINER Application' led November 12, 1928. Serial` No. 318,'518.

The present invention relates to'improve- I ments in paper receptacles, and has yreference more particularly to a container fr milk or cream.

One of the important objects of the present invention is to provide a milk container that is formed of destructible material so that afterjthe container or receptacle has been emptied ofgits contents, the same ,can beY arranged thereunder in such amanneras-toVA prevent leakage of the liquid from the container yet enabling the contents to be visible at all times. 4 l

Other objects and advantages of the invention .will become ap arent from the following description when ta en iniconnection with the accompanying drawing'.J r

parts throughout the several views:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of our improved sanitary milk container, parts being shown Y in section, and p Figure 2 is a detail perspective view of the frame. l A

In the drawing, wherein for the purpose of illustration is shown the preferred embodiment of our invention, the numeral 1 -desige nates generally the fram@ that is formed from co. l formed in different sizes, such as for example,

indrical cu shaped botgills, half pints, pints, and quarts', Ther frame includes a cy tom 2, and extending 4vupwar y from the Aupoper edge thereof at equidistantly spaced points are the ribs 3, said ribs gradually converging from their intermediate portions toward their upper ends andv terminating lin outwardlyy curved fingers 4:, over which is .fitted the ringlike member 5 also formed of compressed paper,the upper edge portion of this ring like member bein directed inwardly over the pperfree en s1 of the lingers 4,

In the accompanying drawing wherein like e reference characters indicate corresponding Y ent covering may be arranged on the optside ess'ed paper, andthe frame isv thence being disposed downwardly and ter-v h fminating in the annular iange 6 for receiving:

the usual bottle stopper disc, not shown, the

shoulder 7 providing a mean for retaining` the stop er disc against casual displacement from the. ledge or flange 6.

The sanitary receptacle or container furtherA includes 4the provisign of a transparent covering 8 that is disposed within the frame in the manner as clearly shown in drawing. This transparent covering is preferably formed of paper, and so shaped as to the so adhere'to the shapeof theframe andthe lower edge portion of the covering 8 extends below the upper edge of th -cup shaped b ottom 2, while the upper e ge of the transparent cove'in terminates at af point ad-f is of course understood that the low/er` edge portion of the trans arent covering is attached to the cup shapel bottom in such a manner as to prevent leakage of the liquid from the container. If desired, the transparof the frame.

The provision of a container of the above mentioned character will obviate the use of glass milkbottles, thus reducing the cost in -the operation of a dairy, as these destructible containers can 'be manufactured at a very low cost.

Furthermore, the container is ada ted to be destroyedafter the contents have een dis-- charged therefrom, thus promoting sanita-` tion.

A sanitary tioned character will be attractive and the. same will beat. all times positive andeicient in carrying out the urposes for` which it is container of the above men.

designed. If desire reinforcing ribs may be' arranged on the bottom face of the cap shaped member 2 forstrengthening the structure.

`Whilewe have shownthe preferred .em-

bodiment of our invention it is to be understoodthat minor v.changes in the 0size, shape and arrangement o f parts may be resorted l to withoutmdeparting from tliespirit ofthe 1,9",

` invention and the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described the invention, what we claim as new and desire to secure by Let- 5 ters Patent is 1 1. A milk receptacle constructed of destructible material, said receptacle including a frame, that comprises a bottom cup-shaped member, strips extending upwardly from the lo cup-shaped bottom, a ring-like member fitted over the upper ends of the strips, the upper edge of the ring-like member being disposed linwardly and so bent as to form a bottle cap Areceiving latch, and a covering for the frame. 2. A milk receptacle constructed of destructible material, said receptacle including a frame, that comprises a bottom cup-shaped member, strips extending upwardly from the cup-shaped bottom, a ring-like member iitted over the upper endsof the strips, the upper edge of the ring-like member being disposed inwardly and so bent as to form a bottle cap receiving latch, a covering of transparent material disposed around the strips, the upper edge of the covering terminating at the top of the ring-like member, the lower edge of the covering terminating adjacent the bottom of the cup-shaped member.

3.V A milk receptacle constructed of de-` structible material, said receptacle comprising a circular cup-shaped bottom formed of compressed paper, strips of the same material extending upwardly from the upper edge of the cup-shaped bottom at spaced intervals, the upper end portions of the strips being disposed in converging relation, and terminating in outwardly curved fingers, a compressed paper ring shaped to it over the out- ,Y wardly curved fingers, the upper edge portion of the ring being disposed inwardly and thence downwardly and terminating in a bottle cap supporting ange, and a transparent covermg inside the frame and arranged in a leak-proof manner. In testimony whereof we ax our signatures.


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