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Publication numberUS1733755 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1929
Filing dateAug 26, 1926
Priority dateAug 26, 1926
Publication numberUS 1733755 A, US 1733755A, US-A-1733755, US1733755 A, US1733755A
InventorsReplogle John R
Original AssigneeKelvinator Corp
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Knob for food-cabinet lids
US 1733755 A
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Oct. 29, 1929. J. R. REPLOGLE KNOB FOR FOOD CABINET LIDS Filed Aug. 26 1926 0 H T m N m .m N T 1 W 2 V Z Y. 2 B H 4 2 fifl W 2 4 n. 4


T0 xnnvrnnronconroanrron, or nnrnorr, MrcnreAN, A'ooRronA'rron or MICH- IG-AN Application filed August 26, 1926. Serial No. 131,591.

This invention relates to lids, and more particularly to the knobs and their attachment to lids especially adapted for closing openings in refrigerated cabinets through which access is had to interior food storing chambers.

An object of my invention is to provide a lid for refrigerated cabinets to which a knob is secured so that the exterior or exposed surfaces are free from crevices in which food or other similar material can collect and provide an unsanitary condition.

A further obj ect of my invention is to provide a light insulated lid for food cabinets with which a substantially non-deformable and light knob is attached to present a sanitary exposed surface;

Another object of my invention resides in the construction of a sheet metal knob and its attachmentwith a lid.

These and other objects will appear in the following description of an embodiment of my invention.

In the accompanying drawings, Fig. 1 is a plan view of a lid incorporating the invention; and Fig. 2 is a vertical medial section of the same taken on line 22 of Fig. 1.

Referring now to the drawings by charac-f ters of reference,'10 represents a wooden ring frame for the lid preferably made up of a plurality of jointed segments. A top cover 11 extends across the top of the ring frame and is secured by bending the outer edge 12 around and under a shoulder 13 of the ring The lid thus provided is light, simple in construction, and when placed to close an opening in a refrigerated cabinet will effectually bar the passage of warmer air into the interior food storage chamber. -A knobiis secured to the upper cover 11 for handling the lid and such'knob is designed to be light, non-deformable and sanitary.

. The knob includes an interior frame formed of stiff sheet metal which is bent to provide a base portion 18 from which extends an annular wall 19. The wall 19 curves outwardly at 20 and inwardly again at its end 21, and the inner frame member of the knob resembles an inverted bell in design. An exterior casing surrounds the :inner knob frame and'includes a plurality of sections 22, 23 and 24. The three sections of the outer casing of the knob are preferably formed ofsheet Monel metal and are assembled around the inner frame andthen shaped and secured therewith by a die press operation.

The section 22 extends over the, open'end of the portion 21 of the inner frame and is bent to extend against the outer end of the portion 2O of-the inner frame. The section 22 is supported by the end of the portion of the inner frame 21 and is self secured by its relation with the portion 20 of the inner frame. The

7 section 23 of the casing is pressed to tightly engage the portion 20 of the inner frame, and the section 24 of the casing at its outer end is pressed against the outer portion'of the wall 19 of the inner frame. The section 24 is bent to curve outwardly from the'inner frame and the end 25 is bent to extend beyond the base 18 of the inner frame and parallel with the wall 19.

In securing the casing sections with the inner frame of the knob the edges of the section 23 and the adjacent edges of the sec- 2 tions 22 and 24 are forced into abutting relation so that a curved exterior surface is provided which is devoid of crevices in which food or the like can collectand corrode the metal. The exterior surface of the knob structure can be readily maintained in a sanitary condition and is substantially nondeformable, due to its engagement with the inner frame member. v

To'secure the knob with the lid, a hexagonal nut 26 is pressed into the wall 19 of the inner frame and against the base Wall 18,

such arrangement preventing rotation of the nut. The nut is positioned prior to assembling the knob casing with the inner frame, and the threaded end of a bolt 27 extends through openings in the lid cover 11 and the wall 18 of theinner knob frame and is screwed into the nut. pair of washers 28 v and 29 are positionedintermediate the head w of the bolt and the inner face of thelid cover a bolt co-operating '11 to add rigidity thereto, and the bolt is screwed into the nut until the edge of the 7' portion 25 of the knob casing section 24: is drawn tightly against the outer surface of the lid cover 11.

V The upper exposed surface of the lid and the exterior of the ,knob are formed of ,Moneldmetal which can be readily maintamed sanltary andlustrous, and no crevices v are present in which food or similar corrosive material can collect.

Various changes can be made in the structure described without departing from the spirit of myinvention and the scope of what I claim.

WVhat I claim is: V

1. A knob comprising a sheet metalinner bellshaped frame, a sheet. metal'casing bent around said inner frame, said casing including a plurality of longitudinally disposed annular sections having their abutting edges pressed'tightly together to form a rigid structure, and attachment means associated with said inner frame. 7

2. A knob comprising an inverted bell shaped metal frame, a plurality of abutting casingsections bent to enclose the open end and side of said frame as a rigidcasing, said I sections being self securing and; carved in outline, a nut secured within said frame, and s with said nut for attaching said knob.

3. A knob comprising an inverted bell shaped metalframe, a plurality of annular abutting casing sections bent to enclose the I open end'and side of said frame, said sections being self securing and curved to conform substantially with the shape of said fran1e,a nut fixed within said frame, and a bolt cooperating with saidjnut for attaching e e p 50- said knob.

.I i'testimony whereof, I hereuntoaifiximy signature,


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