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Publication numberUS1733933 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1929
Filing dateDec 31, 1926
Priority dateDec 31, 1926
Publication numberUS 1733933 A, US 1733933A, US-A-1733933, US1733933 A, US1733933A
InventorsBeltz Howard H
Original AssigneeBeltz Howard H
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Antithumb-sucking appliance
US 1733933 A
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ad, 29, 1929. BELTZ I 1,733,933

ANTI THUMB SUCKING APPLIANCE Filed Da e. :51. 1926 Patented Oct. 29, 1929 ui s ANTITHUMB-SUCKING APPLIANCE Application filed December 31, 1926. Serial No. 158,305.

My said invention relates to an anti-thumbsucking-appliance intended to discourage the habit frequently observed in infants of sucking the thumb which is considered detrimental to health and liable to result in injury to the membranes of the mouth.

Another object of the invention is to provide a device whereby the suction exerted by the mouth is broken, the invention being so constructed as to admit airand thus discourage the infant from continuing the practice. Referring to the drawings in which similar characters indicate similar parts and which are made a part of this application: Fig. 1 is a perspective illustrating the use of my invention in two different forms, Fig. 2, an elevation of one form of the devlce,

Fig. 3, an elevation of the same in another position, I

Fig. 4, a modification, and

Fig. 5, a different view of the last mentioned form.

In the drawings, reference characterlO indicates the body of a device of cylindrical form adapted to encircle loosely the thumb of an infants hand. A suitable size of the device should be selected according to the size of the thumb, it being my intention to have a suflicient clearance between the dc.- vice and the thumb to insure that air will be drawn between the two. In order to avoid injury to the membrances of the mouth the cylinder is preferably made of some such material as bakelite and is formed without any sharp edges as will readily be understood. The length should preferably be such as to cover the middle joint of the thumb, leaving the end free'so as to interfere as little as possible with the use of the hand.

Ina preferred form of the invention an extension 11 is formed at one side of the cylinder integral with the same, said extension being of suflicient length to reach approximately to the wrist and being provided ad- 'tube being less than that of the digit, and

jacent its lower end with a hole 12 to receive a cord 13 for attachment of the device. Another hole is formed at 1 to receive a cord 15 whereby more secure attachment may be provided. It will be understood that the form of the device may be varied, it may be made of other materials and the attaching means may be varied to suit the taste or convenience of the user As one modification I have shown in Figs. 50 4 and 5 a form in which the body 10' is made of greater length and is cut away as at 15 to permit the desired movement of the thumb. Such device serves to prevent possible sucking of the end ofthe thumb, though it is believed to be the usualpractice of infants to insert the entire thumb in the mouth. Attaching means for this form may be secured by means of openings 12 and 14 as in the other form. The extension 16 in which the opening 12 is formed is however indicated as being a separate piece secured to the body 10 by riveting or in any other suit able manner.

In some cases it may be desirable to provide a shield for the finger, for example, instead of the thumb. Such a device is indicated in Figure 1 as consisting of a pair of rings or cylinders 17 and 18 connected by suitable flexible means 19 to permit the fingers to bend.

Various changes of form, structure, etc., will suggest themselves to those skilled in' the art and therefore I do not limit myself to What is shown in the drawings and shown in the specification but only as indicated in the appended claims. It may be stated that in a preferred form of the invention it will be made of vari-colored material for ornamental purposes, for obvious reasons.

Having fully described my said invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is: I

1. An anti-thumb sucking appliance of the character described, comprising a substantially incompressible tube loosely surrounding a digit to permit air to pass between the digit and the tube, the length of said means for securing the same in place.

2. An anti-thumb-sucking appliance of the character described comprising a substantially incompressible tube loosely surrounding a digit to permit air to pws between the digit and the tube, the len h of said tube being less than that of the 'git, and an extension at one side of the tube having an aperture for attachment of a cord for securing the appliance inplace.

3. An anti-thumb-sucking appliance of the character described comprisinga substantially incompressible tube loosel surrounding a digit to permit air to pass tween the digit and the tube, the len h of said tube being less than that of the igit, and an extension at one side" of the tube having an aperture for attachment of a cord for securing the appliance in place, said tube having an aperture spaced from said extension U for attachment of another cord.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification128/880, 2/21
International ClassificationA61F5/50
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/50
European ClassificationA61F5/50