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Publication numberUS1734206 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 5, 1929
Filing dateMay 8, 1929
Priority dateMay 8, 1929
Publication numberUS 1734206 A, US 1734206A, US-A-1734206, US1734206 A, US1734206A
InventorsFisch Henry W
Original AssigneeFisch Henry W
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Hydraulic clean-out device
US 1734206 A
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Nov. 5, 1929. H. w. FISCH 1,734,206

v HYDRAULIC CLEAN-OUT DEVICE Filed May 8, `1929 Ian/enf@ 1- lalf'sch.

Patented Nov. 5, 1929 STATS HENRY W. FISCI-I, OF LOS ANGELES, CALTFORNIA HYDRAULIC CLEAN-OUT DEVICE Application filed May 8, 1929. Serial No. 361,391.

This invention relates to a hydraulic cleanout device adapted to be used in cleaning outlets from sinks and the like.

An object of the invention is to provide an improved clean-out device having a handle and a dome-shaped rubber cap thereon adapted to be placed over the drain or outlet from the sink and to provide the device with a spring adapted to engage and be compressed against the strainer over the drain. By the improved construction when the handle is forced downwardly flexing the cap some fluid is forced thereby through the drain. On releasing the handle, however, as some fluid has been forced through the drain the cap will not immediately return to its normal position because of the partial vacuum forme-d therein. The presence of the spring serves to assist the cap returning to normal position so that the handle may be easily and quickly reoiprocated causing the fluid in the drain to be agitated and forced through the drain sufciently to readily clean the drain.

Another object of the invention is to provide a hydraulic clean-out device for sink drains and the like having a holloia7 handle and a dome-shaped cap thereon and to provide a construction for conveying fluid such as water under pressure to the interior of the handle to be discharged through the cap into the drain. Other objects of the invention are to provide a check valve' in the handle so that reverse flow through the handle is effectively prevented while the cap is being flexed under downward movement of the handle and to provide a convenient construction for forcing the handle downwardly to force the fluid through the sink drain.

Vith the foregoing and other objects in view which will be made manifest in the following detailed description and specifically pointed out in the appended claims, reference is had to the accompanying drawings where- The figure is a view in vertical section illustrating the improved hydraulic clean-out device in applied position.

Referringto the accompanying drawings wherein similar reference characters desig- 50 nate similar parts throughout, the improved device comprises a hollow handle 1() which may be formed of pipe or the like and which has its upper end closed as indicated at 11. Laterally extending hand grips are provided on the handle one hand grip being indicated at 12 having a closed outer end 13 and having its inner end threa-dedly connected as at 14 to the handle 10. The other hand grip comprises a short section of pipe indicated at 15 having its 60 inner end threaded into the handle 10 as at 16 and having its outer end open and adapted to receive the coupling member 17 on a hose 18. The hose 18 is adapted to be connected by a coupling member 19 to the water 'faucet 20. 65 On the lower'end of the handle 10 there is secured a hollow dome-shaped cap 21 and within this cap there is disposed a coil spring 22 which is approximately equal in length to t-he distance from the top of the cap to its r bottom. This spring is secured to the under side of the cap adjacent-its top. Within the lower end of the handle there is .threadedly mounted a valve cage 23 having ports 24 and within the valve cage there is threadedly mounted a valve supporting member 25. The valve supporting member25 has downwardly convergent ports 26 formed therein which merge into a single port discharging through the top of the rubber cap v21. The valve sup- S0 porting member 25 has an upwardly extending stem 27 Vwhich extends through the cage vand a valve closure 28 is slidable thereon adapted to open and close the ports 24. This valve closure constitutes a check valve preventing reverse flow through the handle.

The operation of the improved device is as follows: When the drain D of the sink S becomes clogged the hose 18 is connected to the water faucet 20. The handle 10 is then 90 l'tion after the cap Ihas been depressed.

manipulated so as to position the rubber dome-shaped cap 21 over the strainer S1 on the drain D. By holding the handle the water can be turned on causing the water to ow through the hose 18, the hand grip 15, the handle 10, pass the check valve and to be discharged through the cap. If the Water pressure developed is insuicient to force the obstruction through the drain D the operator may grasp the hand grips 12 and 15 and force the handle downwardly. This leXes the dome-shaped lcap 21v and ycompresses the spring 22. Reverse flow through the handle is pre-vented by the check valve. .Consequently, if the water pressure is insuvf'iicient the operator may force the handle down.

Wardly or reciprocate it developing a sufficient pressure or producing sufiicient agitation within the drain D --to' dislodge .the .obstruction. In some instances the improved device may be used without having the hose 1-8 connected to the water faucet 2O and when such is the case the check valve 28 pre- Vents reverse flow "through the handle 10 when the device is pressed downwardly over the strainer S1. When the device is so vused and fluid is `forced from the interior of the cap 21 through the drain the capY will not immediately return to normal position because of the ,artial vacuum Vformed in thecap.4 By virtue of the -fact tha-t the coil spring 22 is compressed it assists the-dome-shaped cap returning to normal overcoming the effect of the partial vacuum produced therein.

From the above described construction it will be appreciated that an improvedcleanout device is provided which may be used under circumstances wherein it is desired `to connect the device to a water supply or -the device may be used dry, that is, without having water discharged 'throughV the device.

Various changes bmay be made in the detailsof construction without departing `from the spirit or scope of the invention as deined 'by the appended claims.

I claim;

1. A clean-out device for sinks and the vlike vcomprising a handle, a dome-shaped resilient apfmounted on the handle adapted to be positioned .over a sink, and aspring secured Within vthe cap adapted to engage the sink and return the cap and handle -to `normal position `-after the cap has vbeen depressed.

A clean-.out device comprising a hollow handleLa dome-shaped cap secured to the handle adapted to be positioned Vover a sink outlet, and'means for conveying water pressure Yto the interior of the `handle to be discharged under pressure through the cap, there bein a Vcheck valve in the entrance to the cap orlpreventing reverse flow therethrough, .and a spring 4.secured within vthe cap engageable over the sink outlet for assisting 'in returning the .cap Iand 'handle to norm al posi- H. W. FISGH.

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U.S. Classification4/255.5, 285/8, 4/255.6
International ClassificationE03C1/12, E03C1/306
Cooperative ClassificationE03C1/306
European ClassificationE03C1/306