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Publication numberUS1734270 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 5, 1929
Filing dateAug 12, 1926
Priority dateAug 12, 1926
Publication numberUS 1734270 A, US 1734270A, US-A-1734270, US1734270 A, US1734270A
InventorsOlson John E
Original AssigneeOlson John E
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Spark-plug wrench
US 1734270 A
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Nov. 5, 1929. J. E. OLSON SPARK PLUG WRENCH Filed Aug. 12. 1926 attouwq l atentecl Nov. 1929 UNITED SJTA JOHN E.,.OLSO1\T,--0F BLooMFIELD, NEBRASKA srARK-rLUG WRENCH Application fiIedA ugust 12, 1926. Serial No. 128,875.

My invention relates to wrenches of that particular type used for removing spark plugs from engine blocks as well as for separating the parts of spark plugs in order to thorough-1 wrench with relation to each other in order to hold one part while turning the other thereon, as for instance the shell-of a spark plug while the gland is being turned. I

A further object of the invention is the provision of a novel manner of rotatably mounting one head on the other, the construction of which will permitthe heads to be readily separated when desired and securely. connected for use in association with each other.

A stillfurther object of the invention is to provide cooperating jaws on the outer ends of the handles which are adapted to, be brought towards each other and grip the threaded nut that connects the electric conductor wire to the central electrode of the plug'for turning the same.

vide a'wrench of the above indicated character, which is simple and substantial in con- 5 struction, can be manufactured economically, and will be thoroughly eflicient andpractical 1n use.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, which'will be apparent as the descrip- 4o'tion proceeds, the invention resides in the construction'and arrangement'of parts, as

It is also an object of the invention to prozhe wrench,showing the handles in eleva Figure 3 is a plan of the lower head and the handle attached thereto, showing the upper head and its handle in dotted lines,

' Figure 4: is a fragmentary section similar to Figure 2 with the upper head and means for retaining the same in position removed.

Figure 5 is a perspective view of the retainer forthe upper head, and

Figure 6 is a fragmentary bottom plan of the handles showing the gripping jaws thereon. 1 A

Referring to the drawings the numeral 10 designates a head of cylindrical formation from which projects a handle 11 and'in which is formed a hexagonal opening or socket 12 of suflicient size for receiving the correspondingly shaped wrench engaging portion on the shell of a spark plug. Formed on this head at a point opposite to that from which the handleprojects, and extending around approximately one-half the diameter of said head, is a flange 13 having an internal rim 14: at its upper edge spaced from the body portion of the head to provide a semi-annular recess, for the purpose hereinafter explained,

and rotatably mounted on the head is a companion head 16, also provided with a hex agonal opening or socket 17 therein and having a handle 18 projecting from one side thereof, with an outwardly extending annular flange 19 at its lower end a portion of which is adapted to extend into the semiannular recess of head 10. The handle 18 of. the head 16 is attached to or formed integrally with the head at the upper edge thereof, so as to permit a retaining member 20 which holds the heads together to pass under said handle. The retaining member 20 is of the same configuration as the extension and therefore has an inwardly extending rim 21 which overlaps the annular flange 19 of the companion head 16 for holding the heads together so that they may be rotated one on the other. As will be understood'this member 20 is of a semi-circular formation to 00-- operate with the corresponding semi-circular projection on head 10 for holding head 16 in place, and is also provided with small lugs 22 engaging notches 23 in said projecting portion for locking said retaining member against upward movement or away from the head 10, the retaining member and aforesaid projecting portion of the head with which it cooperates forming an annular recess receiving the annular flange on the companion head. v V

Depending from the retaining member 20 midway of its length is a small lug 24 to engage a recess 25in the head 10' at the inner end of the handle 11, and extending upward through the handle at one side of said lug is an opening 26 into which isthreaded a set screw 27 to bear against the retaining element andihold it securely in place. I a

The. handles 11 and 12'are semi-circular in 1 cross section withfiat surfaces 28 adapted to slide one over the other, and in the present instance handle 11 terminates short of handle 18 and is provided in its end with a semi circular recess 29 cooperating with an inclinedshoulderBl formed by a ,boss30 at the projecting outer end of the handle 18, whereby when said handles 11 and. l8 are swung towards each other an object, such as the screw-cap or milled nut of a spark plug, when fitted in the semi-circular recess, in one handle will be clamped therein against the diagonal shoulder on the other handle for manipulating said cap or nut.

In assembling my improved wrench, the head. 16 is placed on the body portion of head 10 and shifted laterally so that flange 19 will seat in the semi-annular recess in the upwardly-projecting portion thereof and the hexagonal openings in the two heads align witheach other. The retaining member 20 is now secured in place on the head lOby engaging the lugs 22 in the corresponding sockets in the upwardly pro ecting portlon of said head and manipulating the set-screw 27 toengage lug 24, it being understood that in this operation the set screw is first loosened so that it will not interfere with sliding the retaining member into place, and that handle 18 is swung around opposite handle 11 to be out of the way. When the parts of the wrench are connected the hexagonal openings or sockets in the heads are in alignment and of different sizes corresponding with the wrench engaging portions of the shell and gland nut of a spark plug.

.When it is desired to manipulate the parts of a spark-plugin removing the same from the engine handles 11 and 18 of my improved wrench are brought together so that the jaws at the outer end thereof will engage the milled nut or cap which connects the electric conducting wire for loosening the same in disconnecting said wire from the plug, By then placing the alinedheads of my improved wrench over a spark plug so that the larger opening 12 will engage the shell or casing :with the gland nut projecting into the smaller opening 17 and then swinging both levers together in the proper direction the spark plug may be unscrewed and removed from the cylinder block of the engine. After the plug is removed one of the handles may be swung away from the other so as to unthread the gland nut from the shell for separating the parts in examining or cleaning the same.

It is to be noted that my improved wrench is so constructed that the same may be conveniently and efficiently used for disconnecting the electric wire to the plug, for threading and untlireading a plug from the cylinder block, an d, for separating or assembling the plug itself. v

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new is: c

the lower portion. of one of said headsfan upwardlyprojecting semi-circular extension on. the other head having a semi-annular,v re.-

cess adapted to receivewsaid annular vflange, a semi-circular retaming member connected to the last mentioned head to form a contlnuation of the semi-annular recess therein and,

receive the aforesaid annular flange, .Ineans atfthe ends of the. aforesaid semi-annular extension and semi-circular retaining member for securing the same together,'the head hav-... ing the extension being provided with a recess oppositesaid extension, alug on the'semicircular L retaining element projecting into; said recess, aset screw threadeduintothe :re.-; cess to engage said lug to lock the semi circue. lar retaining member in connection, with the extension onthe head, andahandle carried by each of the heads for turning the same. '1 2. A wrench for the purpose set forth comprising a wrench-head with a handlecprojecting therefrom, an upwardly projecting-semi circular extension on the wrench-head haying, a semi-annular recess at the inner side thereo a companion wrench. head having ahandle.

V cooperating with the other handle in manipulating the tool, an annularflange on the; lastmentioned head working in the semi-annular recess in'the-other head, the first mentioned head having a recess in the upper side'thereof opposite the extension thereon, a detachable seml-circular member to form a continuation of said extension and havinga depending lug engaging the aforesaid recess,iand a set screw threaded into the head carrying themember to engage the latter and hold it in place.

3. A wrench for the purpose set forth coInf prising a wrench-head with a handle provjecting therefrom, an upwardly projecting semi-circular extension on the Wrench-head having a semi-annular recess at the inner side thereof and undercut recesses or-sockets atits'ends, said head having a recess. in the upper side thereof opposite theextensioma companion wrench-head having afhandle icosignature.


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