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Publication numberUS1734477 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 5, 1929
Filing dateMar 19, 1926
Priority dateMar 19, 1926
Publication numberUS 1734477 A, US 1734477A, US-A-1734477, US1734477 A, US1734477A
InventorsFowle Irving H
Original AssigneeFowle Irving H
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US 1734477 A
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Nov. 5, 1929. l, H, FOWLE 1,734,477

CONTAINER Filed March 19. 1926 6' l ou Blf dlozwg Patented Nov'. 5, 1929 UNITED STATES IBVING H. FOWLE, F DORCHESTEB, MASSACHUSETTS CGNTAINER Application led March 19, 1926. Serial No. 95,832.

The individual food pack such as cupped Aice cream having become an established and popular article, the desirability of an individual spoon has been emphasized. Heretofore it has been attempted by many to meet this growing demand y forming some part of the container as a spoon member. Commercially, however, these expedients do notseem to meet Withimmediate popularity and the consuming public seems to demand a quick and ready implement` with which to dispatch its meltable delicacy and satisfy its immediate craving.

The usual independent spoon shipped in bags or like bulk containers with the packs are very unsatisfactory as unreliable for the use of the consumer as the spoons frequently fail to arrive with the packs, or if they reach the vendor are hard to deliver as where the pack is handed up or tossed tothe purchaser as in bleacher delivery at ball games. These various handlings subject the pack to all sorts of unsanitary conditions against which my invention is a preventative of contamination.

Spoons have been embedded or packed inside the container, but obviously this is inconvenient and involves the user in handling a spoon already overcoated with the content, solthat he can not avoid unpleasant messi ness in handling. The `problem was to deliver an independent separate spoon with the pack and preferably to have it attached. While many forms of' attachment are easy, most have involved expense in packing or 'inconvenience in handling.

My present invention has solved this problem and o'ers convenience and sanitation without material added expense. As illustrative I will show in the drawings and de-V scribe in the specificationV a very practical embodiment of my invention.l Throughout .the specification and drawings, like-refer- Fig. 3 is a fragmentary'detail of the spoon and cap engagement with the container.

Fig. 4 shows a double grooved form, and Fig. 5 a groove and recess or socket variant.

In these drawings I have indicated at 1 a cup or container which may be of any type and having an internal groove 2 pressed into its side wall adjacent the top. This groove is preferably somewhat elongated from the -true circular curve.

In this is lodged the cap 3. Over this and diametrically of the cap I dispose a spoon member 4. This member is of a length equal to the diameter of the cap 3 and preferably 'has its ends rounded to the curvature of the cup l.

The spoon member 4 is therefore not only held in a protected position just within the cup top, but as it lies flat against the cap is so supported as not to be liable to dislodgment. Furthermore, in further combinative relation to the pack, the spoon 4 acts as a strut or brace and adds to the security of the seal and the strength of the pack.

In Fig. 4 I have shown a double groove form in which the spoon groove 21L is separate and the spoon 41 made somewhatlonger, if desired, than the diameter of the cap and sprung in. The form shown in Fig. 5 is a variant in which the recess 22 of the width of the spoon end is pressed out independent of the cap groove.

The ends of the spoon member are preferably arc shaped but may be made slightly eccentric to give a cam effect when engaged with the. slot, or recess, by a rotary motion. Inassembling, the spoons and caps may be fed separately and assembled in the capping operatin, or the spoons may be made slightly adherent to thecaps by parane or adhesive or covered by la thin covering strip or sheet or may be resilient as of wood and sprung in place as shown in Fig. 4.

Such modifications may be variously de veloped and combined all without departing from the spirit of my invention.

What I therefore claim and cure by Letters Patent is:

1. In an ice cream pack, a container having an annular interior groove adjacent its top,

desire to sea closure disc removably engagin with its edge in said groove, and an in e dent spoon member above said closure an having its ends lod ed in said groove. l

2. In an 1ce cream pack, a container having an annular interior groove adjacent its top, a closure disc removably enga with its edge in said groove, and an 1n ependent spoon member having its ends lodged in said groove.

3. In an ice cream pack, a contaaner having an annular oove adjacent its top, a closure disc remova ly engaging with said groove, and a spoon member above said closure and having its ends lodged in said groove.

Intestimony whereof I aix my signature.


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