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Publication numberUS173513 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1876
Publication numberUS 173513 A, US 173513A, US-A-173513, US173513 A, US173513A
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US 173513 A
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l 'sin"BrooklynKingscounty5 Vand State of New .Yorkfha'v invented anew and, usefulr Im j iliadtothe?accompanyirig.drawingand tof the letters of reference markedthereof f thatthe partspassingdown thegfront ofthe -body'pass o rffiie, mo'reror 'i'ess*ov`er` andluponl thebreasts of thewearerl and the objection to' fchafe Land irritate vthe breast-al 4especially of persons havingthe'breasts largely deyeloped.

ranged forti use thatjyno vpart,thereof-win lie v .upon oripassacross theubreasts ofthe. wearer,

` j portedientirelyggby the`slioulilers.` IVVhile' my supporterfrnay be'lworn by malesaud females,

i Asupportingtheir skirtsgf i w my;improvedsuspender arranged `upon .the f wearer; tl 1`e}strapi hanging down. QFig. 2l y isa perspectiveview thereof,` showin g `all the ipartsm L l 1i A v :The shouldergstraps A- are'made of ordi-` nary suspender-webbing, and ,are furnished l with abucklefa, atene end toV permit their y adjustment,tojpersons' of-diterent sizes. B- is is an elastica` rubber ring, which rests inthe hollow between `the shoulders when thel sus pender is arrangedon thebodyjof thewearer,

"andaftbrds elasticity for' easily following any movement ofthebody, `and through'this rin-g the straps A are looselyfpassed` toallow the' suspender to bereadily adjusted; B B are `other similar elastic ri-ugs', through-'which the;A

s trapsA'arekalso. looselypassed, and which occupy positionsunder the'arm's ofthe wearer, Y andthese also giyeelasticity to thesuspender when thebody is inoved. In place oftliese rings B Bf B' elastic web- QHN SetentaOFestemaetw-.YORK

si l 'provement-inuspenders y and Garment- Sup'-` `i"porter `s,-which simprovementis fully` `setforth inllthle'bllowirlg specification, referencebeingV Suspendersgan lsupporters forgarinentsias l heretofore constructedmve been so arranged supporters' so constructed is, that suclrparts i object ofgmy improvement-iste produce a suspender or jsupporterfor" garments iso ar`V and'that the weightysuspended shallbe'sup.-

y .it isespeciallyi-adapted to use of yfemales Vtor PTENT-5QFICE;

l :Ibingorother elastic bands'may be used, dei l i sired; but Ind that th citizen of theDominion jofl Canada, residing ese ringsv answer every purpose very well.

Care friction-slides to keep the parts ot' the straps A in position;` and lying smoothly upon theV body, which I' find convenient in Vuse; but `the Suspender mayv be made without :or with these slides, as desired.

:D is asupportin'g.- strap,attached-1` to the -ringsB/B, having a hook at its fastened end, I The loose end ot' .Vthis strap is passed through".button-holesvor and Veyelets at its loose end.

Vloops in the bands of the fskirts; andis then double end of menrs suspenders,1orany other suitable -endor strap, may be.: used on the, "ringsB, when it v'is desired to use the sus"y f' )lender for suf) 'iortino mens antaloons. D

In'arranging this suspender upon the body of thewearer the straps A are so adjusted by `the buckles cthat'when thewearer stands erect Y y 'there is no strain or drawing toward the back 1y .i

by the part B, this connection of the shoulderstraps being simply for the purpose of keeping them wellupon the shoulders, and this part B 1 lies-,in the hollow part of the back between y thejshoulders, and is therefore'out ofthe way.

The straps D are then passed through the` skirt-'bands and hooked-up. This arrange` ment ot' suspender fixes the point from which f t* the weight of .the suspended. garment hangs or draws directly under the shoulder, and at that part of thebod y where there is the least movement ot' or strain upon the suspender" when the body is in motion, and consequently t the body is free to move without any chatlng or drawing of thel suspender7 the partsB b'ein g substantially the only parts affected by the movements ot'` the body. By having the attaching parts under the arms connection with the garments is also much more easily made than when the `suspender is so constructed that parts thereof are attached to the garment at the back of the wearer.

z 'f f 173,513"

Having tinus described myrnventon` and its' ing straps D, construoted and arranged ls1110-4 fmvethoii of operntgion, what; "i fciaimr as'new, A`and desireto secure by-LettersRatent;is

Y 1. In a suspender or garment-supporter, the

`combination of the shoulder-straps .A,.einst 1c,.

rings or bands BB B', rnd suspendi'ngstraps D, constructed :IndarrangedsubsbgmtiaiiyasI described and shown.

2. In asuspenderor germent-supporter,*tal-1ey 1 Vitnesses:4 combination of the shoulder-straps-Afelasto s't-antially .as described and'shown.

f3;f1im,suspender or garmentklsupporter, the n strap D for attaching to the garment, having ,n.hookvat its fixed end, and eyelets in its loose `end,'snbstantinrliy as described'and showin' ,y lJOHN' II. STERLING.

f rings or bands B B B', slides C, and suspend- I ELLIOT WILLIAMS.

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