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Publication numberUS1735144 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 12, 1929
Filing dateAug 1, 1928
Priority dateAug 1, 1928
Publication numberUS 1735144 A, US 1735144A, US-A-1735144, US1735144 A, US1735144A
InventorsTanner Frances E
Original AssigneeTanner Frances E
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Tube holder
US 1735144 A
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F. E. TANNER Nov. 12, 1929.

TUBE HOLDER Filed Aug. 1, 1928 mmvroa fiance: 57'0/2/26/ A TTORNEY Patented Nov. 12, 1929 S EATES FRAITCES E. TANNER, OF KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI TUBE HOLDER Application filed August 1, 1928.

My invention relates to hospital appliances, and more particularly to clamps such as may be employed for supporting a drinking tube in a glass, the principal objects of the invention being to retain a tube securely in engagement with a receptacle, to provide a tube support applicable to drinking vessels or various sizes, to latch the support in tuberetaining position, to facilitate the application or" a tube on a drinking glass, and to retain a tubesupporting device on a glass alter the tube has been removed.

In accomplishing these and other objects of the invention I have provided improved oetails of structure, the preferred forms of which are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein: p I

Fig. l is a perspective view of a tube supported by the device in a drinking glass.

2 is a similar view in vertical central section, part of the tube being broken away to illustrate the liquid receiving position of the lower end o1 the tube.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail perspective view of the support, the resilient glass-embracing member being shown fragmentarily.

Referring in detail to the drawings:

1 designates a drinking vessel such as a glass having a slightly tapering wall, the vessel in the illustrated example decreasing in diameter regularly from the upper edge 2 to the bottom 3.

My device generally cesignated e is adapted to support a tube 5 in the glass, for convenient withdrawal of the liquid 6 The tube is illustrated. as comprising a straight body portion 7 ant. an angularly ext-ending lower portion 8 adapted to project (ll'iwnwardly in a glass that is in a level position adjacent the face of the user, so that the user may apply the outer end of the tube to his mouth with out tilting the glass or bending over the same.

The support 4 comprises an elastic circular member 9 preferably consistin of a coil is spring ring adapted to be installed over the narrower lower end ot the glass and to yield ll y engage the glass upon being moved upwardly thereon, and a link r arm 10 having one end 11 connected with the elastic sup- Serial No. 296 851.

port and provided at the other end with a loop 12 to receive the tube.

The elastic ring 9 is provided with a relatively rigid bar-like member 13 wherewith the link is engaged, the lower end 11 of the link preferably comprising a ring or eye l l loosely mounted on the bar 13; When the el: tic ring is formed of a metal spring as illustrates, the bar 13 may consist of a relativcly straight portion of the wire from which the spring is constructed, the outer" end of the bar having a hook 15 to engage in an eye 16 formed on the opposite end of the coil for connecting the ends to form the circular member.

The eye 14 on the lower end of the link 10 preferably lies in the same plane as the loop 12 whereby the eye may tend to turn the bar whenthe loop-engaging tube twists the link upon mounting the tube in "the glass.

Tie link 10 includes a relatively flat body portion 1? adapted to lie against the wall oi the glass when the tube is supported in functioning position, the portion 17 preli'erably having outwardly curved edges 18. 7

The device is adapted to support and retain the tube with the mouth portion 19 thereof engaging the bottom of the glass, and bearing against the side of the glass for anchoring the tube and insuring the ad so mission of liquid thereto. 7

In using the device, the elastic ring is sleeved over the lower end of the glass and moved upwardly thereover to space the loop above the rim of the glass,the tube is in. so sorted in the loopand extended until its lower end engages the bottom and side of the glass. The installation of the tube in such position causes the twisting of the link to tension the elastic ring and also results in the adjustment of the flat portion of the link into engagement with the outer surface of the glass. The curved edges of the link tend to facilitate the movement of the tube and link into desired position. The elastic ring is yield- .ingly held in fixed position by engagement glass.

A tube will be securely and yieldingly supported by this device in suitable position for withdrawing liquid from the glass, and extending radially from the glass, and the tube will be retained in latched engagement with the glass when the latter is removed and set aside. The tube may be detached by sliding the elastic ring upwardly to release the tensioned engagement of the tube with the glass.

The elastic ring tends to roll over the glass after the tube is removed, but is retained by the link whichswings downwardly to engage the glass, whereby the ring is retained on the glass.

The resilient nature of the wire bar with which the eye of the link is engaged, and the resilience of the link eye, provide resilient means for tensioning the ring to fix the link yieldingly in twisted tube-retaining position.

lVhat Iclaim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A tube support comprising an elastic ring for mounting over a glass and having a relatively rigid portion, and a link having a loop engaged with said portion and a second loop for receivingthe tube, whereby the link may latch the tubein engagement with the rim of the glass.

2. A tube support comprising an elastic ring for mounting over a glass having a relatively rigid portion, and a link having a loop engaged with said portion and a second loop lying in thesame plane as the first loop for receiving the tube, whereby the link may latch the tube in engagement with the rim of the glass against the retention of thelink by the ring. 7

3. In combination with a tapered receptacle, a ring for mounting on the receptacle, a link connected with the ring, and a hook on the link to receive a tube for inserting the lower end of the tube into engagemen with the inner walls of the receptacle, whereby the ring restrained linkv may latch the tube to the rim of the receptacle.

4. In combination with a tapered receptacle, elastic means for latching a tube to the receptacle including a ring movable into en.- gagement with the walls of the receptacle, and a link connected with the ring and having a hook to receive the tube and a fiat portion engageable with the wall of the receptacle when the tube is installed in the rece; tacle and the link in tube-latching position.

5. In a tube support for a tapered vessel, a ring for mounting on the vessel, a link connected with the ring, means tensioning the ring when the link is twisted, a loop on the link to receive the tube, the ring-restrained link latching the tube to the rim of the vessel when the lower end of the tube isinstalled in the vessel and retained by the walls thereof, and the link having a portion engageable with the wall ot the vessel when the link is twisted to install the tube in the vessel.

6. In combination with a taper-walled vessel, a tube support comprising an elastic ring for mounting on the vessel, a link connected with the ring, a loop on the link to receive the tube for latching the tube to the rim of the vessel when the tube is inserted into the vessel and restrained by engagement with the bottom and side wal thereof, the link having a fiat portion provided with curved edges engageable with the vessel upon moving the tube into vessel-engaging position.

In. testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.


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