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Publication numberUS1735582 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 12, 1929
Filing dateSep 17, 1927
Priority dateSep 17, 1927
Publication numberUS 1735582 A, US 1735582A, US-A-1735582, US1735582 A, US1735582A
InventorsMeadoff Abraham S
Original AssigneeMeadoff Abraham S
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US 1735582 A
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Nov. 1.2, 1929. A, s, MEADOFF TooTHBRUsH Filed sept. 17, 1927 IN VEN TOR.


TOOTHBRUSH Application led September 17, 192'?. Serial No. 220,097.

This invention relates to devices for scrubbing teeth, either natural or artificial as permanently fixed in the mouth of anl individual, whereby food particles and lother adherent matter may be'removed.

lScientific investigations prove beyond doubt that the ordinary tooth brush, with its rows of bristles, is one of the most unsanitary devices that can be produced, its very structure being well adapted asa germ breeder,

carrier and dispenser.

Such danger can be avoided by the use of a fresh, clean brush at each operation, lbut as the cost of a high grade tooth brush is considerable, it cannot be done for economical reasons, and few individuals, have the necessary apparatus for sterilization or would take the time to do it.

It is therefore one of the objects of this invention to provide a brush holder in which may be inserted any inexpensive refill strip, carrying a single row of bristles, which after s having been used may be discarded or, if preferred, preserved' until a suiiicient quantity has been collected to warrant restoring to a sanitary condition by sterilization.

A further feature is in the provision of' different forms of cleaning devices adapted to lnterchange with or be substituted for the blstle carrying strip in a holder common to a l. Another purpose is to produce suchl cleaning devices in forms whichhave been demonstrated by experience to be highly effective' for their purpose.

These objects are attained by the novel, designg'construction and combination of parts hereafter, described in detail andillustrated in the annexed drawing, forming part hereof, and in which Fig. 1, is a partial side elevational, partial longitudinal sectional view of another modification. Fig. 2, is an enlarged top plan view of the same parts being broken away to show the constructionand having the holder removed.

Fig. 3, is a transverse sectional view taken on line 7 -7 of Fig. 2. A

Fig. 4, is a similar view taken on line 8--8 50 of Flg. 1, and drawn to an increased scale.

Fig. 5, is a like view o'f a modified form of tooth cleaner. l

The showing in Figs. l to 5 inclusive illustrates type of cleaning element and hold er, in which a flat strip 30 ofcelluloid or otherl similar flexible material is provided with reentrantly bent longitudinal edges 31 slidably receptive of a thin slightly transversely bowed plate 32, of like substance, in which is set a single central row of bristle tufts 33, the heads of which may extend .below the plate.

The holder consists of handle portion 34 having an offset portion 35 of half-round cross-section, engageable intermediate the strip 30 being provided, in its upper, curved surface, with a longitudinal, arcuate groove 36 to accommodate the extending heads of the tufts 33.

Instead of employing bristle tuftsin the 'i plate 32, there may be substituted, prongs 40, as shown in Fig. 9.

Thus, each time it is desired to cleanse the teeth, a new plate 32 carrying the cleaning elements 33 or 40, may be engaged in the strip 30, the same being veryinexpensive and assuringperfectly sanitary conditions.

furtherbe noted that the plate 32 1s It will purposely constructed slightly bowed to readily permit the sliding of the support portion 35 between the same and the strip 30.

No matter which form of cleaning element is used, the motion given to the holder is longitudinal, with respect to the teeth, as is customary, and obviously any preferred dentrifrice, in paste, powder or liquid form, may be used-in connection with the cleaner .devices shown.

It is to be understood that in addition to the foregoing other forms and types of cleaners may be used and modifications resorted to which come within the scope of the appended claim, the description and showings being illustrative rather than restrictive.

Having thus described Tuy-invention what I claim .as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is i In an implement for cleaning teeth, a strip having re-entrantly bent edges, alplate slidable in said edges, a single, central row of polishing elements `pro]ecting outwardly from said pI-ate, said elements extending` slightly beneath said plate, and a holder slidably engageable intermediate said strip and said plate, said holder being provided With 5 a longitudinal groove receptive of the extending portions of said polishing elements. Signed atj New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, this 13th day of September, 1927.


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U.S. Classification15/167.1, 15/176.1
International ClassificationA46B7/04, A46B7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B7/04
European ClassificationA46B7/04