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Publication numberUS1735676 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 12, 1929
Filing dateFeb 13, 1928
Priority dateFeb 13, 1928
Publication numberUS 1735676 A, US 1735676A, US-A-1735676, US1735676 A, US1735676A
InventorsBrodehurst Elsey
Original AssigneeBrodehurst Elsey
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US 1735676 A
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45 In the-drawings,l`igure lis aplan view of, and the back of the hand portion by the 95 Patented Nov. 12, 19.29 l y v l i y, l

BBODEHURST IJSEY, OF INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA GLOVE Application led Februaryl, 1928. Serial No. 253,862. y

This invention relates to the construction mitten having a hand and finger portion vl() of a cheap fabric glove, and particularly with and thumb l1 which maybe formed of llanrespect to thewrist piecefor yremovablyholdnel, `jersey or similar woven or knitted maing the glove in position on the hand. terial. The wristletl2, made of the usual 5V ln gloves of this character, it has heretoelastic knitted fabric, is stitched thereto in 55 fore been the practice to provide a wrist piece the usual manner. As shownk herein, interof knitted or woven material for the purpose mediate the sideseams 13 between the palm of engaging closely about the wrist and holdand back of the glove, there is provided an ing the glove in position. l elastic rubber strip or band llsurrounding By reason of the low cost of this type of the inner portion ofI the wristlet 12 and 60 glove, they cannot be economically produced stitched between the, same and the back of in different sizes. Therefore, Vthe glove or the hand portion l0. y mitten must be made to fit the largest hand, The band is inserted in the `seam between with the result that it is generally too large, the hand portion of the glove and the wristlet and after being worn, the knitted wristlet before they are stitched together, and in pass- 65 spreads and becomes loose. This results in ing the glove through the usual step of the glove having a tendency to crawl or creep stitching together these parts, the elastic is olf the hand when in use, making it awkward secured in place. n n f and dangerous for workmen in picking up or `lt will be noted that the location of the handling small objects or manipulating ma.- elastic at the seam not only is advantageous 70` chinery. with respect to economical production of this Itis the object of this invention to overtype of glove, but it is so positionedv as not come this difliculty Without any appreciable to bind or interfere with the free action of additional expense, by providing an elastic the wrist by being inserted at or near the strip of material in the seam connecting the seam. The elastic ceases to be a hazard when 75. wristlet with the principalv portion of the worn by a mechanic or anyone working glove. Whereas it has heretofore been the around dangerous machinery,sinceit'is popractice to employ an elastic strip or band in sitioned between the seams and is not exposedv Y connection with a glove of more kexpensive on the surface of the glove. i quality and type, such a method of construc- The invention claimed is: n l 1 f tic-n has not been practical with the cheaper l. A glove of the characterV described, comgloves made of canton flannel orjersey, or Vprising a hand portion, a wrist portion canton flannel or jersey Ycombined with stitched thereto, andan elastic strip sewn in leather with knitted wristlet. Y the seam between the wrist portion'and hand To overcome this difficulty and make the portion of the glove and secured in place by 85 use of an elastic strip economical and practhe stitching connecting said wrist portion tical, a relatively small and narrow strip off and hand portion. Y v ,Y

` elastic is positioned between the glove proper 2. A. glove of the character described halvand the wristlet and sewntherein with the' ing a hand portion comprising4 a palm and 40 seam between these carts of the glove. back stitched y'together at their sides, a'wrist 90 The full nat-ure of the invention will be portion stitched thereto, and a relatively understood from the accompanying drawnarrow rubber elastic strip Vextending'frorn y ings and the following description and one side vseam-to the other of the hand por" claims. l tion and. secured between the wrist portion the back of the glove showing the elastic stitching connecting said'wrist portion and strip securedtherein. Fig. 2 is an enlarged hand portion. section taken yon the line 2-2 of Fig. l. Fig. In witness whereof, T have hereunto afxed 3 is a plan view of the elastic strip. my signature. f y I BRODEHURST ELSEY; 100

ln the drawings there is showna glove or

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U.S. Classification2/162, 2/158
International ClassificationA41D19/01
Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/01
European ClassificationA41D19/01