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Publication numberUS1735754 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 12, 1929
Filing dateJul 22, 1927
Priority dateJul 22, 1927
Publication numberUS 1735754 A, US 1735754A, US-A-1735754, US1735754 A, US1735754A
InventorsHargis George R
Original AssigneeFrederick Iron & Steel Company
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Liner for centrifugal pumps
US 1735754 A
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' Nov. l2, 192.9. G. R. HARGls LINER FOR CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS Filed July 22, 1927 INVENTOR. y @afge j?. jzylls; l BY (j, Um A T ORNEY GEORGE R. HARGIS, or FREDERICK, MARYLAND, AssrenoR "ro THR rRnnERicR Patented Nov. 12, 1929I Y* 4l'Unirseeine"rss marsa IRON a STEEL COMPANY, or FREDERICK, MARYLAND, ii-fcoRreRn'rrQ-rr or maar;


LINER FOB GENTRIEGAL EUMPS Application led July 22, 1927. Serial No. 207,799.

VMy invention relates broadly to centrifugal pumps and more particularly to an arrangement for adjusting liner plates in centrifugal pumps.

One of the objects of my invention is to provide a construction of adjustable liner plate for centrifugal pumps for compensating for thewear which occurs between the impeller and the liner plate in the centrifugal pump. Another object of my invention is to pro- Y vide a construction of adjustable renewable liner plate for centrifugal pumps in which the position of the liner may be selectively fixed with respect to the impeller and locked in position to secure that degree of seal necessary in maintaining the pump capacity and efficiency. i

Still another obj ect of my invention is to provide a construction of liner plate andsecuring means for the casing of a centrifugal pump, wherein the liner Vplate may be advanced to a predetermined position with respect to the impeller at various times during g the life of the pump, for compensating for inherent wear, for insuring that degree of clearance necessary and for maintaining the eiiciency of the pump.

My invention will be more clearly understood from the specification hereinafter fcllowing by reference to the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a fragmentary cross-sectional -view through the centrifugal pump showing one form of adjustable renewable liner plate with adjusting locking device constructed in accordance with my invention; Fig. 2 is a modified form of adjustable renewable liner plate for centrifugal pump constructionsl embodying my invention in which the liner plate is screw threaded to the interior of the housing of the pump Fig. 3 shows a still further modification of the adjustable liner plate construction of my invention, where the liner plate is screw threaded to the interior of the suction intake of thelpump; and Fig. 4: shows a further modified construction of adjustable renewable liner plate, where the liner plate may bev locked in position with respect to the impeller. v

Referring to the drawingsin more detail, reference character 1 designatesthe rotatable shaft of the centrifugal pump carrying the member`2 rotatable within thecentrifu- Y gal pump casing 3.' The-pump casing-3 is i closed at one .side thereof byy wall 4. The

lsuction intake pipe linev is represented at 5 connected by annular wall -6 with the casing 8. `The adjustable renewable liner plate of i my invention is designatedat 7 as having an annular portion 8- which inthe constructions shown in Figs. 1, 2 andfrictionally enga-ges the suction pipe line 5 as asocket. Y

In Fig. 1 the liner plate 's provided with a plurality' of bosses 9 into whichstuds 10 are' screw threaded and project through screw threaded apertures 11in lthe casing f6. The stud 10 is screw threaded at its outer end to" receive the nut'15 to' lock intoposition a follower member 12 whichis adjustable againstp-acking 14: within the screw threaded yaperture 11 around'jthestu-d-lO which is squeezed tight by the follower for lpreventing any leakagev from the ypump. `lfocking nut 15 engagesithe screw threaded. stud 10 and serves-tos'ecure the follower 12 inv apredetermined'vpositi'on' forselectirvely fixing the d5i-s-` tance between the surface 16 ofthe vliner 7 and the blades ofthe impel-ler 2'. f In Fig. 2 l have shown the adj ustableliner plate 7 as screw threadedy atits outerv periphery 17 to engage corresponding screw threads 18l on= the pumpv casing 3. Set screws 19' are adj'ustably positioned in the wall 6 and bear uponthe annular fiangefportion 20 of the liner plate 7 for fixing the liner plate` in po'- sition after the liner platehasbeen movedto n the desired. position' in the screw threads 185.

In Fig. 3k I havey shown a construction` of direction which will cause the liner plate to Imove forward toward the impeller 2, after which( the set screws are again pulled tight to prevent further movement of the liner.

In Fig. 4 I have illustrated a further. modi- Yfied .form of adjustable renewable liner plate l wherein two'sets of screw members are provided, one set constituting set screws 19 for follows v exerting a thrust force against the flange 20 of the liner plate 7, and the other set of screw members constituting the screw devices 21 for holding the liner plate tightly in position after the spacial relation between the surface 16 and the edges of the blades on the impeller '2 has been predetermined. l

The'adjustable liner plate constructions of my invention have been found to be extremely practical in operation for maintaining the capacity and efficiency of the pump throughout a long period of life, and while I have described various embodiments of my invention, I 'desire that it beunderstood that modii ications may be made and thatrno limitations upon my inventionv are intended other than are imposed by the scope of the. appended claims. Y j

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patents of the United States is as 1. A centrifugal pump comprising a casing, a suction intalefpipe leadingY to said casing, an `impeller rotatablyv mounted in said casing, a circular plate member engaging the interior of said suction intake pipe and adjustable longitudinally with respect so Y to said casing for selectively iixingthe gap between said impeller and one wall of said casing, and a plurality of studs projecting from said circular plate member through said Y' wall for locking said circular plate member position with respect to the wall in a selected of said casing.

2. A centrifugal pump comprisingfa cas ing, a suction intake' pipeleading to .said casing, an impeller rotatably mounted within said casing, a circular plate member having an integrally connected hub portion .extendu ing centrally therefrom and engaging the interior of said suction intake pipe, and

screw threadedA means engaging the outer portion of said circular plateA memberand passing through said casing for selectively fixing the gap between said impeller, the face of said circular plate member and the inner wall of said casing; Y

3. A centrifugal pump comprising a casing, an impeller rotatably mounted within said casing, a circular plate member having a face extending substantially parallelto said

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