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Publication numberUS1736123 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 19, 1929
Filing dateMar 14, 1928
Priority dateMar 14, 1928
Publication numberUS 1736123 A, US 1736123A, US-A-1736123, US1736123 A, US1736123A
InventorsMcintyre Alexander B
Original AssigneeArion E Monell
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Price-tag-supporting strip
US 1736123 A
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Nov. 19, 1929. A. B. M INTYRE PRICE TAG SUPPORTING STRIP FiledMarch 14, 192B Fla.- 2

Patented Nov. 19, 19 29 I UNITED STA ALEXANDER B. Mommas; or imsnnmm, camromrm, ,AssIoNon r; ABION Moment, or assume, CALIFORNIA FF CE I rmcn-rn'G-surronrme s'rarr 7 Application filed March-14,1928. Serial No. 261,669.

This invention relates to improvements in holders forprice tags for suitably marking o r indicating the price of commodities of vanouskinds while displayed upon the shelves of stores. p a

' An object of the invention is the provision of a supporting strip extending substantially throughout the length of the shelf upon which goods for sale are supported, and a plurality of price tags capable of.being inserted into a strip at anypoint throughout the length thereof, to properly label any goods supported upon the shelf.

Another object is the provision ofprice tags and a supporting strip therefor as described, in which the selected price tags may V be removed from, or inserted into the supporting strip at will, without disturbing the contents of the shelf.

tron, where n:

With the foregoing and other objects in view which will be made manifest in the following detailed description and specifically pointed out in the appended claim, reference is had to the accompanyin drawings for an illustrative embodiment o the inven- Figure 1 is a. pers ective view of a portion ofa set of shelves 0 the type ordinarily employed in stores having a set of my improved price tags and a sup orting strip therefor associated with one o the shelves.

' Fig. 2 is'a perspective view of a portion of thesupporting strip of Figure 1, with a price tag positioned therein.

throughout the entire length of a shelf; and.

a plurality of price tags capable of being inserted into and removed rom the strip without disturbing whatever goods maybe 7 supported upon the shelf. The tags m'ay be inserted into the strip at any point throughout its length, and may be slid within the strip after having been inserted, thus enabling the proper positioning of the price tags in relation to the goods upon the shelf, the price, or

Fig. 3 is a transverse, vertical, seetionalview of the strip of Fig. 2, showing the priceto designate. v In greater detail, the preferred embodi mentof my invention comprises an elongated" strip 6 of suitable metal. The longitudinal edges 7 of the strip 6 are bent over toward the center of the strip to provide opposed flanges 8 which cooperate to provide a chanother description of which they are intended nel for the reception of the price tags 9. It

is to be understood that the strips 6 areprovided in any suitable lengths so that they may be cut oil to extend'substantially throughout I the entire length of the shelf 10to the edge 11 of which they are to be attached. A plurality of holes 12 are provided throughout, the length of the strip 6 through which any suitable fastening means such as the nails 13 may be inserted to securelyposition the strip 6 against the edge 11 of the shelf lO.

The price tags 9 are preferably formed of resiliently flexible material such as sheet celluloid. When so formed, they may be inserted into thesupport strip 6 between the opposed flanges 8 by inserting one edge of? the strip under one of the flanges 8 and bendmg. the tag sufliciently' to permit the other edge of the tag 9 to pass under the other flange 8. The resilience of the materialwill then tend to flatten the tag back to normal position, forcing the edges thereof securely under the flanges 8 and retaining the tag in position. It will be noted that the flanges at the top and bottom of the stri v are so formed that their.

inner or rear faces the forward face of the tag. In this manner the. flanges to a certain extent control the shape of theflexed tag and materially assist in holding it rigidly in position. The. tags 9 are ,provided upon one or both'sides with suitable indicia 14 whch may'be of any desred nature, to indicate or furnish the desired information about the adjacent goods supported upon the shelf 10.

The operation of my improved price tags and supporting strip is believed to be obvious from the above'description. The tags 9, after having been positioned within the strip 6, may be slid longitudinally thereof, to take the proper position in relation to the goods suprted upon the shelf 10, or they may be readiar against and fit against ly removed from the strip. To facilitate rel moval from the strip, the tags 9 are slightly greater in width than the space between the flanges 8, so'that the tags 9 are bulged outwards when supported in the strip. Thus they may be readily removed by grasping the opposite ends of the tag, or by inserting a pointed instrument such as an ordinary pointed pencil, behind the tag, and pulling the tag forward from the supporting strip 6-:

It may thus be seen that I have'provided a price tag supporting device which is relatively inexpensive and which is very efficient in operation. The tags, while being rigidly supported to prevent inadvertent displacement thereof, may be readily removed atany desired time; and the very nature of the device permits the use of price tags therewithwhich clearly indicate the price of 'the associated goods, or any other desired information relative thereto.

Various changes in the details of construc- 1 tion may be madewithout departing from the spirit and scope of theinvention as defined by the appended claim.

I claim A device for displaying prices of goods,

upon shelves comprising a strip adapted to be secured to the forward edge of a shelf and extend a material distance along the length thereof, said strip having a downwardlyand outwardly extending flange at the top thereof and an upwardly and outwardly extending flange at the bottom thereof, a price tag formed ofiniti'ally fiat resilient flexible material which is slightly greater in height than V the distance between the bases of the flanges and which is flexed and caused to'assume a position between the flanges bowing outwardly therebetween, said flanges being so formed as to fit against the forward face of the price tag to control its bowed shape and form bearing surfaces against which the top and bottom of the price tag may bear.

' In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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