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Publication numberUS1736244 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 19, 1929
Filing dateJul 11, 1928
Priority dateJul 11, 1928
Publication numberUS 1736244 A, US 1736244A, US-A-1736244, US1736244 A, US1736244A
InventorsBaker Lonnie G
Original AssigneeBaker Lonnie G
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Ball shooting gallery
US 1736244 A
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N v- I929. L. G. BAKER 1,736,244

BALL SHOOTING GALLERY Filed July 11, 1928 2 Sheets-Shee l I I w W W IIIII S: ATTORNEY Nov/19, 1929. L. G. BAKER 1,736,244

BALL SHOOT ING GALLERY Filed July 11. 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 l. 6. BQ'ZIEF,

ATTORNEY Patented Nov. 19,1929

UNITED sures "PATENT ormcs LONNIE BAKER, OF MINERAL WELLS, TEXAS B'A L snoo'rme GALLERY Application filed July 11, 1928. Serial No. 291,946.

My present invention has reference to a toy shooting gallery, the primary object of the invention being the provision of a device of this class in which constantly moving targets are provided and a pivotally supported spring actuated toy pistol which is charged with spheres or like projectiles which are designed to be projected onto the objects of the moving target, which latter are pivotally supported so that the force of contact of the projectile therewith will cause the said targets to be swung from a vertical to a substantial horizontal position and also wherein the projectiles are automatically returned to the front of the gallery so that they may be conveniently reloaded in the pistol. i The invention will be fully and comprehensively understood from a consideration of the following detailed description when read in connection with the accompanying drawings which form part of the application, with the understanding, however, that the improvement is capable of extended application and is not confined to the exact showing of the drawings nor to the precise construction described and, therefore changes and modifications may beamade therefrom as do not affect the spirit of the invention norexceed the scope thereof claims.

a In the drawings: 7

Figure 1 is an approximately vertical longitudinal sectional view through the improvement.

Figure 2 is a horizontal sectional view on the line 22 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a transverse sectional View on as expressed in the appended the line 33 ofFigure 1;

carrying frame 3. Below the outer edge of the frame, the section 2 is open, as at 4, and in the said open front, adjacent to the bottom thereto there is pivoted a support 5 for a toy "ball projecting pistol 6. 'The support 5 is in the nature of a rod having an eye endfor the reception of a pivot 5' that hingedly supports the rod in the lower portion of the opening 4. The second end of the rod 5 is provided'with .a ball head that is designed to be received in a spherical'socket in the lower corner of the body of the pistol 6, forward of the trigger guard thereof. It

will be thus noted that the support 5 provides both a hinged and swivel connection for the pistol so that the person using the same may arrange the pistol so that the barrel thereof will be dis osed at desired inclinations or angles and t e said pistol may be thus proper- 1y sighted by-the user and effectively supported at such desired angles or inclinations.

This arrangement also permits of the pistol being aimed at any one of the movable targets 7 which will hereinafter be described.

The front section 2, above its bottom and at a suitable distance below, the edge of the front provided with the opening 4, is provided with an upwardly inclined sub or false floor 8 which passes through an opening 9 in the front 10.of thesection 1 and rests on the bottom wall provided by the said opening 9. The

rear of the false and inclined floor 8 is secured to the transverse partition plate 11 in the section 1. The front wall 10 of the section 1 is formed with an opening or notch 12 that enters from its top, the same being elongated, and the lower wall provided by this opening is approximately in a line with what I will term the upper lead of an endless belt 13.- The rounded ends of the belt are journaled on suitable wheels 14: and 15, re-

spectively, which have theirshafts journa'led in adjustable bearings 16', respectively, where by'the belt may have its leads retained in taut condition. On the belt there is hingedly supported objects 17, shaped in the showing of the drawings to represent swimming ducks, but obviously other shaped objects may be employed. The bases for the objects are flat so that the same will rest upon'the belt but Qshould any of the objects be contacted by a sphere projected by the pistol 6, the force of such contact will cause the said object to swing angularly on the belt.

The shaft for one of thewheels or rollers, indicated for distinction by the numeral 18, passes through a bearing opening in the partition plate 11, and likewise through a bearing 19 on the rear wall of the said partition plate. This shaft 18 is hitched to the shaft of a small electrically driven motor 20 which is suitably supported on the rear wall of the section 1 of the improvement. The conductors for the motor are suitably encased and provided with the usual plug for attaching the, same to the socket of a house current. It will be apparent that light will be let onto the objectsfor the target through the transparent top of the" section 2. The motor causes continuous turning of the belt, so that the targets 17 are con stantly moved. The player of the game or ap-,

- paratus can manipulate the pistol on its supportto bring the barrel thereof in a line with the opening 12 and to the targets to the rear of the said opening. Should the sphere projected from the pistol strike any objects, the,

same will be swung on its hinged connection i with the belt 131 Should the projectile pass over the objects it will hit the partition wall I Y projectile. Should the aim of the player be so inaccurate as to strikethe solid front 10 of the section 1, the sphere will also gravitate over the inclined sub floor 8 and rest against the wall 21 when the same may again be used by the operator.

In Figure 5 I have illustrated a slight modification wherein a single motor operated wheel 20 is employed. Fixed on the periphery of this wheel there is an endless band 21 and hingedly supported on the band there are spaced-objects'22, similar to the objects 17. The object are made to singly appear opposite the sight opening in the improvement and ,the said objects,.-of course, from targets for projectiles from the pistol 6.

- The simplicity of my construction and the advantages thereof will, it is thought, he un-' derstood and. appreciated by those skilled in the art without further detailed descript on.

Havingdescribed the invention, I claim:

1. Ina device of the class-described, a cas ing inclusive of a box-like rear structure having front and rear walls, a partition intermediate said walls dividing said box-like-rear structure into front and rear compartments, 2. movable target in said front compartment,-

means in the 'rear- "compartment-for moving of the casing for projecting a missile, and a forwardly and downwardly inclined platform c extending from said partition through the front wall of said box-like rear structure to the front ofthe casing down which projected missiles are adapted to roll to the front of the casing.

2. "In a device of the class described, a cas- Which projected missilesare adapted to roll to p the front of the casing. In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


'11 and gravitate on the inclined false floor 8 a said target, said front wall having an opening therein for thepassage of a missile projected from the front of ,thecasing and intended to strikes'aid target, a gun at the front

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U.S. Classification273/368, 273/366
International ClassificationF41J9/02, F41J9/00
Cooperative ClassificationF41J9/02
European ClassificationF41J9/02