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Publication numberUS1736341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 19, 1929
Filing dateDec 19, 1927
Priority dateMay 28, 1927
Publication numberUS 1736341 A, US 1736341A, US-A-1736341, US1736341 A, US1736341A
InventorsEiser Fritz
Original AssigneeEiser Fritz
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Mattress for baby carriages and cribs
US 1736341 A
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Nav. 19, 1929. F. ElsER 1,736,341

MATTRESS FOR BABY GARRIAGES AND CRIBS Filed Deo. 19, 1927 Patented Nov. 19, 1929 UETE STATES :9i FF il@ E j MATTRESS FOR BABY CARRIAGES y.AND .CRIBS Application led December 19, 1927, Serial rIhis invention relates to improvements in a mattress for baby carriages and cribs of that kind, in which the central portion of the under-bedding of the latter is omitted and replaced by a removable elastic liquid-permeable underlayer, for instance a rubber net, that is stretched freely over the omitted central portion of the underbedding by means of two lateral suspension-bars clamped with said underlayer to the frame of the underbedding.

The drawbacks of said known arrangement consist in that the head and foot ends of the underlayer stretched over the omitted central d portion of the underbedding do not form any l joint with the latter but bear loosely on the head and foot portions thereof and thus form at these places, in spite of cushions placed thereon, an inconvenient hard support for the y infant. Besides, the material of the under- :U layer stretched freely over the omitted central portion of the underbedding by means of the lateral suspension-bars, is subjected to strong wear' by its being clamped fast always at the same places and by one and the same place thereof serving always for supporting the infant thereon.

To overcome these drawbacks, according to the present invention, the whole undern bedding is formed and replaced by the elastic "0 liquid-permeable mattress, which, as a further improvement, may be formed of a tubular member and freely stretched over the whole bottom surface of the carriage or crib between the lateral suspension-bars which are loosely passed therethrough from end to end, said rods being for an increase of the elasticity of the mattress freely and elastically suspended together with the mattress from the walls or corners of the carriage or crib,'and that without any rigid transverse connection between them which would decrease the desired elasticity.

The accompanying drawing illustrates by way of example how the invention can be put into practice Fig. 1 is a cross-section through, and Fig. 2 is a plan view of, the improved mat tress freely suspended in a baby carriage, while Fig. 3 shows the free elastic suspension from the latter of one end of the suspensionbars in a perspective view. f

No. 241,150, and in Germany May 28, 1927.

The elastic liquid-permeable mattress 8 eX- tends over the whole bottom surface of the carriage or crib and is tightly stretched be tween two detachable lateral bars 9, which at their projecting ends are freely and elastically suspended from the corners of the carriage or crib, for instance by means of hooked springs 10, rubber loops, or the like,

A particularly simple and suitable suspen-y sion and stretching` of the mattress between the two lateral bars is attained by forming the mattress of a tubular member and loosely passing the bars therethrough from end to end. Thereby, separate strengthening edges and suspension means on the mattress are omitted, while the same at its lateral suspension ends as well as on its place serving as the underlayer for the infant does not suffer so much under the load and thereby becomes more durable, because the tubular member loosely placed over the two lateral bars can be tightly stretched thereover in any adjusted position, and thus for suspending and stretching the mattress always another place of the j tubular member can be chosen for engaging over the bars and thereby also for the place serving as the underlayer for the infant, that is, the tubular member is not subjected to wear always at the same places of suspensiony and infant reception. lVhen detaching the suspension-bars with the mattress, the latter can be easily and quickly cleaned and again be suspended. The free elastic suspension of the bars permits also to use, instead of a rubber net, a liquid-permeable linen or other fabric underlayer, which thereby acts also in an elastic manner.

rlhe intermediary bottom 4 of the carriage or crib closing the free space beneath the sus-v pended mattress, is preferably lined with sheet metal, or wholly .made thereof, and downwardly inclined toward a central opening 5 therein, beneath which an urine collector 6 is invisibly located that can be taken out through a closable flap 7 in the bottom of the carriage' 95 or crib.

What I claim, is

In a mattress for perambulators and cots the combination of an endless band of yield-` able and perforated material, of lateral suspension rods loosely passed through said endless hand, of spring means at the ends of said suspension rods for removably and adjustaloly suspending said rods on the peramhulator 5 frame, an intermediate bottom plate having -a Central aperture and inclined towards said aperturey means supporting the bottom plate beneath saidendless band, and a collecting vessel under said aperture of said intermediate plate.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand.


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