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Publication numberUS1736573 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 19, 1929
Filing dateMar 8, 1927
Priority dateMar 8, 1927
Publication numberUS 1736573 A, US 1736573A, US-A-1736573, US1736573 A, US1736573A
InventorsBesse Bertram E
Original AssigneeBesse Bertram E
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Automatic syringe
US 1736573 A
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NOV. 19, 1929. B 55555 AUTOMATIC SYRINGE Filed Mafch s, 1927 43M afio 7 W63 Patented Nov. 19, 1929 BERTRAM E. BESSIE, OF WAREHAM, MASSACHUSETTS AUTOMATIC synmen Application filed March 8,

My present invention is a novel and improved type of syringe adapted to utilize the power direct from a faucet or pair of faucets, together with means permitting a predetermined and automatic supply, preferably under pressure, of a desired medicinal liquid in combination therewith.

In devices of this kind, as heretofore used, it has been extremely diflicult to operate the same in a convenient and desirable manner, and my present invention has for its objects to improve, simplify, and perfect apparatus of this type, to provide a practically automatic or semi-automatic power actuated fixture together with a predetermined proportional supply, which also may be under pressure, which will automatically mix with the water under pressure.

Referring to the drawings, illustrating a preferred embodiment of my invention,

The figure is a diagrammatic layout of the device.

Referring now to the drawings, for a particular description of the invention, and its operation, 1 and 2 designate respectively the usual hot and cold water faucets in a bathroom, bathtub, or the like, which unite in a common nozzle 3. My apparatus is devised for attachment to such a fixture, preferably :0 a bath tub fixture, and can be positioned at any desired angle.

I provide a bracket 5 adapted to be clamped about the nozzle part of the fixture, as clearly shown in the drawing, which bracket can be 85 positioned directly in front of the fixture or at one side, being here shown at one side to clarify and simplify the drawings. Any suitable manual or other clamping device can be utilized such, for example, as the binding screws or clamps 7 and 8 holding the two arms of the bracket 5 therefrom, which arms extend about a medicinal container 10 and maintain the same in desired position. This container 10 has a filling opening 11 at the top closed by a threaded thumb nut 12, and receives a pipe 13 at one side leading to a hand bulb 15, a valve 16 with hand lever 17 being positioned in the pipe 13 between the container and the bulb. The atomizer bulb is of usual type with an air opening and 921. Serial No. 173,766.

check valve 18, and is utilized to pump air into the container 10-which may be partly filled with any medicinal solution or preparations desiredto effect a predetermined pressure, whereupon the handle 17 is turned to shut ofi the valve 16 and maintain said pressure therein. The container 10 also has an outlet pipe 20 leading through a valve 21, and a second pipe 22 into a union 23 permitting the pipe 22 to open into the water re ceiving pipe 24 which, in turn, leads through any desired length to the syringe or douche fixture 25, said pipe extending from the attachment 30 which may be of any flexible.

material, and can clamp around the lower part of the nozzle 3, as shown at 31. The attachment 30 has a channel therethrough, as shown in dotted lines. This part 30 of the apparatus may be of rubber, if desired, as may also such other of the pipes 13, 20, 22, and 24, as desired although I prefer to make these latter of suitable non-corrodible metal.

The valve 21 is preferably fitted with a handle 33 having an indicator adapted to swing over a fixed gauge 34 attached at 35 to the outlet pipe 22, thus giving an instant indication of the extent to which the valve 21 is open.

In operating the device, the hot or cold,

or both water faucets 1 and 2 are opened to give a desired force and temperature of water from the faucet, which flows through the attachment 30, pipe 24, and to the fixture 25. A suitable quantity of medicinal solution is put into the container 10 through the opening 11, the cap 12 being removed for this purpose, and thereafter the cap 12 is tightly fitted and the hand bulb 15 is actuated with the valve 16 open to supply a predetermined pressure within the top of the container 10 whereupon the valve 16 is closed. The valve 21 is then opened to a proportionate or desired extent thus permitting a flow of the solution, also under pressure, from the container 10 into the pipe 24 and up and through the fixture 25. This supply from the container 10 can be shut off or regulated as desired during continuous flow of water from the faucets 1 and 2, and additional pressure can be supplied from time to time to the container 10 by actuation of the hand bulb 15 in opening the valve 16.

Having thus described my invention, What I claim as new is:

An automatic syringe, comprising a container adapted to receive a medicinal solution in the loivei part, and witligan airpr essure creating attachment secured to the upper part comprising a hand air pressure creating bulb and a valveelnterposedL-therebetween, means to support said container from the Water supply member and spaced lateral-1y therefrom, a conduit adapted to beattached to said Water supply, meansbet wee n the container and saidconduitiincluding aregulating valve topredeterininethe supply of solution unden pressure iro'm said container to said conduit, and an air tightvopeni ng {into said container.

In testimony ryhereof, I have signed my nametolthis specification. i BEBTRAM E. BESSE.

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U.S. Classification604/83, 604/146
International ClassificationA61M3/00, A61M3/02
Cooperative ClassificationA61M3/025
European ClassificationA61M3/02D6