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Publication numberUS1737065 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 26, 1929
Filing dateNov 26, 1927
Priority dateMar 5, 1927
Publication numberUS 1737065 A, US 1737065A, US-A-1737065, US1737065 A, US1737065A
InventorsGalbraith Thornton Arthur
Original AssigneeGalbraith Thornton Arthur
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Bag or carrier
US 1737065 A
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Patented Non. 26, i929 ARTHUR GALBRTT- THORNTON, OF EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND BAG OR CARRIER Application filed November 2G, 1927, Serial No. 235,935, and in, Great Britain March 5, 1927.

sists of a net-work or netted i'abric made ot twine, cord or the like material, and the n'iouth of the bag is attached to bangle or ring, which is preferably oi' suoli a size that it can be conveniently slipped over the hand and hung over the wrist, and is attached in such. a manner to the ring that the attachments can easily move round the ring, so as to either distribute the attachments more or less evenly around the ring and thus distend the mouth of the bag, or cause the attachments to assemble close together, thereby closing the mouth ot the bag. The mouth of the bag is preferably 'formed by the meshes ot the netting being looped over the bangle or ring.

The meshes or loops of the network or netted fabric at the mouth oi' the bag must be ot such a size that the diameter ot the ring is slightly smaller than the length of cord necessary to form two loops or `tour sides of a mesh, or the opening of one mesh or loops may be large enough to allow any two adj acent attachments to be spread apart sutilciently for the ring to pass between them.

The accompanying drawing illustrates one embodiment ot this invention by way of example. Fig. l shows a ball or carrier suspended by the wrist and Fig. 2 shows the bag with the mouth distended.

As shown, the bao is made of netting 3, the meshes of the netting being looped over a bangle or a so that the loops 5 form the mouth of the bag. The ring l can be slipped over the hand on to the wrist or arm for the purpose of conveniently carrying the bag. The dotted circles G represent balls contained in the net The weight of the balls causes the meshes of the mouth of the net bag to close and draw the loops 5 together to the lower part of the ring 4, thereby closing the mouth ot the bag.

@n removing the bangle or ring 4 from the wrist or arm, the loops 5 can be readily distributed more or less evenly around the bangle or ring so as to open the mouth of the bag and enable a ball to be withdrawn or inserted.

The bangle or ring 4 may be made of any suitable metal or material, such as Celluloid, tot example, which can be of any desired colour or colours.


A bag or carrier comprising a ring and a receptacle constructed of netting, the meshes ot the netting being looped over the ring to term the mouth of the receptacle, the loops or meshes at the mouth of the bag being such that any two adjacent loops can be spread apart to allow the ring to pass between them, whereby the mouth of the bag can be distendcd by distributino said loops around the ring, and the bag closed by assembling` said loops together.

The foregoing specification signed at Edinburgh, Scotland, this 31st day of Cotober, 1927.




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U.S. Classification383/26, 184/13.1, 383/76, 383/117
International ClassificationA63B47/00, A45C3/00, A45C3/04
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