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Publication numberUS1738581 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 10, 1929
Filing dateMay 20, 1926
Priority dateMay 20, 1926
Publication numberUS 1738581 A, US 1738581A, US-A-1738581, US1738581 A, US1738581A
InventorsHodgson Harriette Ensley
Original AssigneeHodgson Harriette Ensley
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Child's tether
US 1738581 A
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Dec. 10, 1929. H. E. HODGSON 1,738,581


' omnns Application filed May 20,

The object of the invention is to provide a simple, inexpensive and convenlent device for lightening the care and responsibility of those who are in charge of small, active chil- 5 dren, and for safeguarding the child while allowing it a suitable range of free movement for play, either indoors or out Generally described, the device comprises a stand of separable weights sufiiciently heavy not to 1 be pulled about by a baby or small child, a childs body harness, and a rope connecting the harness and the anchor weight. Other aspects and features of the invention will be come apparent as the specification proceeds.

In the accompanying drawings forming part hereof:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view, showing the device in use;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view of the 20 stand of weights, with a portion of the connecting rope in elevation;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the body harness, with a portion of the rope connected thereto; and

Fig. 4 is a bottom perspective view of one of the weights.

The childs harness as a whole is designated 2. It comprises two members or straps 3, 3 which pass over the shoulders and down. ward at the front and back, and two body encircling straps 4, 4, the upper of which passes through slides 5 on the members 3. Buckles 6 fasten the members 3 adjustably over the shoulders, and other buckles 7 fasten the straps 4 in front.

A ring 8 is secured to the back of the harness, preferably at the middle of the lower member 4, and to this ring is connected one end of a rope 9 of suitable length. The other end, or a remote portion, of this rope is attached to a sectional anchor weight 10.

This weight preferably comprises a massive base section 11, having a central post 12 suitably secured or united thereto at its lower end. A series of other weight discs 13 are TETHER I 1926. Serial no. 110,582

means of carrying and means for securing the stack of weights together, this member engaging over the top Weight as shown.

The rope 9 has a terminal loop .or eye 17, and a series of additional loops 17 spaced along it at intervals from this'end. One of these loops is passed over the post 12 and held between any two adjacent weights, the weights 13 being preferably recessed in one face, as shown at 18, to accommodate the loop. The provision of a series of the loops enables the tether to be easily shortened or lengthened, depending upon the amount of freedom which it is desired to give the child.

The handle and the sectional construction of the anchor weight make it easy for the person in charge of the child to move the, weight about. For example, if the device is in the house and it is desired to use it outdoors, the discs 13 can be taken off and pitched out of the window into the yard, while the base can be carried by the handle member 15. 7

While the preferred embodiment ofthe invention has been described, it will be understood that various changes may be made in form and detail without departing from essentials.

I claim:

The combination of a' harness for a child and a flexible connection together with a weight, said weight consisting in a base hav ing a hole centrally thereof, a postsecured to the base and extending upward from the base, a series of weight disks having central holes adapted to be used with the base to increase the weight, each of said disks having a recess extending radially from the hole to the circumference to form a passage for the flexible connection.


provided with central openings 14 enabling them to be stacked on the base over the post,

and to be removed; and a handle member 15, 4

screwed or otherwise separably connected to 5 the upper end of the post at 16, affords a

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U.S. Classification119/770, 292/344, 182/5
International ClassificationA47D13/00, A47D13/08
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