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Publication numberUS1738896 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 10, 1929
Filing dateJul 13, 1929
Priority dateJul 13, 1929
Publication numberUS 1738896 A, US 1738896A, US-A-1738896, US1738896 A, US1738896A
InventorsHansen Otto C
Original AssigneeSwift & Co
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Meat-saw guard
US 1738896 A
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D ,1929. o. c. HANSEN 38,

MEAT SAW GUARD Filed July 13, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet l Dec. 10, 1929. o. c. HANSEN 1,738,896

MEAT SAW GUARD Filad July 13, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 tented lU, i929 lflllt tllt PATENT OFFltlil QTTG l-llAN EN, OF ST, J'OSEZPH, MISElOUItI, AQSIGNOR T EWJIFT AND COMPANY, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, A COBPORATIQN OE ILLINOIS IlIEAT-SAW GUARD Api'llication filed July 13, 1929; fierial No. 378,142.

1) "D ,VYYM LI. 1 vial/lull 1; m man in thorel'or which it self-locking and substantially imi to accidentally L one tllQ blade of the saw unless the handle is gripped by the operator in particular manner for performin a t g ope 'ation.

Other iects are to provide a guard of the class described which will operate with a iinnm of effort on. the part of the operator, and. which an be operated by unskilled labor without ins ruction; and to so organize and arrange the mechanism that the desired con- Medi .irallv Md with mininuni conioious attention.

A specific embodiment of this invention in the rm of a meat saw is illustrated in the accom nsnying drawings in which:

' re 1 a side elevation with part of the 1r and housing broken away and showing the movable guard in the guarding position 4 when the saw is not in use 2 is a similar view sl'iowing the mov- 1rd in the retracted position it a"- the saw in use exposing the ot', the saw blade.

o front end view of the movable l and its operating inech ism, other of the i'na liine being omitted.

F gure l an emarged detail view of the .tlltllllSll'l, part of one of the links olzen away to show the stop shoulder notion, the to 31s being in its locked lo e is similar to Figure lbut shows the to e in its released position.

lleferrnm to the drawings the circular saw blade 1 revo es about a shaft having its axis at 2. The frame on which the saw is mounted in an extension of the motor housing and houses the driving gearing which is not shown in the drawing. lfhe movable guard is mounted coaxially with the shaft 2 and is carried by a fixed frame which consists of Ei-il spider lneinl'iers 3 4: and 5 which are rigidly fixed at 6 and 7 to other parts of the frame of the portable saw.

The bowed member 8 and members 3, d and 5 tog-ether with the driving gear housing form a fixed guard for the upper part of the saw. The movable guard consists of the are shaped rim member 10, and hub plate 11, and the arms 12, and is pivotally mounted at 2 on the axis of the saw; The movable guard is actuated and controlled by a pair of toggle links 18 and 141-. Link 13 is pivotally and eccentrically mounted on the hub plate of the movable guard at 16 and is forked to connect with link i l at 17, and this joint is provide-c with limit steps 18 and 19 corresponding to the extended and retracted positions respectively of the guard 10, as shown in Figures 4iand 5. Link connects toggle link 14 to the lever 20 at 21. The rod 22 enters the handle 23 actin'g as a guide tohold the lever 20 in position, as does the guide 24 which consists of a tube which houses a spring 25.

This spring forces the lever 20 away from the handle expanding the toggle to force the movable guard into the closed or guarding position and bringing the stop shoulder 18 into engagement to lock the guard against accidental retraction.

In operation, when the operator gr ns the handle 23 to move the saw into engagement with the work, the pressure of the lingers on the lever 20 compresses the spring 21 pulls the link 15 so to collapse the to le joint to bring the movable guard into t..e retracted position shown in Fig. 2 and expose the saw blade for use, l/Vhen the operator removes his hand from the handle 23 the spring forces the lever 20 away from the handle 23, pushing the toggle mechanism and forcing link 15 so as to expand the movable guard into the position shown in Fig. 1.

Although but one specific embodiment of this invention has been herein shown and described, it will be understood that various details of the construction shown may be altered or omitted without departing from the spirit of this invention defined by the following claims.

I claim:

1. device of the ch araieter dij rscrilw,

, comprising a support having a handle for guard in its cutter protecting position.

2. A device of the character described, comprising a support having a handle for manual movement of the support in use, a rotary power operated cutter mounted on said support, a fixed guard on said support for the non-working side of said cutter, a movable guard to protect the working side of said cutter when the device is not in use, and control means connected to said handle for retracting the latter guard coincidently with gripping the handle, said control means comprising a pair of toggle links connecting a part of said guard near its axis and a part of said support remote from said axis. and a link connecting a medial part of said toggle device with said handle. 7

3. device of the character described, comprising a movable support having. a rotary cutter mounted thereon, a handle on said support for manipulating the cutter. a cutter guard swingingly mounted onsaid carriage i coaxially with said cutter, and guard retracting means operatively related to said handle for actuation by the operator on gripping the handle, said last named means being self locking in its released position.

4; A device of the character described, comprising a movable supporthaving a rotary power operated cutter mounted thereon, a handle on said support for manipulating the latter, a cutter guard swingingly mounted on said carriage-coaxially with said cutter, guard retracting means operatively related to. said handle for actuation by the operator on gripping the handle, and self-locking means normally urging said guard to its effective position. a

5. A deviceof the character described, comprising a rotary cutter, a support whereon said cutter is mounted, a rotary guard for said cutter including a central hub pivoted coaxially with said cutter and an arcuate guard rim and means rigidly connecting saidv 'hub andrim, and control means including a pair of toggle links connecting said support at a point remote from the hub axis with said hub, for bracing said guard against accidental retraction, stops on said toggle links coacting in their bracing position, and a spring normally urging said toggle linksto engage said stops. r

6. In a device of'the character described, .a guard movable into and out of position to protect the exposed portion of a rotary blade, toggle mechanism connected to shift said. guard, a handle for manipulating said device, a lever extending along said handle in such position that the hand of the operator gripping the handle may also grip the lever to actuate said toggle for exposing the blade, and a spring acting between said lever and handle and normally acting through said toggle to brace said guard in its effective position.

Signed at St. Joseph, Mo, this 5 day of July, 1929.



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