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Publication numberUS1739801 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1929
Filing dateNov 7, 1927
Priority dateNov 7, 1927
Publication numberUS 1739801 A, US 1739801A, US-A-1739801, US1739801 A, US1739801A
InventorsEdmund M Pitts
Original AssigneeSunland Sales Cooperative Ass
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Advertising device
US 1739801 A
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Dec. 17, 1929. PITTS 1,739,801

ADVERTIS ING DEVI CE Filed Nov 7, 1927 I N V EN TOR. g munq M $12 Y A TTORNEYS.

" Patented Dec. 17,1929.



This invention relates to advertising and has for its objects a receptacle for advertising circulars, cards, or othef matter, and which receptacle is provided with vacuum cup attachment devices whereby it may be supportedmn any smooth surface. Also this inventiori'relates to a construction in which provision is made for attaching the bases of the cups to various portions of the receptacle,

1 and to a certain place best adapting the receptacle for shipping.

In the drawings Fig. 1 is a perspective view of' my improved receptacle complete with vacuum cups projecting from. its rear wall and the receptacle filled with advertising or other circulars.

Fig. 2 is: a vertical cross section of the rece tacle.

igs. 3, land 5 are respectively front, side and rear views of one of the vacuum cups.

In further detail the receptacle is a box made. of any suitable material, preferably cardboard, is provided with front 1,-rear 2,

side 3 and bottom walls 4 and is open on top for the reception of a quantity of printed circulars 5 or other matter projecting there from so as to be accessible to the public for distribution.

The lower wall of the box is depressed inward from the lower edges of the side, front and back walls by'folding the cardboard of the front and rear walls and overlapping them as clearly indicated in the lower part together as by paste or left unsecured, de pending on the stiffness of the material, or retaining flaps as at A may be provided to hold the lower layer of the bottom in place.

Through the countersunk bottom wall are two holes 6 in which are initially positioned a is shown in this initial position by the dotted lines 7 in Fig. 2.

v The shape of the yacuum cups is best shown Figs. 3, 4 and 5 being respectively, front, side, and rear views of a cup, and wherein the 'cup of Fig. 1 where the side wall is broken away.

pair of soft rubber vacuum cups, one of which portion 7 is round and is joined by a narrow neck 8 to an extending preferably square flange 9.

When the box is made or shipped to the market or user, the cups are both secured within the countersunk bottom by interlocking'their soft rubber flanges 9 through the holes 6, thus positioning the bodies of the cups within the recess in the lower end of the box so that they do not project beyond its lower edge.

In use the box may be supported on its lower edge by leaving the cups in the bottom and reaching in the box with a pencil or finger and forcing the cups outward against a smooth supportin surface, or the cups may be pulled out of the ottom and attached elsewhere to the box so that the box may be supported in various positions, and to this end the box is provided (with a plurality of punched or scored holes in various places adapted to receive the necks of the cups.

One pair of such holes is on'the rear wall of the box at 10 as shown in Figs. 1 and 2 with the cups in position therein.

Another pair of holes is scored at 11 on one edge of the gp osite edge of the box.

t is purposed to have the holes 10,-11 'and 12scered only so that whichever set is wanted for use may be pushed out with the finger and the cups inserted. I

If the rear wall set of. holes is used and the cups inserted, the box will appear as in Fig. 1 and may then be attached to a vertical surface by merely pressing the cups thereagainst to force most of the air out of the cups, thenreleasing the pressure to form a vacuum in ox and another pair at 12 on the.

the.-cupspreferably first 'moistening the edges of the cups to insure a more perfect air seal.

If it is desired to mount the box on either edge, scored holes 11 or 12 are opened and the cups inserted. I

By the construction described, the cups are in a recess when the box is shipped so as to protect them against deformation of their soft rubber edges, and when desired to use the box. the cups maybe left in their original position for attaching the boxon its lower edge to a supporting surface, or the cups may be easily transferred to any one of the several positions on the box as explained. v

a I claim:

1. A box provided with a recessed portion other than its main interior, a plurality of vacuum cups initially positioned entirely within said recessed portion, and said box provided with means on its side adapted for receiving and retaining said vacuum cups in box supporting position When removed from said recessed portion.

2. A box rectangular in form and made of sheet material, said box being open on one end for the reception of dispensable material and the opposite end being countersunk Within the extreme end of the box, a Vacuum cup removably mounted Wholly Within the countersunk portion of the box, and means on the side of the box adapted to engage said vacuum cup for supporting the box against a smooth surface under the influence of a partial vacuum in said cup.


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U.S. Classification220/483, 206/449, 206/829, 206/233, 224/277, 248/544, 248/206.3, D06/573
International ClassificationA47F7/14
Cooperative ClassificationA47F7/147, Y10S206/829
European ClassificationA47F7/14F1