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Publication numberUS1739983 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1929
Filing dateJan 7, 1928
Publication numberUS 1739983 A, US 1739983A, US-A-1739983, US1739983 A, US1739983A
InventorsGxjs H. Nelson
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Waxing machine
US 1739983 A
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Dec. 17, 1929. G. H. NELSON ET AL WAXING MACHINE Filed Jan. 1928 avwantz .9 70

G /1 #6190 .17 TMZEZ/er lJ-Btt983 arsr FEECEEZ GUS H. NELSON AND ARTHUR R. THATCHER, OF OMAHA, NEBRASKA WAXING MACHINE Application filed January 7, 1928.

The invention relates to waxing machines and has for its object to provide a device of th s character comprising a frame having a weight member. a liquid receiving receptacle horizontally anu pivotally mounted in said I a hollow handle member carried by the same, a rod slidably mounted in said hollow handl member and having a link connection with the receptacle and a valve rod co 10 operating with a plurality of valve casings, whereby upon movement of the rod in one direction said link member will pivotally move the receptacle to discharge position and simultaneously open the valve.

A further object is to provide the link member with an inwardly extending arm adapted to engage the periphery ol the receptacle for limiting the movement thereof when it reaches point of discharge.

Also to provide the inner end of the rod 1 a coiled spring which normally moves the rod to inoperative position, a member threaded on the rod and slidably mounted within the handle, a sleeve slidably mounted .3 on the handle and having a pin connection with the rod carried member and extending through clots in opposite sides of the handle, whereby upon axial movement of the sleeve an axial movement will be imparted to the rod.

ll ith the above and other objects in view the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts as hereinafter set forth, shown in the drawing, described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the prccise embodiment of the invention may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invention.


l is a elevation of the waxing machine.

Figure 2 is front elevation of the waning machine.

ire 3 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view through the machine.

Figure l is a transverse longitudinal sectional. i w through one end of the handle Serial No. 245,147.

designates the frame of the machine, which frame is provided with a horizontally disposed plate 2, to which is clamped by means of pivoted clamping members 3, a rubbing and polishing element at, which may be formed from any material.

Connected at 5 to the upper rear side of the frame 1 is an upwardly and rearwardly eXlBlli handle member 6, which terminates in a r o T on its upper rear side and secured in said sleeve is the tubular handle member 8. Slidably mounted in the bushing 9 in the lower end of the tubular handle member 8 is an operating rod 10. which is moved axially downwardly from time to time for depositing wax or other material on the floor for distribution by the rubbing member 4 or for polishing as desired. Connected to the upper encL or the rod 10 at 11 is a contratible coiled spring 12, the rear end of which is anchored at 13 to the flanged member 14, forming a closure for the end of the handle. Slidably mounted within the tubular member 8 is a sleeve 15. through which is threaded at 16 the operating rod 10, and connected to said sleeve by means of screws 17 is knurled sleeve 18, slidably mounted on the tubular member 8, and as the screws 17 extend through elongated slots 19 in opposite sides of the handle member 8, it will be seen that the operator can easily control the axial movement of the operating rod 10 by grasping the sleeve 18.

Rotatably mounted in the frame 1 is a transversely and horizontally disposed liquid receiving receptacle 20, and which receptacle is provided with a plurality of valve casings 21, through which liquid from the receptacle 20 is discharged onto the floor ahead of the waxing machine when the receptacle 2-0 is rotated to a predetermined position, for instance shown in Figure 3. Rotatably mounted in the valve casings 21 is a valve rod 22 extending through all of said casings and having ports 23 therein, which ports register with the discharge ports 24 of the valve casings 21 when the receptacle 20 is rotated to discharge position. Connected to the valve 22 is an upwardly and rearwardly extending link 25, therear end of which is to inoperative position by the coiled spring 12. The link 25 is provided With a bumper,

arm 29, Which engages the periphery of the receptacle 20, when saidreceptacle is moved to discharge position, consequently limits thelrotation of the receptacle .aswell as longi-' tudinal; movement of the operating rod.

From the above it will be=seen thata Waxingamachine is provided which machine is .simpleuinconstruction the partsreduced to: a minimum and one wherein the control rod l for rotatingi the ax receptacle is slidably mountedwithin the l1a-ndle;.thereby not only 1 thereon provided with valves opened by a link at a predetermined position of rotation of the receptacle incident to movement of the link, of an inwardly extending arm carried by said link and cooperating with the periphery of the receptacle, whereby rotation of the receptacle is stopped when-the receptacle reaches discharge position.

In testimony whereof we hereunto affix our signatures.



producing a neatly appearing machine, but a protecting theccontroli rod; and its operating .7

sprmgi fromtinjury;

The invention having. been set forth What is claimed-res new and-useful is 1. YA :Waxing machine comprising a frame,

a tubularihandleanember carried by said 1 frame, a Wax receiving ,receptaclevpivotally mounted insaid frame, discharge valves carried by said receptacle, an operating rod slidably; mountedin the handle member, a link connection between the operating rod and the receptacle, spring means cooperating withthe rod for normally forcing the sameto inoperative position, a handle memberslidably mounted on the tubular handle memibeigaconnections between the handle member and the rod andextending through elongated:

slots in thetubular handle member, said link connectioncooperating with the valve wherebyzsaidi.yalvewill be opened when sald re ,ceptacle is rotated a predetermined distance.

2. The combination with a Waxing machine'comprisinga frame, a liquid receiving receptacle carried by said frame, .a tubular handle member. carried by said frame, valve uneans;ca-rried by the receptacle iLIldQCOIl-n trolled linkpivotally connected to the receptacle, of "means for rotating said re-- ceptacle and connected to thelink, said means compr sing a rod extendingthroughithe tub-.

5; :ular -handle .; a rsleeveviadjustably mount'fida on therod Within the handle member, a sleeve slidably mounted on; the handle member and having: connections with the first ment oned; sleeve; through slots: in the v handle member, a ClOSUI'GQaII'iGdfbX the rear; i

QIIQLLQf tl'IQ hMId'lQ; membenand a contractible; .4 spring; connected, to the mod-g and; to said 1 closure- 3. TllB combination (with a waxing 1-mam aaeeoaip ismaa t emeli vmg-ga-rec ptacle;1.

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