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Publication numberUS1741909 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1929
Filing dateJan 3, 1928
Priority dateJan 3, 1928
Publication numberUS 1741909 A, US 1741909A, US-A-1741909, US1741909 A, US1741909A
InventorsJohn Belohlavek
Original AssigneeJohn Belohlavek
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Loose-leaf binder
US 1741909 A
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Dec. 31, 1929. vBELOHLAVEK 1,741,909

LOOSE LEAF BINDER Filed Jan. 1928 A Jfdorwga 1 Patented Dec. 31, 1929 PATEN T OFFICE JOHN BELOHLAVEK, or onroneqaumnors LOOSE-LEAF BINDER Application filed January 3, 1928. Serial No; 244,104.

This invention relates to improvements in loose leaf binders and has among its objects to provide a new and improved construction in loose leaf binders which shall afford a binder of simple construction yet durable and efilcient in operation.

It is also an object to provide the back of a binder of this character with a plurality of spaced resilient members or clips having their. 1 free edges interconnected wlth metallic strips whereby the pressure from the resilient members Will be distributed along the binding or gripping edges of the back of the binder.

With the above and other objects in view,

my invention consists in the novel combination and construction of the parts and members shown in a preferred embodiment in the accompanying drawings, described in the following specifications and particularly point- 90 ed out in the appended claims.

Referring to the drawings :Fig. 1, is a perspective view with parts broken showing my new binder. Fig. 2, is a plan view of binder (partly broken) showing the spring clips, card board side and the cloth and paper backing. Fig. 3 shows a portion of the back of the binder with parts broken away. Figs.

4 and 5 are respectively cross-sections taken on lines 14 and 55 of Fig. 3, Fig. 4: showing the metal strips 14 with their sides pressed together in their section between the spring clips'13. Fig. 6 is a perspective view of one of the clips and portionof stiffener strip.

Referring now in detail to the illustrations,

' the binder consists of card board or fiber sides 10 which are securely glued to the free edges of the cloth and paper backing 11. The cloth and paper backing 11 consists of a heavy buckram cloth 111 and a heavy paper 11 which is glued to the cloth 11 The backing 11 is mounted in a manner to present the paper side against the inner faces of the sides 10 so that the cloth side will be exposed to view.

The mounting of the backing 11 is accomplished over a suitable removable construction form of substantially triangular cross section.

After the mounting of the backing 11 over the form, and the securing of the sides 10 to 5 the free edges of the backing 11, the resilient spring-steel clips 13 are sprung over backing 11 in desirable spacing thereon and securely glued thereto. I have preferred to use three Spring clips 18, one at each end of the backing 11 and one spaced intermediate the ends thereof.

Having mounted the clips 13 into place, I then insert a metallic strip or band 14 of U-shaped cross section along the free edges of the clips 13. These metallic strips 14 interconnect the free edges of the clips 13 and are securely glued thereto and also to the paper facing 11 and tend to distribute the pressure from the clips 13 and provide a stiff binding edge for the backing 11.

Suitable cardboard fillers 15 are then glued to the paper facing 11 between the spring clips 13 and then the entire back is covered with a heavy paper 16 which is glued to the spring clips 13 and to the fillers 15.

The entire back and the outer face of the sides 10 is then covered with leather or imitation leather covering 17 which glued to the heavy paper 16 and sides 10 and with its edges turned in and securely glued to the inner faces of the sides 10.

The inner faces of the sides 10 are then covered with a suitable paper covering 18 which is lapped over the backing ll and the edges of the covering 17 thus presenting a neat trim for the inner faces of the sides of the binder.

After the gluing operations have thoroughly dried, the form is removed and the binder is now ready for use.

I claim 1. A loose leaf binder comprising a builtup tubular-like back of substantially triangular cross-section having an opening extending longitudinally along one corner thereof, a plurality of spaced spring clips mounted in said back and enclosed therein with their free edges terminating along said opening, said opening being normally in closed position, a pair of metallic bands ex tending along said opening and interconnecting the free ends of said clips for stiffening the edges of said longitudinal opening, a lining on the inside of said tubular back, said lining extending beyond said opening, a,

cover on the outside of said back also extendin beyond said longitudinal opening, and su stantially stiff sides secured to and between said lining and said cover.

2. A loose leaf binder as embodied in claim 1, said spring clips being of substantially tri ngular ross-sec ion, and fillers of yie dable material between saidlclips .and [secured to said inner lining of said tubular back.

3. A loose leaf binder as embodied in claim 1, said metallic bands being of U-shdped cross section, and being clamped over the iree ends of said spring clips.

In Witness whereof I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification24/67.11
International ClassificationB42F9/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42F9/008
European ClassificationB42F9/00D