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Publication numberUS1742858 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1930
Filing dateMay 7, 1928
Priority dateMay 7, 1928
Publication numberUS 1742858 A, US 1742858A, US-A-1742858, US1742858 A, US1742858A
InventorsRichard Heinz
Original AssigneeCarl Percy Inc
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Device for raising and supporting advertising signs
US 1742858 A
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' J an. 7, 1930. R. HEINZ\ 1,742,858-


' Filed May 7, 1928 INVENTOR.


This invention relates to a device for rais ing and supporting advertising signs or display easels together with articles to be displayed. The particular stand designed in accordance with my invention is so constructed as to permit the display easel tobe supported in any desired position thereon. The whole combination provides a very neat and compact structure. Convenience of arrangement of parts, lightness, strength and durability are further desiderata that have been borne in mind in the production and development of the invention.

Other objects of the invention not at this time more particularly enumerated, will become apparent as the following detailed description ensues and the invention may be more readily understood by a reference to the accompanying two sheets of drawings where- 1n:

Figure 1 is a plan view of a blank for forming a form of display stand constructed in accordance with the present invention.

Figure 2 is a rear perspective view of the blank after it has been shaped into the form of the stand and showing the same in actual use for displaying an easel having one supporting wing.

Figure 3 is a rear perspective view of the same stand showing the same supporting a display easel having two supporting wings.

Referring to the above mentioned drawings, wherein similar characters of reference designate similar parts throughout, the blank from which the display stand is formed is shown in Figure 1 and is designated by the reference numeral 50. This blank may be formed of any suitable material but it is preferable to form the same either of Bristol board or other tough cardboard. It is also within the scope of the invention to form this blank of light sheet metal. However, irrespective of'these details in manufacturing, the essential features of the invention are always preserved.

The blank 50 is provided as shown in Fig. 1 with cuts 51 and creases 52 and 53 thereby defining four hinged sections, two of which are shown at 55 and the other two of which are shown at 56. Adjacent the joining edges Serial No. 275,687.

of the sections 55 and 56, notches 57 are formed and a notch58 is formed on the edge of the blank where the sections 56 meet. Additional notches 59, are formed on eitherside of the notch 58 for a purpose to be hereinafter set forth. In actual use, the blank is b'ent'into the form shown in Figures 2 and 3 with the sections 56 extending rearwardly and the sections 55 remaining substantially in alignment. V

The stand is placed of course, so that notches 57, 58 and 59 extend upwardly and when the easel, such as is shown at 60, is placed on the stand the front board 61 of the easel is received within the notches 57 and the supporting leg or flap 62 may be received within the notch 58.

In certain instances, it is desirable to support an easel having a plurality of supporting legs or flaps. Such an easel is shown at 70 as provided with two legs or flaps 71. When this particular style of easel is to be supported, the front board of the easel is received within the notches 57 as in Figure 2 and the supporting legs or flaps 71'are received within the notches 59.

The above mentioned examples are believed to adequately define the invention and I am aware that some changes may be made in the" general arrangements and combinations of the several devices and parts, as well as in the-details of the construction thereof without departing from the scope of the present invention as set forth in the foregoing specification, and as defined in the following claims. Hence, Ido not limit my invention to the exact arrangements and combinations of the said device'and parts as described in the specification, nor do I confine myself to the exact details of the construction of the said parts as illustrated in the accompanying drawings. Only in so far as I have particularly pointed out my invention in the ape pended claims do I desire to be limited.

I claim: I

1. A collapsible device for raising and supporting display easels, which consist of a card having a supporting leg attached to the back thereof, comprising a pair of front panels and a pair of central panels hinged to said front panels and to each other,'said device in use being adapted to stand erect with the side panels in alignment and the central panels swung inwardly at an angle to each other and to the adjacent side panels; said" central j panels being rovided; with cutaway portions defining si s in their upper edges adjacent their points of attachment to 'said front panels and cutaway portions in said edges adjacent their points of attachment to each other, said first-mentioned portions receiving'the lower edges of thedisplay easel to be supported, and said second-mentioned portions defining a slot for receiving a rearwardly-extending supporting leg carried said ease v 2; A collapsible device for raising and supporting display easels', which consist ofa card with asupporting leg attachedgto the back thereof, com rising a ai'r of front pa els and a pair of eeneral panels hinged to said front panelsand to each other, said'devic'e in i use being adapted to stand erect with the side panels in alignment and the central panels swung inwardly at an angle to each other and tothe adjacent side lpanels, there bein aslotforinedbetween ea'c front panel and itsadjacent central panel in the upper edges thereof for receiving the lower edge i the face portion of said easel and holding it substantially in vertical alignment with said front anels and a slot adjacent the opposite en 3' of the upperedge of said central panels for receiving. the lower edge of a rearwardly-extending supporting leg of 'said easelj i 8. A collapsible device for raising'a nd supporting display easels which consist of a card with a supporting leaf attached. to: the back thereoiycomprisinga pair of front panels, a pair of central panels hinged to the inner edges of the. said front panels and hinged to each other, and adapted to be swung inwardly at an angle totheplane-of the said front panels; with a" slot between each front panel. and its adjacent central panel for 7 receiving the front portion of the said ease'l and a slot between said central panels for receiving the supporting leaf of the said easel; In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification this 4th day of-May;


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