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Publication numberUS1743022 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1930
Filing dateOct 6, 1927
Priority dateOct 6, 1927
Publication numberUS 1743022 A, US 1743022A, US-A-1743022, US1743022 A, US1743022A
InventorsWilliam Carman
Original AssigneeWilliam Carman
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US 1743022 A
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Jan. 7, 1930. l w. CMRMANA l"1,743,022,

POCKET KNIFE Filed 001;. 6, 192'?VA ATTORNEY Patented Jan. 7, 1930 dUNITED STATES WILLIAM GARMAN, or ELL'ENVILLE, NEW YoRK PATENT OFFICE POCKETKNIIEE Appiication mea october e, 1927. serial No. 224,447.

This invention relates to pocket knives, and has for an object to provide an improved construction wherein a proper spring action is through a pocket knife disclosing an embodi ment of the invention.

Figure 2 is a view similar to Figure 1 but showing the blades in different positions.

Figure 3 is a sectional view through Figure 1 on line 3 3, the same being on an enlarged scale.

Figure 4 is a sectional view through Figure 1 on line 4 4, the same being von an enlarged scale.

Figure 5 1s an enlarged detail fragmentary perspective view of the shank end 0f one of the blades shown in Figure 1.

Referring to the accompanying drawing by numerals, 1 and 2 indicate the b-lades, and 3'indicates what may be termed the body. This body may be held together by any desired number of rivets. Three principal rivets have been shown, namely, rivets, 4,5 and 6. Rivets 4 and 6 act as journal pins for the blades 1 and 2, While rivet 5 acts as a journal pin for the respective springs 7 and 8. Springs 7 and 8 are identical in size and funcbe noted that body 3 is provided with covering side plates 9 and 10 which may be bone or other material, and which are formed with cutout portions 11 and 12 for accommodating the respective springs, 7 and 8 and also accommodating the respective rollerbearings 13. There is provided a roller bearing 13 for each of the tion and.v therefore.l the description of one will'V apply to both. From Figures 3 and 4 it will i allowing thesefparts to freely function.V -Tn 15, and these plates are each provided with an arc-shaped slot 16 at each end, the arc being struckfrom vthe center ofthe respective pins 4 and 6. The roller bearings 13 are'merely hardenedjr'ollers loosely fitted into the 'aper-'" tures 17in the respective blades 1 and 2 while the ljournal pins 4 and 6 looselyextend through suitable apertures 4 in the respective shanks 22.

As shown in Figure 4, the roller bearings`r`v`I 13 extend through the blade 1, sideplates 14 and 15 and into the cut-'away portions 11 and 12 of side plates 9'and 10. The respective springs 7 and 8 are provided at each end with. an arc-shaped bearing surface 18 adapted 03565 'continually rest against the respective roller bearings' 13 so as to resiliently and yieldingly hold the blades either in an'open po-sition or closed position. As shown in Figure 1, the roller bearing 13 of blade 1 engagesthe inneri'i 0 portion of the bearing surface 18 while antifriction-pin or roller vbearing'13 of blade 2 engages the outer portion of the opposite bearingV surface 18. vIn addition to 'having the members just described, there is provided S35 aback 19 which acts-to space the plates14 and 15 and alsok presents at each end a shoulder A20 against kvwhich the squared portions 21 of the respective shanks 22'r`est when the blades are-open. f' v l From Figure 3 it will be noted that the pin 5 extends through the back 19, though therespectiveV 'journal pinsv 4 and 6` do not. It will thus 'be seenthattlieback does not act as a spring'.` but merely as a stop ati each end,@85 while thesprings 7 and 8 are arranged interiorly of the metallic plates 14 and 15. 1 The openings or cut-away portions 11 and 12 eX- tend from near-one end tonear the opposite end of the side plates 9'and 10 so as tocoverO the respective springsvand other parts while also opening and closing the blades, 'the springs function to resist both the opening or'the closing until kthe blades pass a right angle positionfl in respect to' the body. In this way the springs funct-ionto positively keep the blades either opened or closed.

What I claim isz. Y 1. Al pocketv knife, comprising a bodyfPl'lOO formed with a pair of spaced plates, a covering plate for each of the spaced plates, aback arranged between the first mentioned plates, a blade pivotally connected withV said plates, a 5 pair of springs extending longitudinally of said plates and loosely embedded in said cover Shankfolf. Said; blade; andzeitlng .through said spaced 1wlates and Vover the respective 10 ends of said springs for engaging one end of each of the respective springs, said springs acting to hold the blade open or closed',

of each of said blades through the respective slots in said plates, said springs being vpositioned so that their ends will engage said last mentioned pins for resiliently holdingthe Y same ineither end of the respective slots so as-to hold the blades in an open or closed posin tion.

",Sgnedfat lllenville,n the fconnty of' Ulster and State of New York, o'f'October A. D., 1927.


this 3rd day roller bearings rolling over the end portionsv of said springs as theblade/s illicnfed(,ErcqrnV 15 one position to another. .f y i f2 I11''.fe,ab@flyi proydedwth .a1-rivet aetigwfpivot pin., afblade pivotally mounted on vSaid: Pivotrpima feller bearing loosely mqwlted infthefshdlk aQf Said :blade n.30. an the upppsitefide to the :cutting portion Y ef the blade, va pai-r .fof 4:side ..1 plates form- .inggpartgofffeaid bedy .andnonstnuctd with ;wr'f .shaped .eslts :.ffer'apenmittngfsad-mlfler bearing to move in a half circle, @lidia V:pair

Qfxsaid positqed =s0 *fthatxtheir ends nillfgontinually against the end 'rportiis of fsaid rollerfbearngfior urging :the holler '.bearingg rso '.-thatesaidf hladelwsll- .fre- 1560, mainepen omkleed. 3. lnqaipoeketr afaharfgk; shnk'having-'l an: aperture mear i @fthe feentr nndafioondiaperture near' .the end abodyastrlucture includingf a' :pair ef4v inemailing? toafqioei'tin rito.'amenlap#saidl stats,

one end of each. of said springs beingiarc- .shwped solas-Lto present bearing. surfaces, said 'fbearingsu1faeesmeting` saidrofler :bear-v V'-ings'sto resiliently koldlthee .bladeeirr open on a closed-position.

:':ture near. feaeh end andz an iarcshapedi slot .partially surrounding the :respective taperftures, .a1-covering,siileff-platefforVV eachg ofthe er dimst-mentioned'plates,each ofisaidcovering Y v r side Y:plates :ybeng iiormed `with lifa, cut-away lportion, spring :arranged in each-1 lof said Y' cutaway Aportions.y romnear one endltonearftheoppesteendof-sadfrstmenconneetedfto said firstj` mention -r-plates-`at fceaxter ethereof, aapiuoca'lfpin4 extending through each of` said `v`apertures, a 'blade A mounted on each of said pivotal pains,y and "A45 Mantifzatimpim egterndingfrsna the shank A..Avpocketaknisfe,feomprising impair-of 'Y Y metallic f plates, fea'ch; plate having, 1aperktuo i .LA

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U.S. Classification30/161
International ClassificationB26B1/02, B26B1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB26B1/02
European ClassificationB26B1/02