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Publication numberUS1743496 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1930
Filing dateOct 22, 1927
Priority dateOct 22, 1927
Publication numberUS 1743496 A, US 1743496A, US-A-1743496, US1743496 A, US1743496A
InventorsParrella Joseph A
Original AssigneeParrella Joseph A
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Glove-retaining device for hand bags
US 1743496 A
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1930. J. A. PARRELLA GLOVE RETAINING DEVICE FOR HA ND BAGS Filed Oct. 22, 1927 gwuentoa JOSEPH A. B4AR5LLA H 5 Qbtozmq Patented Jan. 14,1930 I 1 743 4e5 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE JOSEPH A. IPAmEIiAND, e10 i i GLOVE-RETAINING- nEvIcE non HAND BA Application filed October 22, 1927. SerialNo. 228,0 .1

This invention relates to improvements in the closed or binding position to prevent handbags, purses or the like, and has pardisplacement of the gloves, comprises a slidticular reference to handle structures having ing loop member 30, encircling the straps means for securely retaining the users and 27. This loopBO'has stitched thereto 5 loves a ainst loss when not in use. a short stra section 81 orovided at its free It is an object of the present invention to end with a companion member of a snap provide a handle structure for handbags, button 32-, carried by the strap 25-adjacent having slidable means adapted to form 2:. its end. It will therefore be seen that upon loop for the insertion of gloves when in one Sli ng the Strap i n 1 n l op 3 10 position, and when in the opposite position toward the left in the drawings, the loop 29 adapted to close the loop for securely holdwill be positively held closed and'in engage i th gloves i t id t l di lace, ment with the gloves, regardless of the posiment. tion of the handle. The snap button is A further object of the invention resides engagedby the end of thestrap 31 to pre- 15 in the provision of such a handle structure vent accidental sliding of the loop 30.

which is extremely neat in appearance, will The form of the invention described herenot materially add to th ost of the bag, i in, sets forth a structure that is highly desirstrong, durable and highly conveni nt in able and efficient in use." t is-a well known use, fact thatmany thousands of gloves are lost 20 Other important objects and advantages annually by women carrying them loosely of the invention will be apparent during the in the hand, and it is to avoid this loss that course of the following description referthe present invention has been devised. The ence being had to the accompanying drawdevice shown may be produced as standard ings in which like numerals are employed equipment of ladies handbags, without 25 to designate like parts throughout. materially increasing the cost thereof. The Referring to the drawings device presents a pleasing appearance and, Figure 1 is a perspective view of a handwhen not in use offers no objectional obbag having the invention applied thereto; struction to the handle in carrying.

Figure 2 is a side elevation of the same in It is to be understood that the form of the 30 the open position, and, invention herewith shown and described is Figure 3 is a longitudinal section thereof. to be taken as the preferred one, but it Referring specifically to the drawings, the should be understood that various changes numeral 10 designates the conventional in the shape and size of parts may be rehandbag having the frame 11 and handle sorted to without departing from the spirit securing eyes 12. In this form of the invenof the invention or the scope of the subjoined tion a strap 25 is looped at its opposite ends claims. and engaged with eyes 26, in turn engaged Having described my invention what I with eyes 12. The strap 25 has secured Claim is thereto, as by stitching, a companion strap 1. In combination a handbag having a 27, the points of stitching being indicated at flexible handle, means attached to said 28. By referring to Figure 2 it will be seen handle for forming a loop, means for conthat movement of the handle toward the tracting said loop, and means for retaining bag will provide suflicient slack therein to said loop in the contracted position. permit the straps 25 and 27 to be looped as 2. In combination a handbag having a at 29, and when in this position, a pair of flexible handle, said handle comprising a gloves may be conveniently slipped therein. main flexible section and a co-acting flexible Movement of the handle away from the bag, section secured thereto, said section when in as in carrying, will at once close the loop one position adapted to jointly form a glove 29 and bind the gloves therein. receiving loop, and means slidable upon said 50 The means to positively hold the loop in sections for retaining them against looping.

' tively retain the 3. A handbag having a flexible handle section formed of a single strip of material, a co-acting flexible strip member secured to said handle section and adapted to lie thereagainst, said flexible members adapted to form a loop when in one position, a loop member encircling said handle section and adapted to slide thereonand upon said strip member, and means carried by said loop member for retaining the handle'member and the strip member against looping.

4. A handbag having a'flexible handle comprising a single section, a co-acting section secured thereto, said section adapted to jointly form a glove receiving loop when in one'position, a loop member encircling said section and adapted to slide thereon, said loop member when moved to one positionadapted to contract said loop, a flexiblestrip member carrier by said loop member and movable therewith, snap means carried by the free end of said strip member, a co acting snap means carried by said handle section, said loop member and said flexible strip when moved to one position and engaged with said snap means adapted to posisaid section's against looping.

5.In combination a handbag having a handle, means associated with said h'andle for forming a loop, means for contracting said loop and means for retaining the loop in the contracted position.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification150/110, 24/369, 150/106, 150/109
International ClassificationA45C13/40, A45C13/00
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