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Publication numberUS1743698 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1930
Filing dateSep 14, 1927
Priority dateSep 14, 1927
Publication numberUS 1743698 A, US 1743698A, US-A-1743698, US1743698 A, US1743698A
InventorsWalker William
Original AssigneeWalker William
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Smoker's appliance
US 1743698 A
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w. WALKER f 1,743,698 SIOKERS PPLIANCE Filed sept. 14, 1927 sheets-sheet 1 Inventor Y W27? 1.4720 Wa-Zevl Jan. 14, 1930.

W. WALKERv SMOKER S APPLIANCE Filed sept. 14, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Inventor JQQM' y PatentedJan. 14, A1930 y UNITED .-sTATEs PATENT OFFICE WILLIAM WALKER, or SAWTELLE, CALIFQBNIA sMoxEns `A1 1 LInNcE 'Application filed September1'4, 1927. Serial No. 219,445.

This inventionrelates to what is broadly friction fity or a screw'threaded connection, referred to as a smokers appliance because whichever is preferable.

of the fact that it has reference, in one in.. The invention yl0 comprises a mouth piece stance, to an improved smoking pipe, and 11 of ordinary form whichcarries an open 5 secondly to an improved cigarette holder.A endedfsleeve, 12. The sleeve telescopes at 55 Generically speaking, the` invention has `one end'on the mouth piece and at its oppo- .referenc'e to an improved article which emsite end is telescoped lonto the-neck 9.-A It c bodies an appropriate mouth piece, a sleeve Will'be noticed that the sleeve thus forms an carried thereby and adapted to'function in internal compartmentl which accommoone instance as a cigarette holder, and in -dates the improved filtering device.4 This 60 another .instance 'as an attachment for an device is better represented in Figure -2 ordinary pipe, together with an improved wherein it willbe observed that it comprises saliva collectingdevice for disposition Withan open endedcylinder 14 of appropriate in. the sleeve t o intercept, purify, and filter materialwhich is internally screw threaded 15 the smoke. at its opposite ends. Fitted into the outer 65 The chief feature of construction is the or left hand end is a disc-like plug 15 hav smoke purifying and moisture collecting de-A 'ing a central smoke intake port 16. Fitted vice which embodies: a container coupled` in the opposite-end is a screw cap .17" which through the medium ofa novel connection7 abuts the adjacent end ofthe mouth piece with the mouth piece', the container being 11. This cap is formed with a centralopenf 70 constructed to accommodate filtering and abing `through which theimproved coupling sorbent material.4 passes. This coupling is inthe form of a.

In the drawings zshort tube which has an enlarged threaded Figure 1 is a side view in section and ele-A portion 18 threaded into Jthe correspondingly 2.5 vation of the improved pipe. threaded portion inthe bore of the mouth 475 Figure 2is an enlarged fragmentary secpiee ll. The right hand endvportion is retional view showing the details of the filter; duced SOmeWhat as at 19,l the same being of ing device more plainly, a diameter considerably less than the d1 ame Figures 3 and 4 are cross .sections taken ter'of the boeon @he OPPOSlt@ @I ld 1S an on the lines 3 n3 and 4 4 of Fiume Q enlarged head 20 which bears against the so Figure '5 is a detil View' Ofba ltering cap and serves to connect the latter to the Screen. mouth piece. This cap is formed-with a Fgure 6:is a. View Showingth-e iventin kerf 21 to. accommodate a screw driverV embodied as a ci arette holder wherein the which is illsed.' in assembling the trcture '"Jisame is constructged to Permit the filtering The couplmg 1s of course-formed wlth a lone.,

.. fritudinal'passage 22 through which the lilect-ideati eehsmoe eeh of eg f mout iece. ssociate wit t e capan Slfghtly .amer-ent embodlment Ofltermg mounte thereon if desired is a strainer or 40 Cleliliiue 8 is a'view like Figure 4(Ss'howingiascerglh 23' Dsggs'd fletvn 'the plilig '-115 90 an e screen ,1s e Aerm ma eria further improvement inthe eigerette he1der` In this embodiment of uieinvntin the e .AttentionV is-rst intgted to Fhigurs 1 t0 filtering material comprises two Sponges 24 4 inclusive.v In these gures t e 're erence, and 25 bearing againstthe pluer and screen character 8 designates the bowl of a smoking' respectivelyY and spaced apartoto provide e5' pipevwhich is provided atits bottom lwith a. space for granular absorbent material 26.. l right1 angularly disposed attaching `neck 9 This may be, and preferablyus sand. Thus, e upon which Ythe invention, nerally desigwe. have a cylindrlcal container for an abnatedat' 10, -is mounted. cideitally .the sorbent and -lterin material wherein the ,5 connection may be through themedium of a .same abuts the mout piece,A is located in the sleeve 12 and'is connected to the mouth piece through the medium of the headed tubular coupling. The filtering device is preferably of a length less than the length of the aforesaid chamber 13 in Figure 1, thus providing a saliva collecting pocket here.

In Figure 6 I have shown a cigarette holder. In this instance the reference char- 4acter l1a designates the mouth piece and 12a the sleeve. The sleeve, which is made up of separable'telescopic sections, is constructed to accommodate the cigarette 27.

and therefore the same reference characters'- apply to corresponding parts. The form of the invention shown in Figure 7 is also very similar to the form presented in Figure2. However, attention is called to the fact that the container comprises a cup 29 which is closed at one end and open and screw thread- -ed rat its'opposite end, the 'opposite end receives the screw cap" 30 which carries the filtering screen 31.' Close to this screen is a. smoke intake port 32. -The cup is illed with a suitable absorbent 'and filtering material' 33. Otherwise the construction is-'the same.

In this arrangement, however, the container is of aA diameter considerably less than the. internal diameter of 'the sleeve 12. Thus, the.

incoming smoke encircles the filtering device or container and ndslts way into the same through theJ restricted portion L32.

In Figure, 7 it will be noted that the reference character 34 designates a portion of a pipe bowl which has its reduced neck telescopically fitted into'the end of the sleeve 12.

In this connection it is desired to pointout that the invention is ada table either to a pipe of a curved form, o a straight form,

or of some other conti ration, or to a cigarette holder, either o the solid `type or of the slidable ejector type.

Referring further to Figureit will be observed that the reference character 35 ,represents a sectional sleeve having a reduced end portion' 36 forming ,a guide `and bearing for the tubular cou ling 37 carried by the mouth piece 38. ere the unifying and saliva collecting device is of th coupling 37. Also threadedon this stem- `and interposed between the coupling 37 and e form represented for example in Figure? and therethe cap 30 is a plug or bushing 40 which fits tight joint.

From the foregoin ldescription and drawings it will be seen t at' I have evolved and produced a simple and inexpensive applilsnugl'y in the sleeve 35 to provide asmokeance, the principal feature of which is the flteringdevice which is so constructed as to purify and cool the smoke` Thus the smoker is assured of an enjoyable and appealing smoke of a more recreationalnature 'than is provided through the ordinary cigarette holder or pipe. The device is believed to be more sanitary than similar -devices and is regarded as thoroughly eiiicient in action.

Minor changes in the shape, rearrangement, and size, coming within the field of invention claimed may be resorted to if desired.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim as new is As a new product of manufacture, a'filtering device comprising an vopen ended internally screw threaded cylinder, a centrally apertured screw plug threaded in one end of the cylinder, a screw cap at the opposite endl of the cylinder having anexternally screw threaded neck threaded into the last named end of the cylinder, said screw. cap having a central opening, and atubular headed coupling member provided with an externally s cr'ewthreaded shank portion at one end ofwhich is a notched head, said shank portion passing through the opening in the screw cap with the headlocated within the neck portion ofthe cap, and ltering means in the cylinder between the plug and cap andincluding a strainer associated with the

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