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Publication numberUS1745805 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 4, 1930
Filing dateJan 15, 1929
Priority dateJan 15, 1929
Publication numberUS 1745805 A, US 1745805A, US-A-1745805, US1745805 A, US1745805A
InventorsMiller Charles H
Original AssigneeMiller Charles H
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US 1745805 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 4, 1930. c. H. MILLER 1,745,805

' TRAY Filed Jan. 15, 1929 Patented Feb. 4,1930

, CHARLES H. entrance commeswoon, NE JERSEY Application filed January 15,1929. "Serial No. 332,599.-

This invention relates to the class of kitchen and table articles and pertains .particu% lady to an improved form of tray.

One of'the primary objects of thisinven- I 'tion is to provide a tray upon which bread or cake may be out without permitting v, crumbs and particles of the article from being lost or scattered about on the supporting structure, such for example, as the table, as

- ois the case when using the usual fiat bread.

or cake board.

porting surface sodesigned as to move under the knife so that the surface or supporting r structure will not-become cut up.

g The invention broadly contemplates the provision of a trayincluding amain frame '.'20 having a glass therein'and an auxiliary frame designed to fit within the main frame and I dowels 6, the ends of the dowels being loosely rest upon the glass and having therein a plurality of longitudinally extending parallel dowels, the f-dowels being relatively closely spaced and loosely mounted at their 7 ends to permit of their rotating.

Theinvention will be best understood from a consideration of the following detailed de '6 and'a's the cuttlng knife is drawn through scription taken in connection with the acthe drawing but may be changed or modified appended claims. I

Inthe drawing Figure 1 is a top plan view of the tray emedge thereof, is providediwith a surrounding vgroove 2in which the edges of a glass panel companying drawing forming a part of the present invention with the understanding,: however,'that the invention is not confined to I any strictconformity with the showing of so long as such changes or modifications mark nomaterial departure from the salient fea-o v tures of the nvention as expressed in the is obvious that square trays may be employed or oval or round ones if desired, with-equally satisfactory results. 1 c

; The under face of the frame 1 at the inner '3 fit, the panelio'f course, closing the frame.

The groove has fitted thereinto, after the tray is in position, a suitable retaining strip 3 by; means of which the glass is held in:

I x plftc/L' Another object of the'invention is to pro- 1 vide a tray designed to hold articles which are to be sliced for serving having the sup- At opposite theframe'is provided with carrying handles 4 by which it may be rconveniently; lifted and carried when used foraserving tray, etc.

Design'ed to: fit snugly within the frame 1 i 'and-to restupon the glass 3 is an auxiliary frame 5 which is, of course,of the same contour as the main frameand extending longitudinally of'and within the auxiliary frame 7 is a series of normally closely spaced parallel extended into rcceiving'apertures 7 inthe apframe to permit them to rotate. 1 In the use'of the present tray, the article,

:as forjexample, aloaf of bread, is placed lengthwisethereon resting upon the dowels the passage of thejknife over the loaf holding=structurefand the dowels are not ap-igz, preciably cut. r

It will also be readily seen that any crumbs which; maybe broken away during the cut ting process will fall through theslatted aux-. iliary tray structure-onto the glass body 3 'therebeneath and in this manner will be"col frame 1 of the tray structure may be provided with suitable feet 8 which will support the tray above a table surface when the tray is resting thereon and thus prevent the body of the tray frame from marring this surface. Having thus described my invention, what I claim is 1. A trayof the character described, comprising a main frame, a bodysowithin said main frame an auxiliary frame removably positioned in the main frame, and spaced longitudinally extending members within the auxiliary frame.

' 2; A tray of the character described, comv z prising a main frame, a glass panel fitted into said frame adjacent one-facethereof, an auxiliary frame removably positioned within I thefirst frame andresting upon the panel, I andrelativelypclosely spacedbars extending,

across the auxiliary frame.

prising .a mainframe, a glasspanel fitted into said frame adjacent one face thereof, an auxiliary frame removably positioned Within the firstvframe and resting upon the panel, relatively closely spaced bars extending across thezatuxiiliary frame, said bars being in the form of dowels and having their ends loosely --engaged with the supporting auxiliary frame to permitof their rotation.

4. tray of the :character described, com- I prising amain frame having a groovecut in one face adjacent and'about the inner edge thereof, a glass planel havingits edges pos i l-OIlQd and secured ins-aid groove, an auxiliary frame snugly removably positioned in the "mainframe and designed to rest uponthe-glass panel, and a plurality of relatively v closely spaced substantially parallel dowels extending aoross said auxiliary frame and haV-i-ng'th eir ends loosely engaged inside bars thereof to permit of their rotation.

' A' t-ray 'of'the character described, comprising a main frame having a groove .cut

one face adjacent and about the inner edge a 1 thereof, a glass panel having its edges positioned and secured in said groove, an aux-- i-liary-frame snugly removably positioned in the main frame and designed to rest upon the glass panel, e a plurality of relatively closely spaced substantially parallel dowels 50 extending across said auxiliary frame and having their ends loosely engaged in side bars thereofto permit of their rotation, and handle members attached to side members of i the main frame. 7

testimony whereof I hereunto aflix my signature.

cnirnnns MILLER.

' 3. Aatrayf of the oharacterdescribed, com-

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U.S. Classification269/15, 99/423, 269/294, 34/238, 269/296
International ClassificationA47G23/00, A47G23/06
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