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Publication numberUS1745814 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 4, 1930
Filing dateNov 24, 1928
Priority dateNov 24, 1928
Publication numberUS 1745814 A, US 1745814A, US-A-1745814, US1745814 A, US1745814A
InventorsPendleton Sadler Edward
Original AssigneePendleton Sadler Edward
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Aerial-mast bracket
US 1745814 A
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Feb. 4, 1930. E, P, sADLER 1,745,814

yERIM MAST BRACKET Filed Nov. 24, 1928 l UNITEDLSTA 15like;l A p y e Y l 5' l further object of thisinvention is to prog l Patented 4, 1930 TES PATEN'B OFFICE VEnvnmnrENnLErroN sADLER, on LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY AERIAEMAST BRACKET Application mea lItmfeinter 24., 192s, serial No. 321,704..

s This invention relates to improvements iny aerial (mast brackets, particularly pertaining to devices ,for clamping aerial masts, flags,

awnings, electrickwires, electric signs, and '15 signs `of other descriptionsy which may` be hungon brick Walls or the like. H

' The brackety vaccordingto this invention also vloe used eficiently yfor clamping f pipesffor steam, Wateror' any other type of 10 pipe adapted to begfastened to brick Walls,

, r trolley LWires for tramcars, also other Wire :to be fastened to brick Walls, chimneys, or for i fastening jguy Wires `that function to 'brace or usupport trolley Wires ,'electric Wires or the Vvidey a clamp which may, be rfastened 'to one y n brick only, *either longitudinally kO14, laterally Y..1.e1,r ,ffy f. 201:,An0ther object fof this invention is to prov vide an. aerial'mast bracket made from al minimum number of parts, easily and quickly assembled" together land adapted ,to be applied tofa single brick of a chimney'or other suitable supporting member yby merely ren'Introving themortar 'froma portion of the il surroundingsurface ofthe brick and insert,l Y

ing suitablefj sections'. of the ,y bracket Within j thespace formed.' e i f 30 Another object of this invention is vto providek aclampingbracket adapted tokbe applied toip'an aerialmast in such a manner Achata curved portion Vof themast will cooperatewith the'clamping bracketfor iirmly holding the' mastjin' `position ya other supportings'ection. Y e if -Other objects oft-hisinvention Will appear .from the: following detaileddescription of f the device and asdisclosed inthe ysingle sheet y of dravvingwhichlisherewithmade apart of this application. ,A Inhe drier11eS--.v f Y Figure- 1y illustrates a perspective vievv of 2145ik the-,aerial mastffbracket;in assembled fand' operative relationshipfaivitha brick member i' 'vof a supporting chimney.

y Figure 2 represents a sectional vievv of y Figure l taken along line 2 2. l

Figure 3 illustrates a front elevational vFigure 2 taken along line end of the aerial being'tied or @ainst the chimne or *D y 1 sections'adapted to be brought into slldable vieuT of theaerial mast bracket in interlocked position on a brick of a supporting Wall.

Figure 4f: represents a sectional viewof Figure 2 taken along line 4-4;.

Figure 5 illustrates a sectional View of l Figure 6 yrepresents a sectional yView of VFigure 3 taken along line 6 6.

cording. to they `illustrations and description herewith presenteds it is preferred that numeral l designate a brick Wall or a chimney support for an aerial mast 2, of the ordinary type, and madey from an'iron or steel bar, Vapproximately one-half inch in diameter. The upper end'of the mast is formed to sup-4 port in the usual manner a ball element 3,

made usually Aof porcelain, and adaptedto f actas an insulator for the chimney end yof the aerial, and also the ball 3 being made from porcelain Will have a minimum attraction for v lightning. The aerial extends through an opening in the ball 3, the free knot-ted in positiomtheball 3 having a rim portion 4 for connecting With' the mast 2. l

- The clamp or mast bracket consists of two and interlocked relationship with 'each other, a set screw being adapted to'eXtend through oneY of `the sections for contacting With the aerial mast. Each clampingsection consists of amain shank portion 5, a shoulder element f6 extending from one end and at right angles f to the shank portion, the outer inner end of the shoulder element 6 being provided with a pointedextension 7 for the purpose of'holding the mast bracket in firmV relationship with-a brick 8, of the chimney l, after the mast 2 and brackethave been located in position and'clamped firmly in l v place. s' Each' l clamping section 1s' also 'provided' with an element. 6. The extension' 9. aIiClshoulder ele-V ipent 6` are. iappro'xifrnately the sanie depth,

portion 5 extension 9 at right angles to the shank portion 5, but opposite in direction to the shoulder element 6. The extension 9 is provided thereto, as clearly disclosed in FigureA 7,-

Wherein the shankk portion 5 is disclosed as adjacent the upPl edges of the shoulder 6 and entensiion 9,Y and the guidebar 1l is,r sho'yvn ac'ljacentthey loyver 'edge` of theeX- tension 9, proj ectingin'vvardly a suitable distance. A lug eX,tensions is"preferablyy provided as. disclosed irnlig1ire 7 in order 'i tow reenforce the bracket section at the point there the. einen ebd Sernin venin Diebnbiy be the1 inaiiiinrnn, about opposite the 'shoulder While theY shankv portion 5 is formed having a depth approximately onefhalf of the s lioul` eeenenene hereby eeeeiengfenoeeh-eel .'lgheltvvo-r sections of the kinast bracket are 'assenibledand interlocked together in the mennen dieeiesed. in Figure irielbnninbny t0 eieinrine the inn-ei 2'. in rennen enelleeiiiin-k nei 1.-', Abbi. Severin. eniendeibiensb. eenieable'porftion ofthe extension Qinfoiie. of` the binieketseetiens ne, @Leni-1y disglgosed Eig,-

ure The mast 2. is "positioned Within. the groeve.. l0, 'ne cleanly Skiern nF-isiire 2,. and the'. shulden elenienteb; eine.y neeii'ed'w'ibn the'I spaces'ligandfl, formed byreinrovzing. sonie.` 'of the Vmortar between the adjacent bricks, and the set screw 1 4., brought under tension, against thel naast 2*., with the, result that the'shpulder. elementsI 6 are brought portionfl,

into@ clanip'ed. relationship against the. brick member. 8 bi'ibe bbninerli'fberenied rief jecti-,iisf `7 beigng. forced. into', the lnickx fina: terial, thereby, al'ssuiring'V ak positive clampingy function. The raast 2, f ayfbevfornred haying a bentportion 1f( 'for avoidingthe coping. of theavall' orchininey., and the loyverV endE of the inaist 2 have apgturned in portionlS. adapted,v to. act additionalclaniping, feature, due to. the"`fo'rces acting.V uponr the. mast 2,

vvhenthe aerial, is. fastenefdto, the b all Sfit'being.' understood the, aerial 19. pulls.' away'l'ronn'- the. chimneyY 1,!and the. heel en i ,nnedi'inreibienf "18. et bbefinnet 2 innetioneieenrreit enebeieeny the.. nenni.

' Itv Willbeunderstood that;v theV aerialvr Ina-st bracliet;'L above/, described. may vbeffus'ed in, con- Y neeiib n yith ab ricklwvallgas-Well asia-.p chimney,

e but lnthisfcase tvvInastsniaybeused with .advindagini.,lA Qachtinast 'being 'clainpe'dl to, Vthe Well?bien?eneeifibebnnelebebene deeenibeeb the mast being bent outwardly and each mast i.

having a ball at the end to'which the aerial is attached. The device may be arranged Vertically Aas Well as horizontally of the Wall;

kFrom the above description, it is apparent that this invention provides avery eiicient nenni nlnet. bnneken ebinriieee. rrineirnlly Off in@ rnris'eb' ibi-menne teinierlebis with each other, thereby forminga clamp which y may be readily appliedto a brickaof a chime ney or Wall, by removing a small amount ofy L' Y nl otar adjacent the brick. After locating theV proper ends ofthe clamp adjacent the brick surface, it isllinerely necessary. tonbring the. v i

set screwunder'te'nsion against 'the mast,

thereby ci using the. cla .ipingrinenibers ofV the binebei ieelene. nn en the bni'eb.

YNlien..the.device isz used for clamping thev nenni. 'Ineei in` nennen. it ie reefennbie in l plebeibe .eleinrinsfbnnekeb endvnye ei.. the brick, therebyrequiriiig a, bracket adapted ibi a brink nie-rreninnebeiv ei ntie eight and @eine menen iene-ngen wf. ee, einen. 'eene end. wn-inge; tbe bineleei en elaine ebb-.nlii-be mede"teneeeinnibdeie itself -ie-"iiiebriei i designen. Se negieeren Uri-nn inline brink ien need fen froni tvvyoto.tyvo.andonefhalf,inclresfthiclgA It will be understood that many changes. and Inodications may be made in the forni of;

embodiment. 0i. tine.V invention within. theY econebflfbhefblievvng elninis nbnenii enable-f nseifbnn the Sprit- Oifzibew invention.,

'Whatlclaiin'isz i' Y i; nelnenr- @i tbe ejberneien deeeribebi eenirrieniefiwe, .iil'ee-blninrngl ineinbere erlernen te be ernennen. Qrrbse'd relniibnsbin enel eli-ding; .inienlieekeel 'enangenienb Wiehl each.-

Oihee,enbbrlnenibe.eeniniieins Meer Y y f Qpreeiiely.- dierbeedbiiseilelninring elemente.,

pene et enen end endngnifleniernber Gannett-f Vby enebieeideininrina eleinentegviiherneene @einen breneei. iliesniii.elanirinsenernbeie; .for forcing theV two said likeclaxnping.

bers. in erpesiie.e1ireebienn Y.

The Sinnbible 0i elniln.: 1.,. in which the pini-.dine members and; the inajei: pertien ef opposite sides thereof,A whereby said body.

part. andguide, inenibersnesb with resneeb to. each. ether when. seid 1iken1e1nbefenre-ni yeesennbled.relnteinsbii. i'

bil Glenn` l, in: which tbe enne einem.' means' for forcing theV clamping-A members apart specie'd therein fornisfa part-A oft-'heV ico benrrerinei eeenVA bfi ebeeninlike nenn-"1Y bere. eine 0i. enbetentiellv half; tbe. ibiekneee .oftheeieet elnnirna elementenndeffeeb en.`

clamping face o Fone of said clafnipingrrneni- Y bers.' e .Y f e ln testimony/Whereoffl aiii'x, my signature.'V

' 13e e i

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