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Publication numberUS1745946 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 4, 1930
Filing dateAug 10, 1927
Priority dateAug 10, 1927
Publication numberUS 1745946 A, US 1745946A, US-A-1745946, US1745946 A, US1745946A
InventorsMadeline Murray
Original AssigneeMadeline Murray
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US 1745946 A
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y a instructive.

v.will test the knowledge ofthel player and f which will tend to increase the knowledge of y Patented` Feb. "'rrl',1930V i `y A.

' MAnELiNn' MURRAYyor 'sAN -FRAivcIsco, *CALIroitm-A vGAME Ap'pii'catim;fue@ August 10,{19'275serial'110.212,108. i

.- My .invention i relates'` vto games` anclcon-i` templates the provision of a game, the playing 1 oli' whichA willy belboth entertaining and VItghjlas asjan obj provide a gamefwhch .c Ithe playingof the'game.constructed:ninlr accordancewith my invention, it is essential thatthe game pieces be arranged with 'their corresponding faces ina-certainjpredeter trama intrigue 4;.;

mined relation withrespect'- toeach other-,and

it is therefore 'an4 object yof my inventiOIl'tO provide-meanswhich willV ,immediatelyY indie cate the Vrelative vpao'stOIls'of the `corresponoli-ng-'faces `of thev game pieces with respecttto g C Q eachtherfwhen the game pieces are arranged in apile,

` Other ,objects 4and advantagesfof,my int vention ywill become apparent asthe fellow;

inedescr'ptionf prQeeedS, :Particularlrwhen ated section of the-mapy indiciar designated Vby the reference character.lindicatingia par-v reference `is had td7 the f accompanyingd'awlngS Wheleirnlv Y ace ola Vgam'epiece constructed accordi .ance with Ymy invention, c

r I Figure 2is a plan'iview shewiniglthe backface of the game piece disclosed in 'Fig-V Figure 3 is afperspective view of a plu'- yrality yof gamey pieces arrangedV in a pileg"v i Eigujre 4 is a VView'similar toFgure lfof modified*formof'galne'pieceand Y Figure 5,1.' afvlew'simuarjf Figufeshow;

' ing therear raceof thefgame Vpi'ecejfillusl` Y Infmygame-Ifprovide piecesreaeh'f whi'ehf'beais a problemendfan answer to this problem, the problemzfandlthe answer being'so.arranged.withjrespect-to each vother onthefgame piece'thatv only one gmay be 0v viewed .at a` time. 'Tvhe player 1in looking' at Y'thegame piece is first confronted with a probikfthe event thatfthe playerv has been unable to solve the problem presented, the-player f l.- 1

Figure ylV f viiifdfl'lia:1g,-Qn-u1eiifntrace of thef'ard.;

For av game utilizing `this particular' series the Ato the problem being hidden by virtue' ofthe.

position of the gamepiece. y" To. verify his answer, lor to ldetermine the'vcorrect answer, 1n, v

shift the gamepiece to disclose vthe answer. While itis obvious that the game piece may and answer may be presented in any one of a fbe vof'any form or shape and thatfthe problem 1 number-Ofdiefent Weel-preferably; fam i the game piece as a card designated bythe reference char'acter'lO in Figure l of @the Y' drawing.,'While itis obvious thatrthe prob-i lem'presentedmay be of anytype, for the sake closedin' Figurelas taken from :what might 6,5, i of illustration', I haveshownithefcard dis; j

be termed a geographical seriesof cards. ,i

' lThe card l0 bears *von itsv ront'face' asiuitt-'j able map .-11 which asillustrated-'is amapjin outline 4of the AUnited States. AQOne.'sectiofnlof this mapas designated bythereferencechar; n i l lacterla,Y may be accentuated' as by vcross hatch-y l' ingl or different c'iloi-'i-iigM tov sugge'stito'VV the ymind of' the playerl a partcularprobleiniI In thisparticul'arseriesof cardsQ-I itfdesir'f' lems and `I therefore arrange in each' accentuticula'r i city, county vor vsome ,othersubdivi-` sion within thefmainsubdivisionefthefniapV which vv isaacC-entuated. v.,lsko" n 'the front'ffaee of the i main subdivision. accentuated yonthe mapl2 and the indicia 18 giving the name of theiparticular subdivision'y designatedgby-the ab'lethakt each card-,bear 'a pluralityff prob"- I teo...

United States' .-fQr-m's the background :or basis i Jfer .thepr`oble1ns,` utilize forty-eight cards5 each bearing on its front face a inap' in outliiiien'vr "(30-11 s 1,745,94e f l face of said card suggesting the answer to the lparticular 'prob-lern, 2. In a (rame a ,deck y fi'ontr and a rear. yfaceyindicia on giving the `answer to the faces, a certain section of said map being accentuated to suggest layjproblem, and Vin-v diciav on thel other of saidfaces giving the nameof the accentuated portionof the map thus giving the answer to the saidsuggested problem. f

map'on each card' being accentuated, the accentuated section von each` card differing from the accentuated sectionsof the other cards of the deck, and indicia onthe rear face ofv each card giving the name, ofthe accentuated j v.section of the map on the front face of the l c 5. In a game a deckof cards all of i y have on their front face apredetermined `de-` sign, each cardhaving a diiferent portion I of its design accentuated to suggest a par- .tion of thev design samecard. l Y v 6. In a gamea ,pluralityof cards, each card Vticular question, and indicia on the vrear face u ofi-each card suggesting,l the ranswer to'` theV A `question suggested bythe accentuated por'- f jon-the front faceof, `the having on its facey a map in outline'of'the lline map, andrindiciaonfthe b-ackfof each:v card giving theV name of. the State accentul. same card.' L50 fof' the accentuated State andthe cityindi- United States, .andeach card having'a different State accentuated in its respective out'- ated in the' outlinejmap en ,the face of the n ,7; In algame tain city in the accentua-tedv State, 'and' in"- dicia on the back ofthe card giving the name cated therein. Y Y Y l v f In testimony whereof I afixmy signature.


of cards, each card Game a declrof cards, Ieach. card v having av ront and Vrear face, respectively, Y a similar map in outlineon thefront face t of each card, a predeterminedsection ofthe a playing'card having onitsl I 5 `face arnap'f'of the United States, one State in the map :being accentuated to be distinv guishab-le from'the rest, indicia on the face Y ,v f Y' of thecard, indicating the location of a ceri A

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Cooperative ClassificationA63F1/02
European ClassificationA63F1/02