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Publication numberUS1746016 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 4, 1930
Filing dateNov 21, 1927
Priority dateNov 21, 1927
Publication numberUS 1746016 A, US 1746016A, US-A-1746016, US1746016 A, US1746016A
InventorsJerome Shiffman, Rolick Mishel
Original AssigneeJerome Shiffman, Rolick Mishel
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Crystal-setting device
US 1746016 A
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Feb. 4, 1930. J. sHlFFMAN U41.. 1,746,016

u v `cmfsTAL SETTING DEvrE Filled Nov. 21. 192%.

A lllllllh tate'- their insertion in a bezel.` if.

-sively manufactured'andA d Ysim'plejand'etlicient in operation. y

Other objects will bein part obvious and in bezel and crystal in place.

ments to be assembled. fV 'A In the embodiments Y chine comprises a pair of levers 1 and 2zfpiv- Y Patented Feb.- l4,1930

i l U'Nmaofsra'resI .PATENT f ofrFiCE v .mRoMn'sHIr-rmanaivn Romer; msnm., or BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CRYSTAL-SETTING DEVICE VApplication tiled Novemberi21, 1927.' Serial'Nof2S/L39.

This I invention relates Vto crystal' setting tools and more specifically totoolsrfor the deformation of unbreakable crystalsto facili- An object of thisinvention is toprovidea simple and practical'device'. of the rcharacter `described bymeans of whichthe crystal may Vbe inserted with ease and without -danger -of destroying the crystal. Y f- I 1 It is a further object toprovide a; device of f they character Vdescribed in which crystals of 1 diiferent sizes' maybey inserted with a 'maxiemum 'of simplicity and with a minimumv of apparatus. l

It isa further object ina deviceof the character described which may` be inexpen- 'yet which Vwill be partpointedom hereinafter.

Fora fuller understandingof the nat'ure and objects of the invention, reference should p lbefhad to the following detaileddescript-ion ltaken in connection withl theaccompanying d drawing, in which: v 1

"f Fig; l iss-a side view partly in secti'oniof a preferred embodiment ofthe invention-'.4 f1 Yllfig.2 is a top'plan view of the same; Fig. 3 is a fragmentary view similar toV Fig. l,V showing fthe partsin vlosedposition with Fig. Q4 is a group perspective'of thef eleillustrated7 the maoted'together as shown at 3 -havingatjone `endthereof.handles4L-adapted tobeV gripped AVby the hand One of'these levers, as for eX "amplei'lever l, has lat its,routernextremityia Y plug 5. The other" lever2,h`as at itsV eX- tremity, means for supporting a socket member'rG, recessed on itsupper face asshown at 7 to provide a. rim Sfor thev supportfofa vwa'tchcrystal shown at 9.` -The dimensions i and proportions of the parts aresuch that as thehan'dles l are tightly 'gripped by the hand,

the plug 5 will be caused to bear upon the cen-j tral portion of theV crystal 9 depressing it into vthe recess Z to dish'the crystal;4 Y fkIn the :particular embodiment: illustrated, y

other, as the handles Yare. gripped. Y

there isprovided at the ends of the levers l and 2 remote fromthe handles, a pair ofjaws l0 and l1 whichare pivoted tothe leversl and 2 as shown at l2 and which are slidingly-artic-L Y ulate'd to the levers asshow'n `at-13 on the f -other side of the pivoty Sto constrain the jaws to a parallelmovement from andtoward each In this embodiment,the plug 5 may be prolvided. with a stud 16, itting'into a recess 17 in the jaw 10. This stud is held yin place by.

a spring '18 having a point *19" extending throughan opening 2O in lthe side of the jaw 10to engage an annular groove 21 yin the stud 16. In this manner the stud 5 is'held in place by the spring but may jbe readily removed laltfwllf.` z Y 1- v "H N, The jaw l1 is provided with a plate 23ghaving a centrally 'disposed stud 24 fitting vinto a recessv 25 in the jaw-11 and this plate;mayloe@-f4 Y heldin place by a screw 26 extending throughV f V the jaw. Thisplate 23'has an upstandingy annular Hange' 28 concentric'with the plug 5 and4 adapted to receive and support the outer periphery of the socket member 6 so-that)` Y they socket memberwill be held in .place dur- `ing operation butjmav be 'r and replaced Vwhen desired-.'11

eadily removed The socketfm'ember is.V preferably provided of rims 8 and l8a to support crystals of differ-V modate more than asingle size or diameterof crystal because standard crystals ordinarily vary in size'by small differences in diameter;

less than the width of theserims., Each face yof the socketmember will therefore ordi# narily 'accommodate more than two different sizes of crystals.

Means are provided lfor *normallyv holding# with a plurality ofrecesses of different- ,diamij. .eters and depths-so as to provide a plurality Aeter of the crystal.

the jaws in extended position, comprising a spring 30 connected at one end to one of the parallel jaws and at the other end to a fixed stud 3l within the handle and means are provided for releasably holding the jaws in their compressed condition comprising a ratchet member 32 pivoted as at 88 to one of the handle members extending through a .slot 34 in the other handle member, the side of wh ich slot is sharpened'to provide a tooth for engagement with the ratchet and a spring 35' Aurgesthe ratchet into engagement with the tooth. This ratchet should have comparatively fine teeth.

It is preferred that the parts more particularly the plug 5 and the socket member 6 and the plate 23 be made of bakelite as it has been found that-this substance aifordsthe necessary strength consistent with vlightness while at the same time it possesses the peculiar property that it does not damage the face of the crystal by its contact therewith.

It is felt that the operation of the machine will be clear from the above description.

The bezel is inserted over the jaw l0 with the'proper socket member in place to receive the crystal. The crystal is then centered above the recess 7 with its periphery upon the rim next smaller in diameter than the diam- Vdeformation of the crystal is retained by the ratchet member 32. l

Itis one of the important features 'of my invention that the machine may be turned f Since certain changes may fore the deforming pressureV is over to permit a ready inspection of the edge of the crystal while the bezel is being inserted in place and since the machine is light and readily handled, it may be turned over com- -pletely to permit the ready visible inspection of the entire periphery ofthe crystal to make certain thatV it is entirely inserted bereleased. rlhis feature is important as a release of the pressure will cut the edge of the crystal upon the sharp edge of the bezel and thereafter e'ven if properly inserted, it will not form so tight a joint as a perfect crystal would do. soon as the bezel is properly placed, the ratchet 32 may be released with the little finger and the pressure upon the crystal being released, the assembled crystal Vand bezel may be removed. Y'

bel made in the above construction and different embodiments of the invention can be made without departing from the scope thereof, Ait is intended that all matter'contained in the above description or shown in the accompanying drawing shall be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

It lis also to be understoodthat the fol- Thereupon the jaws arerv compressed forcing the plug member 5 Vdown with the crystal partially inserted lowing claims are intended to cover all of the generic and specic features of the invention herein described, and all statements of the scope of the invention which, as a matter of language, might be said to fall therebetween.

Having described our invention, what we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

' l. A device of the character described including, in combination, a pair of levers pivoted together, each having a handle at one end, a plug connected to the other end of one of said levers, a socket member having f a plurality of concentrically arranged raised peripheral crystal supporting rims or seats of different diametersand having a recess inside said seats and depressed therebelow so as to support the crystal only at the edges thereof while leaving space for lateral warp- Ving at the central portion of-said crystal,

and a support for. saidsocket memberat the other end of the other lever and having a seat for removably supporting said socket kmember, said plug and said crystal support-s ing seats being so spaced and relatively positioned that as said'handles are pressed Vtogether by hand, the-plug will engagea crystal supported by any one ofsaid seats to warp it laterally toward said recess.

2. A device of the character Vdescribed including, in combination, a pair oflevers pivotally connected together each havingv a handle at-onel end, a jplug'connected tothe other end of one of said levers, a socket memberrhaving a Vraised peripheral crystal supporting rim or seat at each ofthe 'opposite sidesthereof and a recess inside of 'eachrof said seats and depressed therebelow so as Vto support a crystal only atthe edges thereofv while providing space for lateral .warping at the central portion of said crystal, and a support for said lsocket member carried .by the other end of the other lever, said plug and said crystal supporting seat being so spaced--V and relatively positioned that as said handles are pressed together by hand with a crystal upon said supporting rim, the plug will engage the central portion of the crystal so as -to offset it laterally toward said recess, said?"y socket support including a supporting plate carried'by its supporting lever and having a supporting seat forv receiving andV removably supporting saidsocket member with either vface thereof outwardly disposed.

3. A device of the character described including, in combination, a pair of levers pivoted together, each' having ahandle .at one end, a plug connected to theother end of one of said levers, a socket member having-'5V125 Y thereof While leaving space for lateral Warp# ing at the central portion of said crystal, a; vsupport lfor said socket member at the other end of the other lever and having a seat for removably supporting said socket imember, Y said plug and said crystal Supporting seats being so spaced and relatively positioned that as said handles are pressed together by hand, the plug will engage a ycrystal, supported by any one of said seats to Warp it laterally "toward said recess, said socket support including a' supporting plate detachably carried by its supporting lever and having a seat for receiving and removably supporting thesocketmember, and a ratchet mechanism for. automaticallyl retaining the crystal in Warped condition.

In testimony whereof We afIiX- our signatures. f e Y JEROME SHIFFlWAN.l


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