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Publication numberUS1746775 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 11, 1930
Filing dateApr 26, 1928
Priority dateApr 26, 1928
Publication numberUS 1746775 A, US 1746775A, US-A-1746775, US1746775 A, US1746775A
InventorsJohnson Voley A, Lawler John J
Original AssigneeNeil C Mathews, Walter R Conaway
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Pipe fitting
US 1746775 A
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Feb.` l1, 1930. v. A. .JOHNSON ET AL 1,746,775

' PIPE `FIITTING Filed April 26, 1928 will/fill zu/@wlw wwf/55% ilroLrrz` A JOHNSON, 0F COLUMBUS, AND JOHN J; LAWLER,- or CAMP fcHAsn, 01110,. AssIGNorts To NEIL o. MATIIEWs AND WALTER n. ooNAWAY, or NEW LEXINGTON Patented i Feb. 1 1, 1 930 NUNITED stares PATENT OFFICE i OHIO Application ined Aprn 2e,

i This invention relates to a pipe fitting and t it is an object of the invention to provide a itting of this kind adapted to be interposed in a carry-off flue and provided with means whereby the stovepipe may be readily coupled therewith for requisite communication with the `carry-off flue or vent and wherein tlie fitting is provided with means `whereby water or kindred liquid collecting within the litting may be readily drainedtherefrom.

It is also an object of the invention to provide a fitting of this kind which Vwill obviate the necessity of separate chimneys for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms or any portions ofthe building where a main chimney cannot be used and `where it is necessary to have a iiue or vent to carry ofi the fumes produced by a gas iire or other vitiated air.

The invention consists in the details of construction and in the combination and ar` rangement of the several parts of our iniproved pipe fitting whereby certain important advantages are attained and the device rendered simpler, less expensive and otherwise more convenient and advantageous for use, as will be hereinafter more fully set forth.

The novel features of our invention will hereinafter be definitely claimed.

`In order that our invention may be the better understood, we will now proceed to describe the saine with reference to the accompanying drawing, wherein Figure 1 is a sectional view illustrating a pipe Vfitting constructed in accordance with an embodiment of our invention with an associated iiue or vent and stove pipe being shown in fragment;

FigureQ is a view in top plan of the support for the fitting as herein embodied unapplied; f

Figure 3 is a view inside elevation of the support as illustrated in Figure 2;

` Figure 4 is a sectional view taken substantially on the line 4 4 of Figure 1.

`As disclosed in the accompanying drawing, 1 denotes the lower end portion of a i carry-oif flueor vent which is adapted tobe disposed upwardly of a building and in comniunication with the atmosphere, preferably PIPE FITTING tion of the flue or vent 1 received therein.V rlhe flange 2 is concentric to but spaced from an opening 3 provided in the top wall 4 of the hollow fittingF, the diameter of the opening `3 being substantially equal tothe internal diameter of the inserted end portion of the vent or iiue 1 as is trated in Figure 1.

Vitli the iiue or `vent 1 in applied position with respect to the opening 3 of the fitting F, a filler. 5 of iron or some other noncombustible cement is placed within the space between the lange 2 and the inserted end portion of the flue or vent thus assuring a fireproof joint. t V- A side wall of the fitting F is provided with an opening 6 in which is adapted to snugly engage an end portion of a pipe 7. This pipe 7 may constitute a carry-ott' pipe for use in connection with a gas stove or hood or other purpose to carry oif vitiated air from within a room.

1 Thebottom wall 8 of the fitting F is provided at its central portion with a depression 9 and the base of said depression 9 at its axial center is provided with an opening 10 continued `by a depending nipple 11 defining such opening. The depression 9 is adapted to be received between the upstanding side flanges 12 `carried by -an elongated supporting member M while the sleeve or nipple `11 is selectively disposed through one of the openings 14. The member M inpractice is adapted to be set between the studding of a building at the proper height and by the provision of a plurality of openings 14, the fixture F may be engaged with said member M as the reparticularly illusquirements ofgpractice may prefer especially Y to avoid any hindrance oi' obstruction to the drain pipe P to be hereinafter referred to which would otherwise necessitate bending of such pipe P. i

The sleeve ornipple l1 is of a length to project below the body portion of the memi nis lowber M which is rovided with the openings 14:.

The free en portion of the sleeve or nipple 11 is provided with the outstanding fianges 16 extending partially therearound, the adjacent extremities being spaced to permit the passage therebetween of the inwardly directed lugs 17 carried by the upper portion of a. coupling head 18 whereupon upon relative rotation between the head 18 and the sleeve or' ni ple 11, thehead 18 is effectively engage with the flanges 16 for contact with the body 15 of the member M to hold the fitting F in desired applied position with respect to the member' M. The coupirng head 18 has disposed therethrough a e 19 registering with the bore of the nipple orsleeve 11 and threaded from below within the bore 19 of the coupling head v18 is the upper end portion of the drain pipe P. This pipe P is of any length desired and is adapted to extend Within the basement or other desired discharge point to carry off water or kindred liquid which may be collected within the fitting F.

From the foregoing description it is thought to be obvious that a pipe fitting constructed in acordance with our invention is particularly well adapted for use by reason of the conveience and facility with which it may be asernbled and operated,'and it will also be obvious that our invention is susceptible of some change and modification without departing from the principles and spirit thereof and for thisv reason we do not wish to be understood as. limiting ourselves to the precise arrangement and formation of the several parts herein shown iny carrying out our invention in practice except as hereinafter claimed.

, We claim 1, In combination, a hollow fitting, a nipple extending from one wall ofl the fitting,

the bore of the nipple being in ocmmunicatien. with the fitting, a supporting member having an opening through which. the nipple is disposed when the fitting is applied there on.,7 and a member receiving the nipple and engaging the supporting member for holding the fitting in applied position upon the-supporting member.

2.f In combination, a hollow fitting, a nipple extending from one wall of the fitting, the here of' the nipple being in communicatim with the` fitting, a supporting member havingA an opening through which the nipple isz disposed when the fitting is applied thereon, a member engageable with. the nipple and the Support-ing member for holding the fitting inapphed position u` the supporting membaisaidlast, nameonxfemberhaving a bore no ring with the bore of the' nipple and from one wall of the fitting and opening thereinto, a support having the tting resting thereon formed to receive said nipple, and means for engaging the nipple and the support for securing the fitting to the support.

4. In a device of the character described, a hollow fitting, a nipple extending from one wall of the fitting and o ening thereinto and having a fiange former thereabout, said flange having recesses therein, a support for the fitting having an opening designed to have said nipple and flange extended therethrough, a securing member comprising a body having an annular recess therein designed to receive said recesses flange, and tongues extending into the recess from the body designed to engage over the recessed flange, said body abutting the support adj acent the nipple receiving opening when the tongues are engaged over the recessed flangel to secure the fitting to the support.

In testimony whereof we hereunto affix our signatures.


pipe engaged within the bore of the i i last named member.

.3. In a. device of the character described, a botlow fittinga reduced nipple extending

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