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Publication numberUS1747352 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1930
Filing dateAug 26, 1925
Priority dateAug 26, 1925
Publication numberUS 1747352 A, US 1747352A, US-A-1747352, US1747352 A, US1747352A
InventorsDevine Jr Dennis
Original AssigneeDevine Jr Dennis
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US 1747352 A
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Feb. 18, 1930. D, DEvlNE, JR 1,747,352

PLATFORM Filed Aug. 26, 1925 Patented Feb. 1.8, 1193()4 UNITED STATESl PLATFORM Application led August 26, 19275. Serial No. 52,568. i y

This invention relates to movable platforms and has for its object the production of a device of this character which will be particularly adapted for use of traffic officers and other persons obliged to stand for many hours in one spot.

The invention consists primarily of a platform provided with a plurality of yielding supporting members permanently secured to 10 the bottom of said platform, the lower ends of said supporting members preferably having secured thereto insulating disks adapted to grip the ground or other surface upon which the platform rests.

The invention further consists of certain novel features of construction and arrangement of parts which will beV understood readily by reference to the description of the drawings and to the claims to be hereinafter given. e

For the purpose of illustrating the invention, one preferred form thereof is illustrated in the drawings, this forni having been found to give satisfactory and reliable results although it is to be understood that the various instrumentalities of which the invention consists can be variously arranged Vand organized and the invention is not limited to the precise arrangement and organization of these instrumentalities as herein shown and described except as required by the scope of the appended claims.

Of the drawings: K Figure 1 represents a plan of a platform embodying the principles of the present invention. l

Figure 2 represents an inverted plan of the same. I

Figure 3 represents a side elevation ofthe same.

Figure 4 represents a Vertical section on line 4, 4 on Fig. 1 drawn to an Venlarged scale, and

Figure 5 represents a plan of one of the yielding supporting members.

Similar characters indicate like parts throughout the several figures of the drawings.

In the drawings, 10, 10 are two cleats having secured to the upper faces thereof by l 25 is compressed, thereby greatly increasing screws 11, 11 a plurality of boards` 12 spaced apart and forming a platform upon which a person mayl stand. 1

At'v each corner of the platform is secured a metal member 13 extending diagonally. from each corner beyond said platform, the outer end of said member being provided witha socket 14 in its `under face.

The member 13 is secured to the platform by two bolts 15 which extend through the cleats 10 and the outermost board 12, thereby retaining the platform rectangularr and giv-Y ing great rigidity thereto.

Each bolt 15 is provided at its upperend with a head 16 and at its lower end with .65 a split vwasher 17 and a clamp nut 18 pre. vented fromrotation by said washer 17. v

Each socket 14 has disposed therein the upper end of a helical spring 19 having atits" upper end a loop 2O of smaller diametery than the remainder ofsaid spring. Y. i

A b lt 21 extending through the member 13 also extends through this loop 2O and has threaded to its lower end a clamp nut 22 between which and said loop is aV splitwasher 23 while between the loop and the inner. end

lof the socket is a washer 24.

, The lower end of the spring 19 has secured therein a disk 25 of insulating materal such as rubber, the lower face of which is preferably cupped out as indicated at 26, see Fig. 4. rlhe disks 25 rest upon the pavement or other surface and become compressed when a person stands4r upon the platform, .thereby causing-these disks to obtain a firm grip upon the pavement sufficient to prevent lateral dis-. placement ofthe platform.

l'l`he. depression 26 in the under face of'each disk 25 vacts as a vacuum cup when the disk 9o the gripping of the disks upon the pavement. By having the upper end of the springs 19 disposed in the sockets 14, all lateral play of these springs is elfectually prevented while permitting'said springs to yield under the 950 7 weight upon the platform. y These springs 19 are of suflicient strength` to 'support considerable weight and yet will yield to some extent when a person mounted upon the platform .moves about.

By positioning the springs yin members secured to the corners of the platform at points Y, beyond the edges of said platform, it is impossible for the platform to tilt and upset 5 the person-mounted thereon. 'Asa' consequence ofethis yielding of the platform under the weight of a person Supported there'on,` itvvill beffoundmore `rest- Y ful to"'stand'iupon than upon the hard pavei 10"'ment or f1oor.rg' *c l Y' vMoreover, ovving'tothe use of the'insulatir` ing-disks 25 the cold from the pavement is not transmitted togthe platform. .j f I Theventire platform is limited in sizeand `Weight sothat itis portable and maybe-carriedl underthearm of a personY tothe point Wherejitsuse isv desired.VV Y y 5- Each member 13 is provided with strength- Y veningribs 27 as indicatedinlfigure's 2*'"and 4, which makes this Vmember very rigid'and j the upper face 28 of' each member 13` bears 1 Vagainst the under face-of a boardlQifthereby forming with :the boltsl a Very rigid con-V l' v y nection between said member and the plat- 25'form. f i* f It is believed that-the'operation andmany advantages of the invention Will be fully ap` parent Without furtherdescripti'on. .Havin'g'thus described my `invention, I'

l'. -A portable spring platform consisting of a plurality' of, boa-rds superimposed upon and secured at theirfends'to parallel trans- -versefcleats and havingvfa plurality/.of pro-v jgjj'ecting?members'secured to and extending diagonally from 'i the V'corners tli'ereof,v Veach projecting member having' a socket'form'ed Y Y infthe under faceofitsfouter end',- the center 'i voflsa-i'd V soclietbeingbeyond" the edge of 'saidl 40T, pl`atform,' ahelioall supportingv spring havingj "f'i'tsfu'pper end: secured in eachfjsocket and Y forming' a yielding support theloWer en d Y of 'Whichlisrmovabl'e vertically and laterally,j" Y anda rubberdisksecured tothe lower end of 5p saidspring and movable therewith. .v

y2. portable spring platformY havingr a downwardly extending bolt closely adjacent each `Corner thereof; 'a helical spring having y,a loop at'its upper end surrounding each bolt grand itsy lovver end freely movable; a clamp'- 'f ingnut threadedto the lower iendof Said bolt'; and aspl-it Washer-between the nutV and loop." SignedV by me at 746 Old South Bldg., l? fos`-c` ton, Massa'chus etts, this 25th day of Augustfv fnnmvis YDEVZINE; JR'. i Y

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U.S. Classification248/621, 248/362, 482/23, 108/57.12, 296/75
International ClassificationE01F1/00
Cooperative ClassificationE01F1/005
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