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Publication numberUS1748430 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1930
Filing dateJul 24, 1928
Priority dateJul 24, 1928
Publication numberUS 1748430 A, US 1748430A, US-A-1748430, US1748430 A, US1748430A
InventorsAlonzo Stringham
Original AssigneeAlonzo Stringham
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Spectacle case
US 1748430 A
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A. STRIYNGHAM Feb. 25, 1930.

- SPECTACLE CASE Filed July 24, 1928 gnuentoz inyfiam Patented Feb. 25, 930

. wes; srArEs PATENT OFFICE .ALONZQ. srnnvenam, OiEY-1llfiei'lIONALpIVDILICLHLRYv HOME, Kansassrne'rnorn CASE Application filed J'uly 24,

end open, together with means for closing 'sa-idopen end. I

Another object of the invention is. to pro.- 19 vide a case of thiskind constructed in a manner wherein the spectacles or comb wi-ithin'tlie case may be readily taken therefrom. without" the necessity of withdrawing the case from the pocket in which it may beplaced. H

A11 additional obj e'ctof; the invention is. to provide a case of thiskind provided with a clasp for effectively securing or holding the 'case within a vest pocket or; the likev or: to: the waistband oftrousers and wherein said clasp is secured to the case in amannerto permit the clasp to be swung away from the case when it is desired to remove the same and thus fr-eeingthe clot-h of thegarment of the wear to which it would otherwise be subjected. This is equally true in" connection with the applying of the case withina pocket .or toawaist band. p The invention consists in thedetails of construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several partsofmy improved spectacle case whereby certain im- 'Jporta'nt advantages are attained andt-he device rendered simpler, less expensive and otherwise moreconvenient and advantageous for use, as will be hereinafterfmore fully set forthg. J

, The. novel features'of my invention will hereinafter be definitely claimed.

In order that my invention maybe the betpanying drawing, wherein Figure l is a view in side elevation of a case constructed in accordance. with an ema ,bodiment of my invention;

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view taken throughthe case as herein disclosed;

Figure 3 is a detailed sectional view taken sired.

- substantially on theline 3 3 of Figure Figure i is a'transverse sectlonal view sheath or housing (Sis Of such size to offer ter understood, I will now proceed to de-' scribe the same with reference to the accom 1928. Serial No. 295,024.

taken substantially on the line. 47-4 of Figure 1. a As herein disclosed, my improved case comprises abody B- of desired configuration and dimensions and which has its walls formed ofrmetal, hard rubber or other preferred ma tellttl." As is particularly illustrated in Figure 1, it: is to be noted that the body B is: substantially closed except at one end and which. open end is adapted tobe closed by a cap or lid L. This cap orlid L at one end portion is. hingedly connected, as. at 1, to a side wall 2 of the body B immediately adjacent to the open end ofthe case and'sai-d'wall 2' and the hinged portion of the capor lid? L have associated therewith a spring 3 which serves, upon release'of the holdinglatch- 4, to automatically swing, the lid or cap L into fully open position so thatready access may be had to thesspectaclesor comb placed wit-h in the body B. The outerwall-5 of the body B-is providedalong its inner face and substantially itstransverse-center: with asheath or housing 6 extendingfrom end to end" of the body B and which coacts with the wall 5- toprovide a compartment 7 of such dimensions to readily. perm-it the insertion therein through the open end of the body B of a comb-C. The

80. no--.hindrance or obstruction-to the ready in sert-ion of the spectaoleswithin the, body B when desired. 1 I

' The bottom wall 8 of; the body B i-sprovided with a central opening 9 to permit-the ready release of such foreign matter which may be collectedfrom timeto time within the body B. 1 I y The/side wall 2 'ofthe body B closely adjacent to the open end of the'body is provided with an inwardly disposed boxing 10. andsaid WallQ/an'd'the opposed wall 11. of the box.- ing 10 provide a'mountingfor ashaft 12 disposed through the boxing 10 and extending exteriorly of the .body B through. the sidewall- 2C Thiseextended portionof the shaft 12 carries a milledhead 13v whereby the shaft 12 may be manually operatedwhen de- The inner portion of the. side wall 2 of the. bodyv B- is. provided with. a longitudinally disposed slot 14 affording communicationwithin the boxing 10 and disposed through the slot lis an end portion of a clasp arm 15. The inserted end of this arm 15 is freely mounted upon the shaft 12 and is disposed in the path of travel of an angular extension 16 carried by a rock arm 17 movable with the shaft 12. The extended p'ortion of the clasp arm 15 is disposed downwardly and inwardly with respect to the body Band closely conforms to the adjacent surface thereof.

The extended portion of the arm 15 is constantly urged toward the adjacent wall 51of the body B through the medium of the coil spring 18 encircling the shaft 12 and having one end portion operatively engaged with the clasp arm 15 and'its opposite end portion I suitably anchored so that when the clasp arm 15' is moved away fromv the wall 5. of the .body B the spring 18 will be placed under further tension, thusfassuring return auto matically toward the wall 5 of the body B and to assure the outer free end portion of the clasp arm 15 having requisite contact with the wall of a pocket or with the waist band of a trouser for effectively holding the case thereto.

When it is desired to remove the case the head 18 is turned by the person in a direction to rotate the shaft 12 to bring the angular extension 16 ofthe rock arm 1'1 in proper contact with the pivoted endportion of the clasp arm 15 to swing the outer portion of this arm 15 awayjfrom the wall5 of the body B. This operation is also preferably waist band.

V mav be attached.

preferred in applying the case to a By'havin'g the clasp arm mounted and disposed as herein described and illustrated, said arm will hold the case to the wall of apocket, such as a vest pocket, in a manner to relieve the same from undue strain and to prevent said pocket from assuming a sag appearance. In other words, the form of clasp arm as herein set forth does not affect the dressy ap- 'pearance of the garment to which the case From the foregoing description it is thought to beiobvious that e spectacle case constructed in accordance with myinvening a slotina wall thereof adjacent to a side thereof, a clasp arm having an end portion constantly urgingthe outer portion of the claspgarm toward the body, and a rock arm extendingwithin the body through the slot, a shaft supported by a wall of the body and eX- carried by the shaft, said rock arm engaging theclasp arm upon rotation of the shaft in one direction to move the clasp arm away from the body.

A spectacle case comprising abody hav 7 shaftbeing provided with means exteriorlyv of the casing for rotating the same, means for constantly urging the outer portion of the I I clasp arm toward the body,-a rock armncarriedgbythe shaft, said rock arm engaging the clasp arm upon rotation of the shaft in one I if direction to movethe; clasp arm away from the body, and a boxing within the body for enclosing theshaft, rock arm and adjacent portion of the clasp arm. In testimony whereof signatures 1 ALONZO STBINGHAM.Q

pocket or I hereunto aflix tion' is particularly well adapted .for use by reason of the convenience and facility with which it may be assembled and operated, and it will also be obvious that my invention is susceptible of some change and modification without departingfrom the principles and spirit thereof and. for this reason I do not wish to be understood as limiting myself to the precise arrangement and formation of the several parts herein shown in ;carrying out my invention in practiceexcept'as hereinafter claimed.

I claim:l H p 1. A spectacle case comprising a body hav- I 30 ing a slot in a wall thereof adjacent-to aside 7

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