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Publication numberUS1748932 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1930
Filing dateDec 3, 1928
Priority dateDec 3, 1928
Publication numberUS 1748932 A, US 1748932A, US-A-1748932, US1748932 A, US1748932A
InventorsFrank Albach, Medart Philip S
Original AssigneeFred Medart Mfg Company
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Playground sand box
US 1748932 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 25, :1930. v P. s. MEDART ET AL. I 5 ,74

PLAYGROUND SAND BOX Fi16d=D90. 3, 1928 PHIL SI/2750 4971 Alva FRANK HLBAc-H,

Patented Feb. '25, 1930 UNITED STATES.

PATENT OFFICE 2mm? 5. unn'nn'r m mam: ALBACH, or sea. Louis, rnnn mam: muracronme COMPANY, or" s'r. LOUIS, mssoum,

TION OI MISSOURI mssoum, ASSIGNORS To A. conrom- PLAYGROUND SAND BOX A ueauen med December s, 1928. Serial no. 323,321.

This invention relates to that type of playground apparatus in which an open top box or container, filled with sand, and usuall supported a short distance above-the groun 5 affords means for play and amusement of small children, and this improvement has for its object, 4

To provide a structural formation and combination of parts in a sand box of the described type, b means of which an overhead shade is rovi ed with such shade made verticallya justable so that it maybe lowered when the apparatus is not in use, to cover and enclose the open top of the sand box and precorner posts 2.

vent access of cats or other animals to the contained mass of sand and the defilement of the same by the excrements of such animals, all. .as will hereinafter more fully appear.

In the accompanying drawing: Fig. 1, is-a perspective view of a playground sand box to which .the invention is applied. 7

ig. 2, is a detail elevation of the upper central portion ofthe apparatus.

Like reference numerals indicate like parts in both views. I

As usual in the present type of playground sand boxes, the box or containerl is of an open top, shallow, and rectangular shape, preferab formed of plate metal and supported a short distance above the ground by The material part of this invention, in connection with the above described sand box structure, com rises a plurality of vertical guide posts 3, xedl attached at their lower ends to the sides 0 the sand box 1, to provide a supporting means for a roofing or shade member now to e described.

In the preferred construction shown in the drawing the roofimgmember, above referred to, comprises a plurality of transverse rafter tuting a ske eton support-for -a roofing or covering 7, preferably formed of weather proof fabric.

In the present construction the roof structure above described, is vertically adjustable on the posts 3 by means of guide sleeves 8, secured to the sides of the rafter bars 4 aforesaid. Such guide sleeves 8 are of an angle formation, the horizontal webs of which are arranged at the bottom of the sleeves and formed with guide orifices which in connection with guide orifices formed in the ridge pole 5, provide effective guiding means for the roof structure in the vertical movement of the same upon the guide posts 3, and with the roof structure in its elevated condition shown in Fig. 1, it is maintained in such position by holding pins 9 passing transversely through the posts 3, immediately beneath the aforesaid horizontal webs of the guide sleeves 3, as shown.

With the roof structure in its lowered position, it rests on the top of the sand box 1, with its pliable roof covering 7 overlapping the margins of the box to protect the contents of the same from the weather, but more especiallyto prevent ingress of cats or other animals to the contents of the box and prevent the defilement of such contents with ex- .crements from said animals.

Having thus fully described our invention, what we claim, is

.In. a playground sand box the combination of an 0 en top box body, a plurality of vertical gui eposts attached to opposite side walls ofthe box body, a roof structure comprising a rigid frame having side rafter bars, a ridge pole and coverin pole having guide orifices for engagement with the aforesaid vertical posts, bracket sleeves of'an angular formation attached to the sides of the aforesaid rafter bars and having lower flanges orificed for engagement with the aforesaid vertical posts, and means for holding1 the roof structure in its elevated position, t e same comprising a transverse pin passing through an orifice in each vertical post beneath an orificed flange aforesaid.

In testimony whereof we hereunto afiix our signatures.


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U.S. Classification135/96, 108/14, 135/161, 472/126, 5/93.1
International ClassificationA47D13/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47D13/00
European ClassificationA47D13/00