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Publication numberUS1749122 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1930
Filing dateJun 22, 1928
Priority dateJun 22, 1928
Publication numberUS 1749122 A, US 1749122A, US-A-1749122, US1749122 A, US1749122A
InventorsBeasley Starley F
Original AssigneePeerless Car & Equipment Co
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Bolted dome cover
US 1749122 A
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March 1930- s. F. ,BEASLEY v 50mm: DOHE COVER Filed June 22, 1928 I N VEN TOR. I

BY g



This invention relates to bolted dome covers for tanks and has for its principal object to produce a safety cover of such chartank until he has efiected venting or exhausting of the tank pressure.

A still further object of .the invention is to provide the above operating means with a lifting lug or the like whereby jambed or sticking dome covers may be broken free while still retaining restraint on the cover to prevent internal pressure from blowing the cover off the tank as above mentioned.

With the general objects named in view, the invention consists in certain novel and useful features of construction -and combinations of parts as hereinafter described andclaimed; and in order that it may be fully understood, reference is to be had to the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a top plan view of the cover embodying the invention.

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the cover dome. 1

Figure 3 is a section on the line III-III of Figure 1.

In the said drawing, wherelike reference characters identify corresponding parts in all of the figures, 1 indicates an upstanding collar surrounding a tank opening, sa1d collar being formed with an outwardly-promoting flange 2 at its upper end and belng normally closed by a dome cover 3 having an internal circumferential downwardly-projectingcentering flange 4 within and a gasket 5 fitted upon the flan e 2.

The dome cover is ormed with a plurality of radially projecting pairs of ears and pivoted between said ears are a serles of similar bolts 7. The bolts 7 at their lower ends terminate in eyes which are pivotally mounted between bifurcated ears 8 outwardly projecting from the'collar 1 below ts 1928. Serial No. 267,591.

flange 2. The bolts 7 are each equipped with a clamp nut 9 whereby pressure may be applied tomaintain the dome cover on its seat, and it will be evident that if the nuts are sufliciently unscrewed, the bolts 7 may be swung around their pivots between the ears 6 to effect their withdrawal from the slots 6 and the cover thereby released for removal. However, under normal conditions, the, operator has no means of judging whether or not there is pressure within the tank and it frequently occurs that the cover is j ambedv or stuck on its seat, and although the pressure in the tank is unableto loosen the cover, such pressure is sufficient after the cover has been loosened by hammering, to blow it from position.

In order, therefore, to provide means for making it impossible for the operator to entirely loosen the cover so that it is unrestrained, without first releasing the internal pressure, a bolt 10 corresponding to the bolts 7 is pivotaly mounted on pin 11 between a pair of the ears '8 of the tank. The said bolt lO-passes through an unslotted perforation in the dome cover, so that it cannot be swung pivotally and its nut 12 will therefore always overlie the cover. I

Between another of the pairs of ears 6, preferably diametrically opposite bolt 10, a bolt 13 is pivoted on a cross pin 14, said bolt being formed with an upwardly-facing lug 15 so that pivotal action of the bolt shall cause its lug to a ply upward pressure on the dome cover. hus the bolt 13 can not be swung outwardly so that its nut 16 does not overlie the dome cover without eflecting the lifting of said cover and the consequent release of pressure from'within the tank. In other words, bolt 13 acts as a pry to release jambed or stuck covers.

Thepreferred method of operation is to I unscrews all of the bolts 7 and throws them to such a position that their nuts 9 do not overlie the cover, there will always be at least two bolts, 10 and 13,'holding the cover against internal pressure. It will be apparent that the aboveis true on account of the fact that the lug 15 strikes and reseats the cover before the .nut 16 of the bolt 13 has passed below the horizontal plane of the top of the cover.

Thus immediately a jammed cover of a presv v sure holding tank is released, it will move upwardly and effect return of bolt 13 to vertical position so that-nut 16 may assist the nut 12 of bolt 10, and the bolts if standing in vertical position, to retain the cover from being lown free of its seat. From the above description parent that I have produced a bolted dome cover possessin the features of advanta e set forth as desirable in the statement of t e object of the invention, and which may be modified in minor particulars without departing from the principle of construction and mode of operation involved or from the prising the combination with a tankhaving spirit and scope of the appended claims.

I claim: 1. A bolted cover for pressure tanks com.

an opening, of a cover for said'openin 'having a pair of spaced ears, a bolt pivota 1y secured to said tank and rojecting between the ears of the cover and aving an enlarged ortion overlap ing the cover, and a cam lug ormed inte ral y with the bolt to effectunseatin of t e cover upon pivotal movement of sai bolt, the enlarged portion overlappin the cover until thelatter has been unseate by the cam.

2. Theeeombin'ation with a tank having an opening, of a cover for said opening, and a fastenin device pivotally secured to the tank am? normally maintaining the cover in seated position, said fastening device upon being pivotally operated effecting an unseatmg of the cover before the device can be completely disengaged from the cover to allow complete removal of said cover.

3. The combination with a tank having an opening, of acover for said opening, a bolt pivotally secured to the tank and having a cam portion underlying said cover when the latter is in seated position, and a nut on said bolt normally over ying the cover so that the bolt cannot be pivotally moved to withdraw the nut fromcover-overlying position without causing said cam to first eifect the unseating of the cover.

In testimon whereof I aflix m signature.


it will be apr

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