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Publication numberUS1749231 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1930
Filing dateJan 3, 1928
Priority dateJan 3, 1928
Publication numberUS 1749231 A, US 1749231A, US-A-1749231, US1749231 A, US1749231A
InventorsSager Samuel N
Original AssigneeSager Samuel N
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Pull-off legging
US 1749231 A
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March 4, 1930. s. N. sAGER 1,749,231

PULLQOFF LEGGING File'd Jan. 3, 1928 ummm #Y fw@ @y justment openings 23, any Qne of whichis adapted to be engaged by a Vfastening device 24 secured to the opposite edge of the legging. This fastening. device 24 is preferably in the form of a bent .wire clip having vends 25 hooked through an opening 26 in the metal stitfening bar 16 and through corresponding openings in the body 10,- as more clearly shown in Figure 3.

rIhis wire clip is bent upon itself to form one or more tongues 27 adapted to lengage in any one of the openings 23 of theplate 21 when the legging is wrapped about the leg of a wearer, the free end'V 28 ext-endingoutside of the plate 21 and having an engaging string or strap 29 of leather or similar-material attached to the extremity 28 foreasily engaging and pulling theclip 24l from engagement with the plate 21. I l 75 At the upper edge of the body are slits 30 extending downwardly from the top a short distance, the separated portions thus made being overlapped and secured by a wire stac ple 31 to partially shape or draw in the top 5 of the legging so that it will lfit the leg closely at the upper edge and prevent heated particlesfroin passing within the legging at the top! .I y i YAs an aid in applying the legging, the top of one end of the body is provided with a projection' or tab 32 which is on theunderlying portion and projects above the top of the overlying portion where it may 'be easily grasped by one hand of the wearer in applying the legging to the leg in overlapping re? lation. e 'In applying the legging it is wrapped around the leg with th-e overlapping portions at the outer, side, Qnehand grasping the tab 32 and the other the stay 16 in smoothly overlapping the parts, the-lower end of the bar 16 being inserted in one of the pockets ofV thestrip 19 and the tab within being adjustedso that the fastening v'clip 24 will engage in the proper opening 23'ofthe fastening plate 21.' Toquickly disengage the legging a single action is necessary; the wearerreaches ldown with one hand and grasps the fastening clip 24 or thelstrap 29 attached thereto and with a single upward jerk or pull disengages thefast'eningclip from the metal vplat-e 21, and by continuing this movement also bodily raises the legging and disengages the lower end of the ystrip l'frointhebotton'i fastening pockets formed by the`strip'19 lnsteadr of the fastening 'clip 24, a strap 33 i may be ustably lattached to one portion of theleggingby'means of a` buckle 34 carrying atl its outer end an engaging member35 have ing across piece 36.5l The other end ofthelegj ging has a hook memberv 3 7 secured toy it byaf'strap y38, andthis'h'ook is adapted 'to'. en-

gage the cross piece`-36 `of the'inember. 3 5, Y holding the legging togethenfQAttached to 6 5 the hookinember 37 and extending-'entirely the outer end of which is free and hangs loosely from the engaging member'35 when the parts are connected, as shown in Figures 5 and 6. A pull upon the free end of this strap 39 pulls the hook 37 free from engagement with the cross piece 36 thereby disengagingl the fastening." A further modiiication of the upper fasteningv means is shownV in Figures 7 and 8, comprising a plate 40 attached to one of the'l'egging parts, and a strap 41with perforations 42 attached to the opposite part of the legging. A pin 43 projects outwardly from the plate and is adaptedY to-engage in any one of the perforations42 in the strap for holding the legging VadjustablyY to disengage this strap 41, the freeendfis pulledoutwardly, springing the plate 44'out wardly and disengaging the strap from'the pin43. Y f

In all of these fasteners itis obvious that a single -pull will sutiice not only to disengage the fastener itself but also to disengagethe entire legging, for the'lower end `of the stayV 16 is raised from its engagement by the.dis. engaging action of the top 'fastening over the hook shaped end ofit is a strap 39,

- Even though a spark or hot particle does burn throughthe legging or become lodged .l

behind it a single quick pull'will release the leggingV and positively remove it, thereby dislodging any'foreign particles that may be held in place bythe legging.

'I claim: c

v l. A' legging which overlaps at the edges,

, comprising means for securing the edges together in overlapping relation, and a tab at the Vtop of the underlying edgewhich projects beyondv the top of the,overlying edge to vprovide finger engageable means for-*draw*- ing the legging aboutV the leg-andholding'it thelegin overlapping relation ink applying ging.- i2.

A .legging having overlapping )edges with a finger engageabletab projecting'fromv the underjedge above the top' of the overlyingportion Vto hold the parts infoverlapping iis yrelatioi'i in applying thelegging, an'dsizeadjusting fastenings at the top andthe boti' tom quickly' and manually releasable'by a Y in' removing. the

movementpin one direction legging from a'fw'earer." r3. Apull-ot legging j l oftliefc'las's described T wrapped aboutv thefleg in'. overlapping.' relation at theouter'side thereof, ajstay in fone ,fr

edge of the legging/a plurality 'ofpo'ckets in the opposite edge of the 'leggingadap'ted toy f bel engaged by the lowerend ofthe stay, and* quick' detachable fastening'mean's at the top `comprising a springtongue 'attached to the -s'tayja 'plate attached; to' 'the' opposite:

edge of thelegging having a number of perforations adapted to be engaged by the spring tongue, the tongue having a manually engageable outer projection for disengaging e. it and removing the 'legging by a single con-v tinuous movement thereof. .o

4. In a pull-off legging of the overlapping type', ak bottom-fastening 'adapted to be red leased by raising the'overlapping portion fromthe underlying portion, and a quick de? tachable top fastening comprising a hook member attached to' the overlying edge ofthe legging having; an inwardly yprojecting tongue and a metal strip attached to the other portion of the legging with a ynumber of spaced perforations adapted to be engaged f the tongue, the hookmember having man? ually engageable meansfor quickly withdrawing 4it from engagement with the plate,

a continued movement in the same direction bodily supportingthe legging and disengaglegging is removed.'`

e 5. A pull-off legging overlapping atthe opposite edges to fit the leg of the wearer, a

ing the bottom fastening so that the entire stay 'at the outer edge of the legging having a lower extremity free from the ody of the legging, means comprising a plurality of pocketsfor engaging the lower end of the lstay,'a plate having a number of spaced perforations attached to the upper underlying edge of the legging, anda quick detachable n fastening member attached to the upper edge tening'meinber fordisengaging the tongue',v

from the plate vand quickly removing the legging bya single movement. f f f of thev legging to the stay having a projectfing tongue adaptedfto engage'in any one of- -the perforations of the plate, and handen-y gageable means lin connection with'the fas` 6In `ai-pull-of legging of the class dev scribed, a body portion' formed at the top y with slits stitched together to make this portion form fitting and with a projecting apv -fplying tab at one edge, a stilfening stay in the overlying edge of thebody, means cornv' prising pockets for engaging the lower end ofthe stay, `a plate having spaced perforations attached' at the upper end 'of the body,

and a wire clip attached to the upper end of f the stay having inwardly projecting tongues for engaging any oney of the perforations of (Dl S the plate for adjustably securing the upper f fend of the legging and having an outwardly projecting portion for manually disengaging the tonguesfrom the perforations of the plate yand thereafter removing the legging 'by a y continued manual movement of the projectv Y. jing portion. t;


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U.S. Classification36/2.00B
International ClassificationA41D17/02, A41D17/00
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