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Publication numberUS1749313 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1930
Filing dateJan 8, 1929
Priority dateJan 8, 1929
Publication numberUS 1749313 A, US 1749313A, US-A-1749313, US1749313 A, US1749313A
InventorsBurtchaell Roy
Original AssigneeBurtchaell Roy
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Sanitary nursing-bottle cap
US 1749313 A
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March 4,1930. R. BURTCHAELL 1,749,313

SANITARY ,.NURS ING BOTTLE CAP 7 Filed Jan. 8, 1929 nvmvroa ROY BURTC/IAEL! Patented Mar. 4, 1930 UNITED STATES BOY BUBTGHAELL, OF NEWARK, NEW JERSEY SANITARY NURSING-isomeric car Application filed January 8,1929. Serial No. 331,117.

This invention relates to a sanitary cap for nursing bottles and has for its principal object the provision of a cap which can be placed over the nipple and securely held in position on the neck of the bottle so as to provide a seal at the junction of the two portions of the cap and the bead around the bottle, whereby dust, dirt, etc., are prevented from coming in contact with the projecting portion of the nipple, and so keeping the a neck 2 and a bead 3 which is closely adj acent the mouth of the bottle. Fitting over the bead 3 and downwardly over the neck 2 of the bottle, is an enlarged portion 4 of a nipple 5, having a projecting part 6.

The protecting shield or cap 7 is prefer ably made of metal, aluminum being preferred. The cap 7 has an annular base portion 8, the side wall of which is substantially straight, extending downwardly over the neck 2 of the bottle. The lower edge of the portion 8 is upset, forming an annular flange 9 which acts to stiffen the base 8 and to limit the amount which the base ortion 8 may be spread during the action 0 pushing the cap over the bead 3 of the bottle.

.The upper edge of the base portion 8 is drawn inwardly, forming an annular shoulder 10 and above this point the cap 7 is conical in shape. The base portion 8 is provided with a plurality of indentations 11, four being illustrated in the drawing, which indentations act to press the portion 4 of the nip le 5 against the neck of the bottle below the ead 3, thereby lockin the cap 7 in position over the bead 3 and rawing the shoulder 10 against the nipple 5 approximately at the upper edge of the bead 3, thus sealing that portion of the nipple above the shoulder 10 within the conical part of the cap 7.

By providing the base portion 8 of the cap with the annular flange 9 which is substantially nonspreadable, I have obtained a construction by which the cap can be very securely held in position. I have found from tests that caps made with spring fingers or shtted edges, do not retain their hold on the top of bottles even though the bottles are provided with special necks, and are very easily knocked or pulled off the bottle accidentally by getting caught on objects around an infants carriage, where m improved form of protecting cap is particu arly adapted for use.

The indentations 11 in the base of the cap are positioned above the stifiening flange 9, so that they can be sprung over the nipple and the bead 3, but the flange 9 being nonexpanding, holds these indentations securely under the bead 3 as described.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

1. In combination with a nursing bottle having a bead on the bottle neck adjacent its mouth and a nipple fitting on the neck over said bead; a cap for protecting the nipple having; a one-piece part for enclosing the projecting part of the nipple, and also havan integral annular stiffening flange around the neck of the bottle below said bead, said base portion at its junction with said nipple enclosing part resting against said bead, forming with the nipple at that point a seal, and means on said base portion for securely holiiing the cap in position to maintain said sea 2. In combination with a nursing bottle having a bead on the bottle neck adjacent its mouth and a nipple fitting on the neck over said bead; a cap for protecting the nipple having; a comically-shaped one-piece part for enclosing the projecting part of the nipple, and an unbroken annular base portion extending from the conical part downward over the bead and neck of the bottle and terminating in an integral annular stiffening flange, said base portion having indentations mg an annular base portion terminating in therein to snap over said bead to securely draw the junction of the base and conical parts tightly against the nipple over the bead.

3. A one-piece nursing bottle cap1 for protectinga nipple to be laced on t e bottle, said cap having an un roken annular base portion with substantially straight sides, said base having a strengthenin substantially non-spreadable flange aroun its outer pc- 10 riphery and an annular shoulder at its inner periphery, and a conical part extending from said annular shoulder, said base havlng indentations to snap over a bead on the bottle for the purposes described.

15 4. A one-piece cap, for rotecting a nipple of a nursing bottle w ich has a bead near its mouth to receive the enlarged portion ofa nipple, having a conical part to fit over the pro ecting part of thenipple, and

go a bottle engaging portion joined to the base of the conical part by an annular shoulder, said bottle engaging part extending downward throughout its Whole periphery to encompass the neck of the bottle and terminat 25 ing in an annular substantially non-spreadable flange, and having indentations'to be forcibly snap ed over the nipple and head to draw the sl ioulder of the cap against the nipple and the bead. f I fix so testimonyw ereo a my siEature.


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U.S. Classification215/11.1
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