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Publication numberUS1749522 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1930
Filing dateApr 29, 1929
Priority dateApr 29, 1929
Publication numberUS 1749522 A, US 1749522A, US-A-1749522, US1749522 A, US1749522A
InventorsBertrand Wedig
Original AssigneeBertrand Wedig
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Ice creeper
US 1749522 A
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March 4, 1930.

B. WEDIG ICE CREEPER Filed April 29, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Inventor By ,enaa

Attorney March 4, 1930. B. WEDlG 1,749,522

ICE CREEPER Filed April 29, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Attorney Patented Mar. 4, 1930 PATENT OFFICE IBERTRAND WEDIG, OF BELMONT, WISCONSIN ICE onnnrnn Application filed April 29,

I This invention relates to an appliance which is generally referred to in the art as an ice creeper; that is a device in the form of an attachment for various types of foot wear and so made as to facilitate dependable walking on ice covered surfaces.

Briefly stated, the invention has more particular reference to a foot attachment of this class which is susceptible of being worn in conjunction with an overshoe or with ordinary shoes (both feminine and masculine) of various types, the device'being provided with attaching straps and a sole plate having anti- I slipping calks.

' I am aware of the fact that devices of this general character are a not broadly new. I have therefore conceived of and developed a distinctly new type of ice creeper, which I regard is more economical, practicable and efficient than devices of this class known to me.

The principal improvement is predicated upon the sole plate which is made up of two plies of thin metal of pliable texture and light I weight, these being of appropriate configuration to facilitate proper fit and conformation to the foot wear, being so made as to guard against accidental displacement either transversely or longitudinally and being otherwise made to facilitate manufacture and to foster 'improvements and refinements in a device of this type.

Other features and advantages will become more readily apparent from the following description and drawings.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a side elevational'view of the appliance showing the manner in which it is worn on an overshoe.

Figure 2 is a bottom plan view of the structure seen in Figure 1.

1 Figures 3, 4, and 5 are transverse sectional views taken approximately upon the planes of the lines 3-3; H and 5-5, respectively,

of Figure 2.

Figure 6 is a perspective v1ew of one of, the anti-slipping calks.

As before intimated the appliance or attachment comprises a metallic sole plate which is generally designated in the drawings by the reference character 7. It com- 1929. Serial No. 358,949.

prises a top ply 8, and a bottom ply 9, these being of the same configuration and of the general outline seen in Figure 2 in order to conform to the sole and arch portions of the overshoe 10. Of course the shape and configuration will vary slightly according to the particular article of footwear with which the attachment is to be associated. The bottom plate is formed with a multiplicity of apertures arranged in transverse rows and counoo tersunk to accommodate the anti-slipping calks 11 (see Figure 6). Each calk comprises a beveled head 12 and a pointed stem 13. The head is arranged in the counter bores or sockets formed in the bottom plate 9 as seen in Figure 3, and thereby confined in the two plates 8 and 9. This facilitates manufacture and renders the device unusually economical from the manufacturing standpoint.

The bottom plate 9 isprovided at longitudinally spaced points and on opposite sides with upwardly bent cars 14 and 15, respectively. The cars 14 provide toe clips and the ears 15 provide arch clips. These clips are so made as to accommodate the straps 16 and 17 respectively. The strap 16 extends across the toe and the strap 17 across the instep. These straps are of course provided with buckles 18 carried by the clips as seen better in Figure 4.

The plates 8 and 9 are permanently fastened together through the medium of rivets 19 as seen in Figure 5.

This double plate arrangement is believed to be more satisfactory in a device of this class not only from the manufacturing standpoint but from a standpoint of durability and action in actual practice. It is light in weight and flexible. It is therefore comfortable and convenient and adaptable to easy application and removal. It is thought too with this particular arrangement the device is held more securely in place and accidental displacement is therefore guarded against.

A careful consideration of the description in conjunction with the drawings will enable the reader to obtain a clear understanding of the construction, method of application and features and advantages of the invention. 100

Therefore, a more lengthy description is regarded unnecessary.

Minor changes in size, shape and rearrangement of details coming within the field of invention maybe resorted to in actual practice if desired.

Having thusdescribed the invention, what i I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is As a new product of manufacture, van ice creeper of the class described comprising a sole plate composed of an upper ply of metal and a lower ply, said plys being rigidly fastened together, the lower ply being provided with a multiplicity of transverse rows of apertures having countersunk sockets, and anti-slippingcalks each including a pointed stein portion and a beveled head portion, the

beveled head portion being seated in the complemental socket'and the heads of the respective callrs being confined between said plies, the "lower ply being provided on opposite edges and at longitudinally spaced points with upwardly bent ears engaging the adj acent edges of the upper ply forming toe and arch clips, and attaching and retaining straps associated with the respective pairsof clips. c

In testimony whereof I'aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification36/7.7
International ClassificationA43C15/06, A43C15/00
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European ClassificationA43C15/06B1