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Publication numberUS1750930 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 18, 1930
Filing dateJun 4, 1929
Priority dateJun 4, 1929
Publication numberUS 1750930 A, US 1750930A, US-A-1750930, US1750930 A, US1750930A
InventorsHoien Ole J
Original AssigneeHoien Ole J
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Floor-mop handle
US 1750930 A
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Mal-ch18, 1930. Q H EN 1,750,930



- straight and each Patented Mar. 18, 1930 UNITED STATE OLE J. HOIEN, OF BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON FLOOR-MOP HANDLE Application filed June 4,

My invention relates to improvements in floor mop handles, and has for an object to provide a device of this kind which supplies within itself means to retain the mop by hand when being rinsed, wrung out, or moved over the floor.

Another object of my improvement is to provide a mop handle having a hand hold and a wringing handle relatively disposed for convenient grasping in one hand when used in mopping. Another object of my improvement is to provide a mop handle adapted to engage the rim of a bucket to retain the mop above the dirt in the bottom of the bucket while the mop is being wrung out in the rinsing water therein.

Other objects of my improvement will apear as the description proceeds.

I attain these and other objects of my improvement with the mechanism illustrated in the accompanying sheet of drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which Figure 1 is a side elevation of my mop handle with mop attached in operative position in a bucket with the rim of which it is engaged while the mop is being wrung out by the hands of an operative, not shown, Fig. 2 is a side elevation of my mop handle with mop attached while being moved over a floor in washing or wiping operation with the wringing mechanism and hand hold in position for being grasped by one hand of the operative, not shown, and Fig. 3 is a plan view of the mop handle shank and eye when. segregated.

Similar characters designate similar parts in the several views. Certain parts are broken away for With more particular reference to the designated parts: A hollow straight handle 4 has ferrule 5 fastened on its upper end to which is rigidly attached hand hold 6 which is preferably of rectangular shape with upper side 7 and lower side 8 substantially adapted for being grasped separately by one hand.

Ferrule 9 is fastened the handle and has handle attached thereto preferably on of the handle as in hand hold to the lower end of shank 1O rigidly the same side 6. Shank 10 lack of space for the full relative dimensions thereof.

--by crank handle 16 and 1929. Serial no. 3158.385.

terminates in transversely long eye 11. The main body of the shank is offset from the handle by the shape thereof and has notch 13 shaped therein to engage with the rim of a bucket. Notch 13 may be provided by a lug welded to the shank but I prefer to shape the shankto provide it as shown. Near eye 11 the shankbends toward the handle axis at 12 to cause the plane of said eye to be inclined to said axis and to bringsaid eye in proXimate nearness to saidflaxis. The material of which the shank is made and the size thereof provide strength to maintain eye 11 in approximately its illustrated position relative to the other parts of the handle. Mop rod 141 is preferably a straight shaft mounted for' revolution and reciprocation in hollow handle 1, its upper end is bent to form crank 15 and handle 16 while its lower end is shaped to form long eye 17 transverse to the shaft the plane of which is preferably at right-angles with the plane of crank and handle 15, 16.

Mop cloth 18 is fastened in the usual way in eyes 11 and 17.

is engaged with the rim of bucket 19 in which the mop'is thus suspended. Crankhandle 16 I is drawn outward placing the mop under tension between eyes 11 and 17 when crank 15 is turned revolving eye 17 and thereby twisting the upper end of the mop while the lower end thereof is held in eye 11. The length of crank 15, the'good holds provided hand hold8 for the hands of the operative unite to afford easy mop-wringing means and this part of the operation may be effectively done with ease; To rinse the mop notch 13 is disengagedfrom the bucket and the mop lowered into the water therein when, after. untwisting the mop by the reverse revolution of the crank, the

Bucket'19 may be any 75 suitable water receptacle without fixtures or mop rod 1 1 is reciprocated in handle4 by 1 i hold on crank 15 thus sousing it-back and forth to brin the water into contact with all parts thereo d c V or If the floor is being washed, after rinsing the mop and While wet it is removed from the bucket and placed on the floor with Shank l Ofand'hand hold 6 vertically-upward. Crank l5is placedalongside of side 7 of the I hand hold; both are grasped in one hand and 10 fwhile thus held'the mop is draWn thereby back and forth over the floor: till it'is again desired'to rinse it; This and the wringing of the mop are accomplished as above 'de': scribed. To dry the floor withthe mop it is placed thereonafter having been wrung outas above described. In this manner the work may proceed effectively and easilyrtill finish d- 1 Having thus disclosed my invention, what I claim asnew therein and desire to secure by 'Letters Patent is, 1 1. A mop handle consisting of a hollow staff, a mop rod mountedfor revolution and reciprocation in said staif projected from both ends thereof, a crank fastened on the upperend of saidmop rod,1an eye fastened V v on the lower end of said mop rod, ashank fas- I therefrom, an eye fastened on the lower end 7 of said shank disposed to cooperate with said rod eye to hold a mop cloth, and a hand hold fastened on the upper end of said staff hav- 7 ingtwo spaced frame members normal to said f staff one of which is adjacent said upper end ofthe staff. 7' 1 V 7 or c 2. A mop handle consisting ofa hollow staff, a mop rod mounted for revolution and reciprocation in 'saidstaif projected" from 7 both ends-thereofia crank fastened on the '4 upper end of said mop rod, a mop ey'efastened on the lower-end of said mop rod, ashank fastened on the lower end of said stafl offset-therefrom having a notch there? in engageable. with the edge of a bucket, 5 a mopeye fastened on the lowerendofsaid Y shank disposed ,tojcooperatewith' saidfeye r *on'the moprod to hold a mop cloth, and a? ing a member projecting ;at. right angles r j 150 from saidfstafi adjacent saidwu'pper'end thereof; I c e c LjOLEY JJI-IOIEN.

tened on thelowerend'ofsaid staff offset "hand-holdon the upper endlof said stafi hav i r Y

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U.S. Classification15/120.1
International ClassificationA47L13/142, A47L13/10
Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/142
European ClassificationA47L13/142