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Publication numberUS1751524 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1930
Filing dateFeb 1, 1929
Priority dateFeb 1, 1929
Publication numberUS 1751524 A, US 1751524A, US-A-1751524, US1751524 A, US1751524A
InventorsHarold J Moss
Original AssigneeHarold J Moss
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Shower-nozzle attachment
US 1751524 A
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I March 25, 1930. j o s 1,751,524

SHOWER NGZ ZLE ATTACHMENT Filed Feb. 1, 1929 Inventor A tiorney I, i e

rnr caries nanorn a. nose, or new roar, a Y.

snowm-Nozzma momma Application filed rebm ry 1', 1929. Serial at. 336,883.

, This invention relates generally to shower bath nozzles, and has particular reference to an attachment therefor, the invention comprising generally a circular member for ata tachment to the nozzle and having associated therewith a sliding drawer for thejreception of a cake of soap or plurality ofbath pellets or the like.

The circular member is of pan shape, the

no side wall of which is provided at its upper edge with means to facilitate its attachment" to the rim of a conventional shower nozzle. The bottom wall of this member is provided with perforations as is also the bottom wall of the soap or bath pellets drawer; this being for the purpose of permitting the water to pass through the drawer, the soap or pellets will be dissolved and the watercarrying the same to the bather. In the drawing wherein like reference characters indicate corresponding partsthroughout the'several views, and wherein:

Figure 1 is a side "elevation of an ordinary shower nozzle with which my device is associated, the said device being illustrated partially in side elevation and cross section; Figure 2 is a view partially in bottom plan, and partially in sect1on-v of my improved noz-v zle attachment, and I Y Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary section of the attachmentat the outer end of said .sliding drawer.

N ow having particular -reference to the drawing A, designates a generally conven' tional shower nozzle, having the usual circular bead B, at its edge, the bottom wall of the nozzle being perforated as clearly disclosed in Figure 1. My attachment consists of a circular pan shaped member 5, preferably of the same material as the nozzle, and of a. diameter substantially the same as the nozzle. The bottom wall of the member is formed with perforations 6, as disclosed, to permit the water to pass -therethrough.

Associated with the side wall of the member 5 at the upper edge thereof is a rubber ring 7, that extends beyond the upper edge of the side wall, and that is formed above the side wall to provide a circular channel 8 for the reception of the bead-B of the nozzle,

A. i This provides a waterproof joint between i the nozzle and the attachment. The side wall of the member 5 is provided with a circumferentially extendingrslot 9,

to permit a small receptacle, referably in the form of a drawer and designated 10 to be moved into or out bf the member 5, and provided for the reception of a cake of soa or a plurality of bath tablets asdi'sclose in Figures 1 and 2: The bottom wall at least is provided with perforations to permit the water'to pass therthrough, which will car.- ry a certain amolint of the soap. or bath pelv lets with the result that a soapy or perfumed liquid. will be projected on to thebather.

The outer end wall of the container is of greater length than the length of the slot 9, so as to prevent a movement of the container into the circular member 5. Furthermore this wall is provided witha pull knob 11, and the side walls are slotted attheir forward ends 'as indicated in Figure 3. Riveted to the inner faces of these walls, at the inner "ends of the slots are leaf springs 12, which accidental outward movement of the rawer.

' In View. of the foregoing specification,

wherein, considered in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, it will be seen that I have provided a novel, simple, and inex-' pensive shower bath nozzle attachment that will permit the water passing therethrough to become soaped or perfumed, and even though I have herein shown and describedthe invention as consisting of certain detail I structural elements, it is nevertheless to be understood that some changes may be made therein, without departing from the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my. invention, what I claim' as new, andrdesire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. In a shower nozzle attachment, a panshaped member having an annular side wall and perforations in its bottom wall, means associated with the side wall of the member to facilitate its attachment to the rim ofthe shower nozzle, and means normally located within the member for the reception of soap or bath pellets and constructed to permit 7 the water to pass therethrough when leaving the nozzle, sald means consisting of a drawer' slidable through an opening in the side wall of the member and having openings in at least its bottom wall. 2. In a shower nozzle attachment a pan- 10 shaped member having an annular slde wall and erforations in its bottom wall, means associated with the side wall of the member to facilitate its attachment to the rim of the shower nozzle, means normally located within the member for the reception of soap or bath pellets and constructed to permit the water to ass therethrough when leavingth'e nozzle, said means consisting of a drawer slidable through an opening in the side wall of the member and having openings in at least its bottom wall, and means associated with the drawer to prevent accidental outward movement of the drawer with respect to the member. In testimony whereof Iaflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification239/315, 4/226.1
International ClassificationE03C1/046
Cooperative ClassificationE03C1/0465, E03C1/046
European ClassificationE03C1/046A, E03C1/046