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Publication numberUS1751615 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1930
Filing dateJan 25, 1928
Priority dateJan 25, 1928
Publication numberUS 1751615 A, US 1751615A, US-A-1751615, US1751615 A, US1751615A
InventorsBower William C
Original AssigneeBower William C
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Coin handler
US 1751615 A
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W. C. BOWER com HANDLER March 25, 1930.

Filed Jan. 25, 1928 l INVENTOR. r WQ 5014 52 BY l1 ATTORNEY Fatentecl Mar. 25, 1930 I UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE WILLIAM G. IBOWER, or LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA com HANDLER Application filed January 25,1928. Serial No.249,466.

possible to fill said wrappers to such a level at the top of the wrapper so that the latter will contain not less than therequired number of coins equal to the amount called for denoted on said wrappers.

To this end I provide a set of grooved mating sections, hinged, or otherwise associated with each other, so that said sections may be opened, if desired, to serve as a coin tray or closed to receive the coin wrappers in which the coins are to be stacked, the tops of said sections being provided witlrflared, round or semi-round or funnel portions tofacilitate the reception of said coins within said wrappers in said grooves, means, in the form of a pedestal, coin stop or gauging means, and preferably tapered to facilitate the removal and closing of said wrappers without the loss of any coins, being positioned within said groove.

It is also within the province of my invention to provide the sections with a means whereby the coin handler may be placedin upright position, the grooves therein each having a shoulder at the top, to be engaged by the coin wrappers, at least one of said sections being also provided with counter, 40 desk or the like engaging means, in the shape of lips, prongs or the like, so that the coins may be readily positioned, dropped or pulled into said coin handler. I The above and further objects and advantages of my invention, as will hereinafter more fully appear, I attain by the device con structed in accordance with the specification and illustrated on the drawings, forming, a part of my application.

Reference is had to the accompanying drawings, in which similar reference characters denote similar parts. In the drawings,

Fig. 1 is a perspective View of my invention, showing one practical application of my device,

Fig. 2 is a similar View of-one form, in which the sections are opened, disclosing one of the wrappers in position, part being bro-- I ken away, V

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary cross-sectional detail View taken on the line 8 3, Fig. 2, looking in the direction of the arrows,

Fig. 4 is a top plan View of one form of my invention showing grooves for stacking'coins of the same diameter,

Fig. 5 isa similar View showing the sections with grooves for stacking two sets of coins of different diameters,

Fig. 6 isa similar view showing sections with grooves for stacking a: plurality of sets of coins of different diameters, and

Fig. 7 is a perspective showing one form of my invention in fully opened position in which the sections are used as a coin tray.

Describing my invention more in detail,

my main object is to provide a device for handling coins of varying diameter and more par ticularly to coins of different cash Value, such as pennies, nickels, dimes etc;, which are to be stacked in tubular wrappers .on which are I indicated the exact value of the cash contained therein, it being possible to stack said coins rapidly and without counting, each wrapper at all times holding a set of coins of a value not less than that indicated upon the particularwrapper. It is immaterial whether or not more than such anumber of coins is deposited in said wrappers, but it is vital that ;no less than-the required number be stacked in said wrappers, my invention insuring that this is done.

By the use of my invention it is possible to stack the required number of coins within the wrappers, said wrappers being removed from the device easily by means of the thumb, finger, or both, without danger to the wrapper, and expeditiously closed at both ends by a simple manipulation without the loss of a single coin.

- As seen in the drawings, I preferably progether by any suitable catch or lock 80f. 0011-.

ventional or other construction.

If desired, the sections may be provided' with base portions 10 so that said sections may be supported in an upright portion, or

said sections may be completely opened and used as a coin tray as shown in Fig. 7

Each section is formed with one or more grooves or passage ways 12 of half-round or other form, and of a diameter to correspond with that of the particular coins to be stacked, said grooves or passages being of suflicient diameter to accommodate also the coin wrapper 14 on which is indicated the particular value of each coin and the sum total of the value of the coins within said wrapper.

To facilitate the introduction of the coins within the device and into the wrapper 14 the sections 2 and 4 are cut-away or flared at the top as at 16 so that said coins may be pulled, pushed or brushed into the device, said coins automatically stacking themselves within the wrapper and expanding the same until the stack is complete, said cut away or flared portions forming a funnel or semifunnel shape for this purpose.

The coins may also be dropped within the device as they are accumulated or they may be introduced as shown in Fig. 1, projections, lips or extensions 18 on one of the sections being used to extend over the edge of counters, desks and the like, so that the coins may be introduced within the device as described.

For the purpose of insuring that the proper number of coins is introduced within the device and within the wrapper, a pedestal. stop or gauge 20 is positioned within the grooves or passage ways, said pedestal or stop being of smaller diameter than said grooves to permit the positioning of the wrapper 14 thereover. See Figs. 2 and 3. It is to be distinctly understood that the purpose of this pedestal is not I for expanding the wrapper, but merely for gauging the proper number of coins to be stacked, the coins themselves automatically expanding said wrapper as they are introduced therein.

The height of each pedestal is accurately determined and may be of different height as indicated at 22, depending upon the diameter, value and number of coins, which are indicated at 24, said pedestal being associated in any preferred manner with the bottoms of the grooves or passage ways 12.

As shown more particularly in Figs. 2

and 3 the pedestals or stops 20 are tapered, the purpose being for facilitating the removal of the tubular wrapper 14, slipped thereover, with thumb or finger or both, in such a manner that no coin will be permitted to fall from the wrapper. This permits the wrapper to be quickly removed and closed without damage or interference therewith.

,. If desired, the top of each groove or passage 12 may be provided with a shoulder 26, against which the Wrapper 14 abuts, so that the exact number of coins may be determined.

'The fact that one or more additional coins may be accidentally placed on the top of those required, is immaterial, as long as there be no less than the actual number requ red. The devlce may be made in units having a sin le coin assa "e or roove for one de-.

nomination, or in units with combinations of more than one passageway of the same or different denominations of coins.

In Fig. 41 have shown the sections 2' and 4having two passages 12 of the same diameter for the same denomination of coins, while in Fig. 5 I have shown passages 12 of different diameters, and in Fig. 6 I have shown a plurality of passages 12 of different diameter.

While I have thus described my invention with great particularity, it will be clear that the same may be modified throughout a wide range. I accordingly do not propose to-be limited to the exact details of construction shown and described, but reserve the right in pended claims.

I claim as my invention:

1. In a coin handler, a pair of sections movably associated with each other, each of said sections being provided with a set of coin holding grooves, the grooves of one section being adapted to mate so that a set of coins may be stacked therein, and means associated with the grooves of one of said sections whereby not less than the required number of coins may be stackedin each groove.

2. In a coin handler, a set of sections provided with coin holding grooves adapted to mate so that a number of coins may be stacked within coin holding wrappers positioned in said grooves, and means associated with said grooves for gauging the required number of said coins and also for facilitating the removal of said wrappers after they have been filled. r

3. In a coin handler, a set of sections provided with mating grooves having flared portions at one end to facilitate the introduction of coins in said grooves, and means associated with said sections for insuring that not less than the required number of coins be stacked in said grooves.

4. A coin handler comprising a set of mating sections provided with complementary mating coin receiving grooves, said grooves being of different diameter to accommodate coins of difierent diameter, a set of coin supporting means for receiving coin wrappers'of varying diameter, said means functioning to gauge the required number of coins indicated on said wrappers, and also to facilitate the removal of said wrappers after said coins have been stacked therein, and means for holding said sections together.

5. In a coin handler, a set of complementary mating sections provided with grooves for receiving coins to be stacked, said sections being provided with flared portions at their upper ends whereby the reception of the coins may be facilitated, means associated with said grooves whereby the required number of coins may be stacked in said grooves, and means associated with one of said sections for engaging a counter or the like so that said coins may be quickly passed into said grooves.

6. In a coin handler a set of mating sections provided with a set of complementary mating coin receiving grooves and tapered pedestal in each of said grooves over which the coin wrappers for holding said coins are adapted to be positioned, each of said grooves having a shoulder at its upper portion adapted to be engaged by said coin wrapper, said coins as they are stacked within said wrappers automatically expanding said wrappers, said tapered portion facilitating the removal of said wrappers and closing of the same Without danger to said wrapper or the loss of any of said coins;

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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