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Publication numberUS1752172 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1930
Filing dateNov 2, 1928
Priority dateNov 2, 1928
Publication numberUS 1752172 A, US 1752172A, US-A-1752172, US1752172 A, US1752172A
InventorsFrank Gust
Original AssigneeFrank Gust
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Collapsible bonnet
US 1752172 A
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March 25, 1930. F. GUsT COLLAPSIBLE BONNET Filed Nov. 2,1928 Y,

,...Mwmmmwmmmwmmwwwwmmm i Illllll l. |I IIRIIIIIIIIII llllllllllIlll Patented Mar. 25, 1973 FRANK GUsT, or CHICAGO, ILLINOIS coLLnrsIBLE BONNET Applicatipn nled y,November 2, 19,28. Serial No. 316,709.

' My invention relates to collapsible bonnets', and more particularly to means for lcovering and protecting the hat and head and the shoulders against rain and heat rays of 5 the sun.

Themain object of this invention is to providek such a bonnet or covering device which is so constructed as tofbe readily collapsed or folded up into a small package in order that itmay be carried in the pocket and may also be placed on sale in a vending machine. Another object is to provide this bonnety from a sheet of thin rainproofma terial which is pleated and arranged so as to be readily collapsed and folded into a small package, and which inexpensive to' constrnct and at the same time possesses great utility and is very easily carried land applied for use. A further object `is to provide this bonnet with flap means at'the lower portion,

which may be turned 'upwards to forrn a supporting flap, with a vision opening theref beneath, for use at the front of the head; and so that this bonnet may be turned so the flap is placed at the rear ,0f the head, ,and

this flap maybe turned npwards or downwards on the neck, as may be desired.

These objects and other objects and advantages are attained with this invention, as will become apparent from the following description, taken in connection with the ac companying drawing, in which Fig. l is a view showing a sheet of material from which the bonnet is made, havy ing the supporting flap andthe arrangement of the pleats indicated thereon; Y

Fig. 2 is a partial view showing the pleated bonnet folded up into a narrow strap;

Fig. Sis a side elevation of the bonnet, with the flap engaging the front of the hat, and the vision opening beneath said flap positioned in front of the face;

Fig. 4- is a rear elevation of the bonnet Vworn as in Fig. 3;

Fig. 5 is a side elevation of the bonnet showing the flap at the rear of the hat, raised, by dash lines, and lowered, by full lines partly broken away; and

Fig. 6 is a view showing the bonnet col- A5G- lapsed and folded up into a small package.

In the drawing I have showny an embodiment of my invention, illustrated in its preferred form of construction. This comprises a sheet 1 of rainproof material whichr is thin and somewhat pliable but of suiiicient rigidity to retain its shape when open and in use. rThe sheet is pleated in a direction longitudif nally of the bonnet, as indicated by numeral 2 in the drawing.

In one end of the sheet slits 3 are provided, so as to form a Hap 4: therebetween. flap is` also pleated, and is turned or'extends upwardly and inwardly, so asto engage the hat and provide a supporting flap, asshown l in Fig. 3; and at the same time to provide 65 with the overlying part of the bonnet a doubled portion to furnish double resist-ance or protection for the wearers face .or neck, according to whether it is positionedat the front or at the back of the head. This flap may also be turned downwards, if desired, indicated in full lines in Fig.y 5, wherein the near part of the down-turned flap has been brokenaway. f l

f The pleats on the sheet are substantially in the form of accordion pleats, and the sheet is collapsible along these pleats, into the form of a narrow strap, as shown in Fig'. 2.. This collapsed and pleated strap form is doubled over e or folded up along the central line 5 which entends across the pleats, and a mem.- ber 6, preferably in the .forni of a rubber bandi, is'placed around this central part for retainingit contracted and the pleats/laid closely together, in order to provide the top 5 point. or apex of the conical bonnet.

The adjoining side edges 8 of the sheet l, which are brought together kby folding the sheet-along line 5, are secured together by suitable securing means 7, preferably the use of eyelets, which are inexpensive and are readily applied. c

Band means 9, preferably in theform of an elastic chin band, is also provided, for retaining the bonnet in place over' the hat vand head. 'This band is secured in the bonnet, preferably by the securing means or eyelets?, and near the middle yof the sidesof the bonnet, so that this bonnet may be worn and be equal-Ly serviceable whether the flapy lapsed and arranged into a small package,

as indicated at i0 in 6, as the material is thin and somewhat pliable, so that 1t can be readily carried in the pocket and may also rbe placed in vending machines for sale at aV small cost. This construction provides a very inexpensive, efficient and useful collapsible bonnet, for proteition against the rain and the glaring rays of the sun.

What Iclaim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. A collapsible bonnet comprising a quadrilateral sheet of rainproof material containL ing pleats extending from one side to the opposite side across said sheet and being folded over centrally across the pleats, having the joining side portions of the sheet secured together and said central folded-over part contracted to provide a peak for the bonnet, and being of proper size to protect the head and shoulders. Y

2. A collapsible bonnet comprising a sheet of rainproof material pleated straight across the sheet and folded overcentrally across the pleats, means securing the joining side portions of the sheet together, said bonnet being contracted at thetop and expanded at the bottom, and chin band means having the ends engaged and fastened to said bonnet by said securing means.

8. A conical shaped bonnet for `protecting the head and shoulders, having a portion adjacent its base'containing upwardly directed slits and the part between said slits extending upwardly and inwardly to bear against the Vfront of the hat, thus providing double thickness of material with said part and an opening beneath said part and .between said slits.

sheet of pliablev material pleated straight across said sheet and folded over centrally across the pleats and having the joining side edges securedtogether, and a band placed around the outside of said central foldedll. A bonnet of proper site forrprotecting and covering the hat, the head and the shoul- Y over part for retaining it contracted and providing therewith the apex of the conical bonnet, which is of sui'licient size at its base to cover the hat and head and shoulders.

6. A collapsible conical bonnet comprising a sheet of pliable rainproof material which 1sk pleated and folded over centrally, means ,at the central folded-over part for retaining i it contracted to providev the apex of said bonnet, means for securing the oining side edges of the sheet together, and chin band means fastened in said bonnet by said securing means! extending through the ends of said band means.

7'.' A collapsible conical bonnet of thin rainproof material pleated longitudinally of said bonnet, a portion at the cone base containing upwardly directed slits providing a pleated flap which is turnable upwards to'act as a supporting flapl and engaging the hat over which said bonnet is worn, or also tobe turned down and act as covering means, and chin band means adapting the bonnet to be worn with said flap at either the front orat the rear of the hat and head. y

8. A conical bonnet of a sheet of rainproof material which is pleated and collapsible,

means to hold the pleats together at the apex of the bonnet, a portion-at the base adapted to be extended upwardly to form a supporting nap for engaging the hat over which said Y bonnet is worn, or to be extended downwardly as a covering flap, securing means whereby the sheet edges are fastened together, .K and chin band means held by said securing means and adaptingsaid bonnet to be wornrwith said flap at either the front or at the rear of the hat and head, said material being thin s and the bonnet adapted to be folded into a small package.

In testimony whereof I havesigned name to `this specification. Y

FRANK Gusrv.

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